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Virginity of a vampire (Part 2)

Here's the second part - enjoy MWAHAHAHAHA!

Daniel got home from the library his mind still whirring with questions. The cold air wafted past his ears as he opened the door and went in. After greeting his parents he went upstairs still thinking about the incident in the library. It was then an idea hit him so he went downstairs and told his parents that Travis and him were camping out for the night, with his parents approval he continued with his plan. The garage door opened with a creak as he got his sleeping bag, torch and pen knife from his storage box before going across to the old mansion. Taking  a deep breath Daniel reached the front door so he bent down and peeped through the letterbox. An old grandfather clock stood in the hallway beside a winding staircase and a murky horrible smell like rotten flesh filled the entire house. Daniel stood up and made his way to the back of the house where he would stay for the rest of the night. An old iron gate swung open as Daniel entered and made his way to the back of the garden. Before settling down he looked round and noticed the garden was full of grotesque ornamental gargoyles, which made the hairs on his neck stand on end. After a while he started to get a bit bored as nothing was happening but just as he was about to doze off he heard a loud creak and chains rattling. Daniel froze, he was scared but alert. As he looked around a beam of light came from the back wall and a coffin shaped box appeared from nowhere. Before Daniel could even blink a guy with black hair and oily skin came from the box and stood in the centre of the garden. Daniel got out his camera and pushed the record button as he was gonna show what was happening. The man's eyes glowed as he stared at the wall before saying "Come to me and accept your challenge, or suffer the consequences". The next thing Daniel seen was a girl who he realized was the girl from the train and the library who was walking towards the man with her head hung low, eyes closed and lips tight. The girl then dropped to her knees and said "Oh Rishcu, i am here just for you, what is your first order. With the girl saying that , the man who the girl had called Rishcu dropped his pants and said "Proceed" in an earth shattering voice.

The girl then started by licking her lips then getting hold of his cock she licked first around the head then down to his testicles then back up before sticking it in her mouth. Rishcu started to moan then said "Harder and stronger" and glared right at the girl. The girl upon hearing this went faster and stronger before stopping to catch her breath back. Rishcu who had his eyes closed and head back suddenly yelled "I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO STOP!" and the girl then looked at him and said " I needed some air". Suddenly Rishcu leapt up and got hold of her then opening his mouth bit into her neck and made the girl scream in pain before returning her and himself into the box and disappearing with a flash of light. Daniel who by this time had been inches away with the camera, stopped it and pressed rewind to watch it. Watching the tape for the 34th time Daniel couldn't believe it because when Rishcu bit into the girl's neck a pair of pearly white fangs appeared out of nowhere. The girl then howls in agony as Rishcu wipes his mouth and drags her back into the box. Daniel quickly looked aoround and crept back home and upstairs into bed.

The next day he got up early as his parents had enrolled him into Travis' college so they decided to walk there together. As they walked there Daniel showed the tape of last nights events to Travis who stared at the tape in shock before saying"This is why i never said anything, because i knew this sort of thing would happen". Travis looked Daniel in the eye and said "Have you heard of the saying seen but not heard, well this house is heard but not seen". In silence the pair walked to the college steps before entering the building. As Daniel made his way to his locker he heard a voice which sounded familiar. Looking round the corner he spotted  the young girl with a group of new students, she then said "Hi everyone, Im Monique and im your college guide for today" So forgetting about the college planner in his hand Daniel went and joined the group.

After Monique had shown the group around she went and gave them half an hour break time. Daniel pretending to look at the notices on the wall, edged himself closer to Monique. Looking at her face he noticed she was wearing a blue scarf around her neck so it was hard to see if she had a scar or not. As he sat looking at the wall but glancing at her every so often, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Daniel felt his stomach quiver with nerves as he looked into her misty eyes and smiled. Monique sat down and said " Hi so i take it you're new here?" Daniel coughed before replying "Yes, my family and i moved here a couple of days ago". Monique then asked him several questions about his family, past and interests. As they spoke Daniel noticed her pushing her scarf closer to her neck and as she did so her left breast moved and Daniel saw some of her nipple through her top. As he stared at her breast, he started to squirm in his chair as his cock started to stiffen up with excitement. Daniel asked Monique if she'd like a drink of water and with her saying yes he dashed towards the sink thinking of other things so he wouldn't make it to obvious to her, and realized that if he wanted this girl he'd have to find out who this 'Rishcu' was before diving in head first.

To be continued


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