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Veda And AJ More Than Step-Mom And Step-Daughter
luvdr & vedakirk

Veda And AJ More Than Step-Mom And Step-Daughter

Contributing Authors: vedakirk 
Our relationship becomes bisexual after I give her virginity to my lover…

AJ is my sixteen-year-old step-daughter, now very sexually active. I am the only mother she has ever known since her biological mother left her alone with her now deceased father. She has called me Mom as long as can I remember. Jim is the granddad of the children AJ sat for this past summer. Jim is sixty-six and in great shape. He and his wife live in an open relationship and he is my real-life Sugar Daddy. I was a struggling mother at thirty-four years old and he rescued us taking us in, providing us rent free living in one of his properties, as well as financial support. He visits us often and stays several days at a time with us. He comes to us for our sexual pleasure as well as his.

Jim was deep inside me. AJ sat at the foot of the bed and waited for her turn with him. He has had her many times before as I shared him with her. AJ rubbed her breast and twisted her nipples between her thumb and index finger. Jim slowly made love to me, bringing me to multiple orgasms. AJ reached for the satin sheet covering our naked bodies, coupled together and pulled it down. Jim’s back and then buttocks came into her view. My legs were splayed as Jim laid between them and on top of me with his dick thrusting in and out of my wet pussy.

“I love to watch you two make love. I get so turned on and wet between my legs. I love to watch his dick move in and out of your pussy, especially seeing him fill you with his cum,” AJ said soft sexy voice.

“Oh Jim, fuck me faster. Make me cum. Yes, like that. Mmmm I love what you do to me, god, yes fuck me hard Jim. I’m cumming again.”

AJ scooted to my side, her head resting at my shoulder, her thigh touching mine. She turned to her side and I felt her mound pressing me, as she began to rub it against me. She was hunching me. It was electrifying as Jim arched his back and turned his head toward AJ. AJ propped herself up on her elbow and kissed him. I felt her warmth as her small boob brushed mine. My nipples stood erect.

“Veda, god you’re so sexy. I’m so close to cumming. Cum with me Veda, cum hard. Let me feel your sweet pussy clinch my dick. Squeeze the cum out of my balls, babe.”

I rocked my pelvis back and forth and in doing so I felt AJ hunching me harder. My, is my daughter humping my leg? Does she know what she is doing? Is she doing it on purpose? I think my AJ is masturbating using me. I thought to myself. I was in ecstasy. Jim fucked me and AJ masturbated using me. I wiggled my hand down my thigh until it rested just between AJ’s pubic bone and navel. Does she know what I’m doing? Can she feel my fingers so close to her wet pussy? As I thought those thoughts, AJ spread her legs just enough that I wiggled my hand further down and inserted two fingers into her wetness.

“Yes, Mom that feels so good. Oh, so very good. Finger me. Make me cum too.” Oh god, I’m masturbating my step-daughter.

Jim nibbled my neck and ear lobe. His breath was so warm. I started licking his ear and sucked his neck trying to give him a hicky. I loved the way it felt to get one. I’m so close to cumming for the tenth time. AJ soaked the bed as her juices flowed over her thigh and her pussy made squishing sounds, as my fingers plunged deeper and deeper in and out of her vagina.

“OH! Yes, Veda, cum for me and make AJ cum too. So hot watching you finger her. I’m going to fill your pussy with my jizz.”

Jim fucked me harder and I fingered AJ to orgasm as I came in waves with them. I had just masturbated my step-daughter for the first time. It made me so hot. Jim rolled off me onto his back next to me. AJ kept on hunching my hand with my fingers still inserted deep in her. I turned my head to face her and she kissed me. AJ kissed me with passion. Her lips pressed tight to mine and her tongue danced with mine. Her hand made its way to my breast and she twisted and pinched my nipple.

I felt Jim’s mouth on my other breast. He kissed and sucked my rock-hard nipple as I writhed in pure ecstasy. He worked his way down my body kissing and licking as he made his way to my pussy. My pussy spasmed as I came without any penetration. Jim found my engorged labia lips and devoured them. He sucked, bit and licked as I continued to cum. My mind spun out of control. AJ kissed her way down my body too. I fingered her as she twisted her body to join Jim at my dripping and cumming pussy.

I looked down just as Jim sat up and watched him position AJ’s head between my legs. He pushed her face hard as she stuck out her tongue and inserted it deep in me. My body exploded as my eyes rolled back in my head in a moment of bliss as I squirted for the first time in my life. I think I passed out from cumming so hard. I came to and found AJ riding Jim’s dick. Her eyes were closed and her mouth partially open. She moaned as her hands clawed his chest. Her pelvis gyrated on his dick and I thought she might snap it off, it being so hard.

I propped myself up on one elbow and ran my fingernails up and down her thigh. The bed beneath us was soaked in warm cum and our pussy juice. I didn’t care knowing lots more was to come. The room reeked of sex. AJ grabbed my hand from her thigh and pulled it to her tiny breast. I kneaded it between my fingers like a ball of dough. AJ was screaming now as Jim pulled her to his chest and started to pound her pussy like a jack-hammer. Her butt cheeks made slapping sounds and jiggled under his relentless fucking.

“Fuck. Fuck. Oh god yes. Fuck me harder Jim. Oh my god I’m cumming. Fuck yes, don’t stop. Fuck me.”

Sweat beaded on her brow and dripped from her chin. Her hair wringing wet was matted against her forehead, nape of her neck and across her shoulder blades. Jim’s face was covered with beads of sweat and his breathing so labored, I thought he might have a heart attack. AJ’s back arched and she became stiff as her eyes rolled back showing only the whites of her eyes.

“Oh fuck. My god. Jim cum with me.” Her body heaved up and down. AJ collapsed on Jim’s chest. I had never witnessed anyone have that massive of an orgasm ever. We three laid on the bed spent. I inserted the fingers still wet from AJ’s pussy into my own pussy and collected remnants of Jim’s cum mixed with my own. I pulled them out and into my mouth they went. I sucked all the nectar I could from them. I loved the taste of his cum mixed with ours.

Jim laid sandwiched between us. His dick was still hard. I wondered how much Viagra he had taken. I never complained nor cared what he did to keep his erections going as long as I got to have that hard dick deep in my pussy. AJ wasn’t one to complain either. The fact was we both loved how long he lasted giving us plenty of time to orgasm repeatedly.

“AJ, I loved it when you went down on me. I never thought having my pussy eaten could feel that way. Maybe it's us. You know women. We know just how to touch and where to touch. What do you think?”

“I don’t know Mom. I have never been eaten by a girl before.”

“Aww, then maybe I should be your first. I had never been eaten until you just did. How about coming over here next to me sweetie?”

“Wow, you two are nymphomaniacs. Do you ever get enough?” Jim quizzed.

“We’ve never heard you complain before. Besides you need some time to recover after fucking you just gave AJ.”

“Oh, that wasn’t a complaint love. I’m just saying you two are a handful and I love it. Why do you think I spend so much time here?”

AJ crawled over Jim and on top of me. We kissed passionately swapping tongues and brushing our fingers through each other’s hair. We were both very wet from all the fucking and AJ was still so full of Jim’s cum. I rolled AJ to her back. I turned and on all fours, I faced her swollen vagina and squatted pussy over her face. I lowered my pussy to her awaiting mouth opened and tongue straight out ready for me to enjoy. I pushed her legs far apart and wrapped my arms at the elbows around her thighs and held her tight.

We were in a tight sixty-nine. Her tongue licked me from my clit down my perineurium and rimmed my anus. Oh, my god, it felt more wonderful than the first time she did me just an hour ago. I mimicked her, as I had no idea what to do. She jerked the first time my tongue touched her clit. It was hard just like a little penis. I sucked it and she made muffled moaning sounds. I licked down her perineurium just as she had mine and when I reached her anus, I flicked my tongue around it. I noticed as I did, she clinched it and released it making it look like it wanted me to stick my tongue in.

I felt her stick her tongue in mine and I shuttered and hunched her face rubbing my pussy and butt cheeks up and down. She grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them then inserted her finger into my anus. Oh god, it felt like nothing I could remember as I had touched my self like that a few times when masturbating.

“AJ, yes, that feels wonderful.”

“Mom do me too. Just like I am doing you. Okay?”

We experimented on each other and made the other cum time and time again. I fucked her tight virgin ass as she took my cherry ass too. We licked like experienced lesbians making each other reach a plateau of pleasure we never imagined existed.

“Damn girls you are so fucking hot. I can’t help but jack off. I don’t think I have seen porn that has made me want to jack off like I am now. Nice, very nice.”

Jim jacked for a good half hour as we sucked and ate each other’s pussy. He then shot cum all over my butt cheeks for AJ to lick off. He moved to my face and I licked him clean then sucked him as I fondled his balls. I had cum so many times that I felt like I lost twenty pounds. I guess AJ and I are lesbians when Jim is away and Bisexuals when he is here with us. AJ and I now have more ways to entertain ourselves until Jim returns. I am so glad we met Jim.


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