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Until We Meet Again

This should have happened long ago
I took one last moment to brush all the kinks out of my hair, and made sure it was silky smooth and completely straight. My fingers were a little bit red from the hot strands of hair, but it was all worth it. I glanced into the mirror one last time. My little sun dress splashed with color and had vibrant flowers printed on it. The deep purple bow that tired around my tiny waist gave the dress a fairly daintier image. I mean, first impressions are what matters, Right?

Technically, this wasn’t our first time meeting, (or really our second) but this day was important. Today was really my “lasting impression”. It was my last chance to stand out to him, and leave my mark; I guess you can say.

We met when we were young. Maybe we were about the age of 12 and 11. It was right after Christmas, and our family friend brought him with her. He was smaller than me; scrawny, little, and just plain tiny. I was the opposite; tall, huge, brace-faced, for-eyed, (you get the picture) not attractive. We played basketball together, and I remember distinctly winning. The great feeling of triumph over a boy in a sport that I benched-warmed all through middle school was a vivid feeling. Rarely do I bring it up, but it is a fond memory. I remember faintly our goodbyes. His promises of staying in touch seemed too good to be true, and boy, was I right. I hadn’t heard from him since.

I heard my aunt call my name from the other room. ‘This is it,’ I thought in my head as I inhaled. I always wonder what he is doing. I can never be so sure, because he hardly talks to me anymore. I climbed into the car while placing my iPod buds in my ear. The car ride was long, so I blasted my music in my ears while I thought of a few scenarios.

Scenario one:

I pull up to the house in the grand Lincoln Navigator, and pull a stereo-typical move. Where the air is blowing in my hair just perfectly and everything seems to slow down. My dress blows up a little in the wind as well. With all that happening, he is just a few yards away completely shocked and has a huge hard on. Then I would close my door only to have him come and press me up against the car. He then forces me to wrap my legs around him as he slides his hand up my dress while kissing me violently. But then I realized that this was a little unrealistic and a little inappropriate since there were children with me. I tried to figure out what would be best to approach this situation.

After we met, four years had gone by, and I had heard of nothing from him. He was simply a ghost of my past, and practically non-existent. He later found me on Facebook and we talked every day after that. I soon came to realize that I loved this man. He was charming, kind, and sort of a trouble maker. We dated briefly (if you call a year briefly). But it had to end.

The twist in the story? I never saw him.

He lives 1,000 miles away, and my mom doesn’t like him. So she broke us apart, and it tore us up immensely. He knew every dirty little secret I have ever had, and knew each and last detail of me that no one else knew about. I honestly love this guy. The sun flooded the car as we drove onto the highway and I thought of something else.

Scenario 2:

I step out of the car and play the innocent one. Where I twist my fingers on my hair, never show much eye contact, smile, and blush. Maybe add a wink or two in. Once the adults turned their heads I would bite my lower lip and press my body up against his whispering, “If you want it come and get it.”After that one, I decided to give up until we got there.

This was my third time seeing him ever in my life. Once a long time ago, second time 2 days ago, and the third one now. So why do I have to make an impression? Because he’s dating another girl, and I know she can’t stand up to me. This is my last chance to win the love of my life back.
I may sound cocky and arrogant but I promise you I am not. I just know what I want and what my soul desires. We pulled up to the house. There he was in the yard, and of course mowing (which means he has no shirt on). The family said their hello’s as I remained in the back. He ended up walking next to me and acted as if everything was cool, but knowing him he was screaming in his head to touch my nearly flawless body. “Hey there, long time no see,” he said walking beside me.

“I guess you could say that.”

He snickered and looked to the ground as we walked up the stairs to his house. His shaggy blonde hair was not a distraction to me; nor his defined eight pack. What caught my attention almost instantly was the bulge in his pants. The thought of his twelve inch dick would make any pussy tremble and embarrass any black man. All I knew was I needed to get close to him without the family around. He sat down on the couch and I took my place as any girlfriend would; right next to him. The best part was I gave him a little sneak peak of my grey and pink thong. In almost an instant I saw his bulge grow a little more, and his face growing a little flushed.

I have been known to be a teaser. He figured he knew me enough that my tricks would never work, and on this day I believe he knew that he was wrong. While the family talked for a little bit, I pulled him out of the room to have him “show me the bathroom.” I couldn’t wait any longer. I had already wait 2 years, was that not long enough??

I think he caught on, “You don’t really have to go to the bathroom, do you?”
My taunting smile gave away my true intentions. I pulled him into a room and he pushed me onto the bed. The bulge was no longer there. Now I saw the full impression of his cock through his jeans. My pussy couldn’t resist the temptation and I could feel myself getting wet.

“You thinking what I am thinking,” I asked with a devilish grin on my face.

“Your body is the only thing I dream about. I want to feel that tight pussy slide onto my cock. I want to feel your breath on my neck. I want to taste your sweet juices, and make you take it all.”

He lay on top of my body, and I could feel each of his muscles through my dress. I could not resist my hands and wrapped them around him tight fit body. His lips pressed hard against mine while his hands sneaked up the inseam of my dress. My back arch and I let out a little moan. Both of us started to get a little breathless while our hands wandered the other body.

I began to unbuckle his pants, as he slid a finger passed my thong into my tight soaking wet pussy. This should have happened a long time ago. I loved him, and he loved me. This was my only way to prove to him I meant every word I told him.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

To Be Continued….

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