Virgin Boy Helps Neighbor's Wife

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My wife’s sexual appetite is as voracious as ever.   During the course of our marriage, we’ve experimented with a variety of sexual positions, sex games and even group sex.   We’ve invited those with vast sexual experience to join us, and we’ve learned quite a bit from doing so.   The one thing we haven’t shared is someone with no sexual experience.   We discussed this very issue and discovered we both had a deep desire to enjoy someone that has yet to experience the joys of sexual pleasure.  


Linda, my wife, told me she has been horny for the teen boy, Josh that lives two doors down.   We’ve watched Josh grow from a little boy.   Knowing the type of boy he is, and knowing how he was raised, the chances were very good that he was still a virgin.    I’ve seen Linda watch Josh mow his lawn while he wore only a pair of shorts.   His youthful, smooth and toned chest glistening in the sun even made me wonder what it would be like to be with such a young man.   After several discussions about the issue Linda and I decided she would ask Josh to help her with some chores around the house.   The plan was that she would lure him into the back yard and seduce him while I, on the other hand, would play voyeur and watch from inside the house.


Linda is a very attractive brunette that stands five feet one inch tall.   She has hazel eyes and a very athletic body.   She has never been turned down by anyone she has flirted with.   She has a way of pouting and tilting her head that makes both men and women putty in her hands.   It is this look that would surely ensnare Josh into Linda’s web.


One Friday night, Linda phoned Josh’s house and spoke to his mother.   She asked if Josh was available to come over on Saturday to help with some yard work since I was away on business for the day.   Josh took the phone and told Linda he had swimming practice in the morning but would be over in the afternoon.   The plan was set and I was looking forward to watching Linda have the opportunity to live a fantasy.


I parked my car in the garage and stayed inside the house so that nobody saw me.   After all, I was supposed to be gone for the day.   Linda was excited about Josh coming over and she was getting horny thinking about what may occur.   Of course, neither Linda nor I would ever force anyone into doing something they didn’t want to do.   So the chance that Josh would say ‘no’ was very real.   


Linda wore a pair of tight cutoff denim shorts that showed just a hint of camel toe and a white cotton wife beater without a bra.   Her puffy areolas and nipples were visible and I was getting horny seeing her in this outfit.  


About 3 o’clock the door bell rang. It was Josh!   I ran into the bedroom while Linda gently pinched her nipples so as to make them erect as she slowly walked to the door.   She coolly opened the door and asked Josh in.   Josh’s neck length blonde hair bordered his face as he stood wearing a tank top and shorts.   He stood about 5 feet 6 inches tall and was on his school’s swim team.   Swimming certainly made Josh’s young muscles firm and toned.   His legs were muscular and he was growing into a very handsome young man.  


I peeked from the bedroom door and Linda and Josh spoke about what his chores were to be.   I noticed that Josh couldn’t keep his eyes off Linda’s hard nipples.   Linda knew how to flirt and as they talked to each other, she continually reached her hand to Josh’s arm.   She knew he was looking at her breasts and this made her more animated while talking to him.  


The first chore was to help Linda change a light bulb in the kitchen.   The step ladder was already in the kitchen so she gave Josh a light bulb.   She stood at the base of the ladder while Josh stepped up onto it.   His crotch was now even with Linda’s face and I saw her looking at it.   Linda took this opportunity to gently move her hand to his thigh and hold it there.   Josh looked down at Linda and she smiled saying, “I’m just trying to help you keep your balance.”   Josh continued to change the bulb while Linda gently stroked his upper thigh.


Once the bulb was changed, Linda asked Josh to accompany her to the back yard so that he could rake some leaves.   Our backyard has an in-ground spa with a reasonable sized grass yard.   Linda showed Josh where the rake and leaves were and he began his chore.   Linda said she was going to sun herself until he was done.   In a move that even surprised me, Linda pulled the wife beater over her head and stood topless next to the spa.   She then laid on her back on a lounge chair.   I was looking out the window and I saw that Josh didn’t immediately notice what Linda had done.   He continued to rake, but Linda didn’t budge.  


About five minutes later, Josh looked up from raking and glanced at Linda.   His reaction was classic.   At first he quickly looked away, but then he slowly looked back at her as he absentmindedly moved the rake back and forth.   Clearly Josh’s mind wasn’t on raking leaves anymore.    Linda was expertly leading this young man down the path she wanted him on.  


I noticed a bulge appear in Josh’s pants and Linda could sense Josh was no longer raking leaves with the eagerness with which he started.   Linda nonchalantly rolled onto her stomach and grabbed a sunscreen bottle from beneath the chair.   Linda held the bottle in her hand as if she didn’t know what to do with it.   She then said, “Josh!   Honey!   Can you come here and help me put sunscreen on my back?”   Josh dropped the rake and awkwardly walked toward Linda.   She handed him the bottle and said, “Please spread it on my back.”   Josh slowly squirted a dab of sunscreen onto Linda’s back and began to rub it in.    The plan seemed to be working perfectly.   I was now starting to get an erection as I watched Josh gently rub sunscreen onto Linda’s back.   The bulge in his pants was large and I waited with excitement to see what this young man’s hardness looked like.  


When Josh was done Linda asked him if he would like some sunscreen on his shoulders.   Before he could answer, Linda quickly stood up and Josh immediately focused on her beautiful bare breasts.   “Take off your shirt so I can rub cream on you,” Linda said in a sultry tone.   Josh paused for a moment and then slowly removed his shirt.   Linda began to slowly rub sunscreen onto Josh’s back and when she was done, she had him turn around.   She rubbed sunscreen onto his chest and his nipples got hard as Linda’s gentle hand moved over them.   Josh couldn’t take his eyes off of Linda’s breasts.   “Have you ever seen women’s breasts before, Josh,” Linda asked?   “Not in person.   Only in magazines,” Josh replied sheepishly.   Linda was on top of her game and said, “If you’d like to feel them, I wouldn’t mind.   In fact, I’d like you to.”   Josh’s breathing became quicker and he licked his lips as he slowly moved his hand to Linda’s breast.   He began to rub it and Linda closed her eyes saying, “Mmmmm, that’s it Josh.   That feels good.”  


Linda moved her hand to Josh’s crotch and began to rub his hard penis through his pants.   Josh seemed startled and Linda asked, “Have you ever had a girl touch your penis?”   Josh said, “No.   This is the first time.”   Linda’s face lit up as she confirmed what she had hoped for…Josh was a virgin!   Linda unbuttoned Josh’s shorts and let them fall to the ground.   Then she pulled his briefs down and Josh’s hard cock was finally released.   I was amazed at how hard and long it was.   It looked to be about 7 to 8 inches long and was standing straight up.   His body was firm and smooth with a small tuft of pubic hair around the base of his cock.   Linda smiled when she saw Josh’s hard cock and she began to rub it, stroking it slowly and methodically with her sunscreen lubricated hands.   I found myself stroking my hard cock in unison with Linda.  


Josh’s firm young ass began to repeatedly tighten and release as his hips moved with Linda’s strokes.   Linda dropped to her knees and took Josh’s hardness into her mouth.   Josh looked down as Linda worked his cock in and out of her mouth.   Josh said, “I think I’m gonna cum!”   Linda took his cock out of her mouth long enough to say, “Let it happen!”   She then put Josh’s cock back into her mouth and quickly moved her head back and forth.   I watched as Josh’s ass cheeks tightened up and his legs became rigid.   He let out a deep moan as he shot his load of hot virgin cum into Linda’s mouth.   Linda sucked Josh’s cock dry.


Linda stood up and Josh’s cock was still hard.   She unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop to the ground, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy.   She took Josh’s hand and put it on her pussy.   He held his hand there and seemed to not know what to do.   Linda took his hand and began to move it back and forth on her pussy until he got the idea.   Josh continued to rub Linda’s pussy and now her breathing began to increase.   Linda took Josh’s hand and led him to the cool green grass of the back yard.   She lay on her back and said to Josh, “Now for the next step.   Lay next to me.”   Josh laid next to Linda and she began to stroke his hard cock.   She said, “I want you to put your cock in my pussy.   Do you want to?”   At this point Josh would agree to anything and he said, “Of course I do.”  


Linda spread her legs and instructed Josh to lie between her legs.   He straddled my hot wife as she took his hard cock and put it into her pussy.   Linda moaned as Josh slid his cock all the way in until his balls hit her ass.   Linda began to move her hips and Josh, being a quick learner, followed suit and soon they were fucking in perfect rhythm.   Linda’s legs were spread wide as she accepted Josh’s young hard cock deep into her pussy.   I was watching from the bedroom, stroking my cock, wishing I was out there joining in the fun.   But I didn’t want to scare Josh so I stayed in the room, watching, masturbating.


Linda’s hips began to move faster and she grabbed Josh’s pumping ass and pulled it tightly into her.   She moaned, “Make me cum baby.   I want to cum.   Fuck me!”   Josh continued to pump his hard cock into Linda and moments later in a breathy moan she said, “I’m cumming!   Drive your cock deep!”   Josh rammed his cock hard into Linda’s pussy as she moaned in pleasure while she came.   Josh continued to drive his cock into Linda and soon said, “I’m gonna cum again.”    Linda replied, “Do it baby.   Cum inside me.”     At that Josh came for a second time today, driving his cock as deep as he could into my wife’s wet pussy.    I couldn’t keep my load inside any longer and I also blew my wad against the wall just below the window I was looking through.   I came with such intensity my legs got weak.   


Josh and Linda laid in the grass next to each other for several minutes.   Josh said, “Linda, you were my first time with a girl.”   Linda, not wanting to embarrass Josh replied, “Really?   You could have fooled me.   With moves like you have, I’m surprised you don’t have girls lining up to be with you.”     Josh shyly giggled and Linda, always trying to get the advantage, asked him, “Have you ever thought about being with a guy?”   Josh thought for a few moments and said, “Don’t tell anyone this, but a few months ago, me and my friend were at his house after school and we looked at a nudie magazine he had.   It turned out we both masturbated to it.   We didn’t touch each other or nothing, but we were right next to each other.   I had an urge to touch his dick, but I didn’t.”    Linda said, “You know, Josh.   What you and you’re friend did is very normal and natural.   My husband has had similar experiences and I know he’d be happy to talk to you about them.   Maybe the next time you come over and it can be just the three of us.   We can talk about things.”   Josh thought for a moment and said, “You’re not going to tell my mom and dad what happened here today, are you?”   Linda giggled and assured Josh that what happens at our house stays at our house.   Josh, assured that he wasn’t going to get in trouble, said, “OK, the next time your husband is home call my mom and tell her you need help with something.   I’ll come over and talk to him.   I’d like to get some advice about stuff.   Stuff I can’t talk to my dad about.”


Linda and Josh got dressed and Josh left the house.   Linda came into the bedroom and excitedly said, “That was fantastic!   Baby, thank you so much for letting that happen.   I love you!”   She gave me a deep long French kiss and I could taste the sweetness of Josh’s cum lingering in her mouth.   I got hard again and we fucked like we’ve never fucked before.


When we were done, Linda said, “Josh has a fantasy to be with a guy.”   I replied, “Yeah, I heard the story he told about he and his friend.”   Linda said, “I was thinking of you when I brought it up.   I know you’ve also been fantasizing about being with Josh.   He wants to come over when you’re home so you guys can talk about male desires.   Of course I’ll be here too.   I’m not going to miss it for the world.”   I thought for a moment and said, “Thanks babe.   How about in two weeks.   I don’t want his parent s to get suspicious.”