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Unbreakable Bond

Zeke slid off my silk robe and kissed my neck. I felt his strong hands feel my hourglass hips...

Only months after starting college, My brother, Jason, was killed in a car accident leaving me and Zeke alone to fend for ourselves. Zeke happened to be a roommate in the house we were all living in and was almost like a brother to me. Zeke and I had well paying jobs, I was a bartender and Zeke made plenty of money as a real estate agent. Zeke was on the wild side and was always in and out of relationships with several women (and popping several cherries). I, on the other hand, was still a virgin and no matter how many times men offer to help me give it up, I turn them down. I just haven't found the perfect guy for me yet. We split the bills evenly, lucky enough to realize that we didn't have to pay mortgage.

  After my brother's death I became utterly quiet. My usual loud and carefree personality was thrown out the window, and Zeke hated every second of it. He would try tickling me, starting random conversations, taking me out to dinner on the nights I didn't have to work my shift. But I continued to shun the world and was, most of time, ready to kill myself. Zeke still didn't give up hope  To feel in that void i began to masturbate and Zeke began to seem more and more attractive. He skipped outings with friends and his girlfriend (who just recently dumped him) to make sure I was safe. Which meant for him no more sex.

  Zeke without sex is like fish without water. The maximum Zeke could ever take without having sex is probably 3 weeks max and he was on his 7th week, itching to dump his load inside of a wet pussy. I even though I was single, I became extremely horny quite frequently around him. Eventually I had to reduce myself and masturbate to ease my sex cravings. I often end up sitting in his lap just to have the feeling of his body against mine when we watch TV together. Mind you, Zeke’s body is completely built. So my lust for him was extremely strong. Up till now he was the only person I wanted to have sex with. Zeke also seems to be attracted to me as well; I catch him from time to time staring at my body, examining my breast. His body would brush up against mine and I could feel his erected shaft press against my waist when he gave me a hug.

  One night after my shift I went home and decided to get drunk a bit. No one was home but me. After a couple of beers (3 of them) I got a little tipsy. I was also getting extremely horny, a lot more than usual and of course decided to go and masturbate inside of my room. First I took a shower a walked around the house practically naked with nothing but a silk robe that caressed my hourglass hips. My breasts were tight and firm and I began to pinch them softly as I open my legs and slowly began to rub my wet clitoris. I softly moan just imagining what it would feel like to have a Zeke’s cock inside of me, having him thrust deeply inside of me and spilling his cum all over the place.

  Only seconds away from cumming Zeke opened the door of my room and I quickly close my legs with my hand slowly ceased from rubbing my clit. Zeke didn't say anything but walked slowly up to me. He gently nudged for me to open my legs and I did, slowly opening then and revealing my soaked pussy. I don’t know if the smell of my wetness got to him, but before I knew it, he was already kissing the inside of my legs ready to nibble at clit. Oh, and did it feel wonderful. I never had anyone eat me out before; I would always hear about it   from the girls at school when I was younger.

As he nibbled I began to moan, edging him to make me cum inside of his mouth. Zeke suddenly stopped, and I didn’t want him to stop now, not while I’m only seconds away from cumming. “Please, don’t stop.” I sat up to look at him. In a way he looked upset. “Your still a virgin aren’t you?” I blushed in embarrassment. “Yes.” I whispered softly.   “Linda…” he sat and stared at me.


  “Oh, please Zeke, I swear I won’t tell anybody.” I begged. He sighed and smile.


Zeke slid off my silk robe and kissed my neck softly. I felt his strong hands feel my hourglass hips. I was completely turned on and my body practically begged for his cum. His fingers trailed down to my sopping wet pussy and he fingered me a bit and stood up. “Are you sure your ready to do this?” he asked. I reached up and kissed him.


“Yes.” I said. He quickly got undress and put me in missionary position.


“Relax alright, it’s going to hurt for a bit but you should be able to get used to it.” He whispered softly. His voice was sweet like honey. Zeke’s body hovered over mine. He began to kiss my neck and as soon as he got to my chin I kissed him full on the lips. I relaxed Zeke began to thrust his cock inside. I felt my pussy ripped and winced to the pain. I whimpered softly and tears stung my eyes. Zeke whispered in my ear. “Shhhh…its okay. It’ll be over in a min.” And he was right and soon as he started thrusting, my pain seemed to stop and my sex drive kicked in.


  In several minutes I got into sex mode. At first it came out as a cluster of moans and groans but eventually I got into the mood.


  “Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh my God….yesssss…Fuck me hard.” I cried he quickly shove his dick faster inside of my womb. He held me close to his body. Sweat poured from our body and my lust for Zeke grew stronger, hearing his sack hit against my ass completely turned me on and wanted more.


  “God you are so fuckin tight. Shit!”   My heart was pounding harder and harder against my rib cage. My hips began to buck and his dick grinded into the depth of my pussy. I gripped onto his body. “Shit I’m about to come!” he buried his face against my neck His breathing, like mine, was unsteady.


“I’m gonna come too” i moaned. MY breast jiggled as he sped up on his pace.


“Okay we’ll come at the same time. Ready?”   I didn’t even have to be ready, My body began to shake with pleasure and I came, along with Zeke with his hot cum squirting into my pussy as he rammed his cock inside of my drenched pussy. Making sure every last drop was inside of me. He clasped on top of me.


We waited for a few minutes and our breathing settled. “This is the best night I’ve spent with you Linda.” He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me.


That night I fell asleep in Zeke’s arms and our love grew for each other.


And from that night on we spent the rest of our lives together.


It created our unbreakable bond.

(plz comment, this is one of my first stories and need feedback

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