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Virginity Of A Vampire (Part3)

Hope you enjoy it. Part 4 will be the last and best part of the story. So be prepared.

Daniel got home and went straight upstairs to his bedroom. Locking his door he then got a magazine out from under his bed along with his manhood, and masturbated while images of Monique went through his mind. After tea Daniel had a hot bath and an early night. Whilst sleeping Daniel dreamt of Monique and him together but then Rishcu grabbing Monique by the throat and saying "You want the girl, you burn the tape" then sounds of laughter could be heard. Daniel woke up sweating and out of breath, then started looking round his room and spying the tape on his cabinet he put it in his jacket pocket. At school the next day Daniel sat in Mr Florseen's class as he went on about things that exist and things that didn't exist. Mr Florseen then looked at Daniel and called him up to the front to talk about things he thought never existed. Daiel sighed then said "Heres a tape about vampires which i done last week we can watch it tomorrow" and put it on Mr Florseen's desk then quietly took his seat. After Mr Florseen's agreement the class upon hearing the bell then went for dinner.

During his dinner Daniel was sat with Travis and 3 other guys who they had met in class. Tommy Rogers was a basketball player and a chick magnet, Oliver Temples was an A+ student but when it came to girls he failed miserably and Jake Grears had a girlfriend but secretly fancied Travis. As they were talking about the tape that Daniel done a guy came up to the table with a note then said "Are any of you called Daniel?" When he heard his name Daniel nodded and so was passed a note which was in an envelope. So ripping it open he then read the note out loud to the other guys. The note itself said- Want to see Monique's bare breast, or get her into bed, then burn the tape you filthy scum, unless you prefer her dead. As he finished the last line all the guys gasped and then began telling Daniel that it was probably Billy Merger who wrote it but Daniel and Travis knew who it was and so then decided to kill Rishcu's plan before it was too late.

As people filed into the canteen for dinner, Daniel and Travis squeezed their way through into the corridor. Travis then suggested they go and get Daniel's camera from Mr Florseen's class but on arrival they realized the door was locked. So they went to the faculty lounge and asked him for the key pretending that Travis had left his inhaler in there and needed it for his asthma. So they got the key and went to get the camera from class. As they entered the classroom a light bulb was dimming and flickering at the same time. Travis kept a look out while Daniel got his camera from the desk and then headed for the door whilst saying "Ladies and gentlemen, Rishcu's funeral will begin in 10 minutes". Just as he was about to close the door he seen Monique coming towards him from behind the blackboard and pulling him and Travis back into the classroom. The guys were taken aback to see her in the class but before they could say anything to her, she slowly said "So i guess you two know our secret now then do you?" Travis looked at her, screwed up his face and said "Our?" Then from behind the blackboard came another girl who was Monique's friend and her name was Vanessa. Without saying anything Vanessa put her back against Monique's and they looked at Daniel and Travis and opened their mouths wide. Daniel looked shocked as he saw pearly white fangs in both girls' mouths as they slowly closed them.

Vanessa went up to Travis who by this time looked like he had a lump of clay down the front of his pants. Travis started to stare at Vanessa, she watched as his eyes worked their way down her body and stopped at her cleavage. Daniel was sitting and looked as though he'd been hypnotised. Before they done anything else Vanessa got hold of Travis and led him to the back of the class and Monique was gonna get hold of Daniel but he dodged her as he wrote a note to Mr Florseen saying that Travis had to go home as he had got the wrong inhaler. Daniel heard Travis stifle a low scream so rushed to see his friend but stopped in his tracks as the empty science room door was open. Peeking his head round the corner his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as there stood Vanessa with Travis on the table facing upwards and she had not a stitch on. Turning round his heart started beating louder and faster because Monique also had nothing on and was dragging him into the science room before locking the door and closing the curtain.

Pushing Daniel on to the table Monique then took of his uniform piece by piece. First, his tie and shirt, then his belt and lastly his trousers and boxers. As she was getting onto her knees Daniel spied the scars on her neck and when he asked Monique about them he noticed a tear in her eye but then wiping it away she said "Shhh, enjoy the ride your dreams will soon be fulfilled". Looking across at his friend Daniel grinned as Travis had Vanessa sitting on his face as he licked her pussy out. Before Daniel could watch any more he felt a soft smooth feeling on his cock and looking down saw Monique giving him the best blow job and with her nails she was lightly scratching his balls.He looked at Monique who had looked up at him and even though she was having excitement, looking into her eyes he saw pain and misery. Vanessa then told Travis to get off the table and then she told Daniel too. Pushing both tables together the guys were asked to lie back down, Vanessa then got between both of them and stroked both cocks lightly at first but quickened it up every so often. Monique meanwhile was being licked out by Daniel and a bit of pre-cum was on his cock so Vanessa shoved it into Monique's mouth who with no hands sucked it like a bottle. Just then the girls backed away and both Daniel and Travis looked at them before pleading with them to carry on with the job. Vanessa went up to Travis and Monique went up to Daniel and they said "We will meet you at the mansion on Brewers Lane tomorrow night and if you do us a massive favour we will do anything at all for you. With a quick kiss of each guys cock the girls got dressed then left the classroom leaving the guys confused. Just then they realized the time they quickly got half dressed and left through the side fire exit door. Reaching home they spoke for a while then Daniel said" If we do the job tomorrow, we will be boys no more". Travis nodded with agreement as thoughts of Vanessa went round in his head. Travis then said "Tomorrow starts with a tough journey but ends with pure pleasure". Agreeing with what Travis had said, Daniel said goodnight then they both went indoors ready for their adventure.

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