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Virgin Summer

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Boy's first sexual experience...
I splash through the foamy Cornish surf and totter, cold and breathless but invigorated, back into the isolated sandy cove where Bella, my older 19 year-old cousin is sunning herself amongst the secluded sun-baked rocks and boulders. As Bella comes into my view, my throat constricts. She is sitting on her towel with the top of her black one-piece down to her waist and slowly massaging sun-creme on and around her exposed breasts. I hesitate; she looks up, killing me with that open but mischievous grin of hers, and continues with her - to me! - erotic application of sun-factor-whatever. "Enjoy your swim?" I shake the chilly North Atlantic Ocean from my hair whilst trying to appear non-chalant. "Sure, yeah... a bit cold though..." I croak huskily. "Then get warmed up in the sun before you catch your death!" She shakes out my towel bearing the palm tree logo, spreading it out invitingly alongside hers emblazoned with the huge pink Playboy bunny that I think must be visible from outer space. As I step over my cousin to get to my designated spot, I purposely splash her half-naked body with cold water droplets producing instant shrieks. In the same instance I feel hands groping at my soggy swim-shorts trying to pull them down! "And get this wet thing off !" she squeals, her determined fingers clamped into the waistband of my wet shorts. I struggle, automatically gripping at her wrists whilst at the same time trying to hang on to my modesty, but she's too strong for me and my shorts are unceremoniously yanked down around my knees, exposing my pearly-white male bits to the hot Cornish sun - and to Bella...

My parents had packed me off down to Cornwall for the long school holidays to stay with my Aunt Isabella and my cousin Bella in their house by the sea, I wasn't really keen on the idea. Just like any other 17 year-old lad, I just wanted to go off biking with my mates, or just kick a football together in the street. Living in the far North I'd not seen these relatives for a couple of years and in that time it came about that my uncle had run off with his secretary leaving my aunt to fend for herself, and Bella, who I learned later, was adopted. The family is not exactly short of a bob or two, as my uncle, being a 'wiz' in the City, carries on providing for them in the luxurious manner to which they are accustomed which included the sole use of their holiday-home during the summer months. Aunt Isabella is a full-blooded Italian aristocrat, and being a competent artist, had successfully opened a little art-shop in the village where she is currently showing and selling her work to the passing tourist trade.

I am rooted to the spot in shock, but trembling in anticipation. I am aware that my now naked penis is being examined and fondled, flexed this way and that, my balls beneath being prodded and probed by inquisitive fingers. This first sexual experience with a girl makes me draw back in embarrassment as I feel myself hardening, but Bella, her hands on my buttocks, gently, yet determinedly, pulls me back towards her until my lengthening shaft is pressing against her soft cheek. Then I'm lost, buried in a sweet hungry mouth, eager lips enclosing around my growing erection, a soft tongue, moving and teasing the tip of my tingling sex. Turning my face upward to the sky I close my eyes, the heat of the mid-day sun burning the lids. My head feels like the time I sneaked a glass of whiskey from my Dad's bottle of half-used Grant's - dizzy and not of this Earth. She releases me, my erection stands out, trembling and vulnerable, but I am glued, transfixed, to the spot. I feel my penis being squeezed, pressed from either side. I look down to see it safely nestled between Bella's wonderful creamy breasts. I moan at the sight. She smiles up at me with eyes half-closed. I harden even more, which seems impossible, and Bella squeezes her tits around my imprisoned shaft, working it up and down until my mind is spinning and I am groaning in sheer ecstacy at this wonderful bombardment of sexual feeling... I am shaking, almost passing out. Wonderful glorious waves overtake me. My milky juice spills out in spasms between Bella's naked golden globes...

Bella's smiling face makes it all seem right. Except for our rapid breathing, we are silent and lost in the moment. It all seems so natural. I crumple down into Bella's lap, clamping my mouth onto hers, like a hungry leech, our tongues flick hungrily, exploring, jabbing. Soon, I wander hazily downwards, burying my perspiring face into that inviting bosom, glowing naked in the sun. Bella grips my head as I clutch at those twin globes of desire. I lick the perspiration between Bella's gorgeous breasts, my now frantic tongue probing up and down that hot, heaving, heavenly valley of female flesh. In my new-found confidence and curiosity, I explore every fleshy inch of her sweet tits, covering them with hot, wet kisses, then, impossibly try to squeeze each one into my hungry mouth. I am in a daze. Bella slowly lays back on her towel and I follow the contours of her body, bending over her, intoxicated, my fervent tongue not wanting to give up its exploration of those exciting engorged nipples ! Oh my - I didn't realize girls nipples could become so deliciously perky and prominent! Finally, my dizzy head raises and my mind registers that Bella's navel has a pierced belly-button, the silver stud glinting proudly in the dazzling sunlight. I lower my head to investigate this 'intruder' in my new-found wondrous landscape of naked female flesh...

to be continued...
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