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Virginity of a Vampire

This is my second story, hope you like it.

Daniel felt lost as he sat on the train with his family, they were moving once again to another town as his father had just got offered a higher job. The train chugged its way through tunnel after tunnel as Daniel thought about the people he was leaving behind. The 3 best friends he'd had since primary who were Johnny, Liam and Nathan and his girlfriend Sarah who he had been seeing for two years now. The train stopped as more people entered from the station. Daniel got hold of his bag and took out a bag of choc chip cookies which he'd bought from Nellie's Nibbles, he would sure miss that place. As he started eating, his 1 year old sister Anna started crying so Daniel got her milk for his mom to feed her. As he sat back down he happened to glance up towards the end of the train, and there he saw a girl who was about his age with long black hair and dark misty coloured eyes. Daniel stared at the girl who had suddenly spied him looking at her. The girl wore a dark hat and a purple and black outfit. The train then went into darkness as it roared through another tunnel, as it became light again Daniel looked up only to see that the girl had gone.

When the train stopped Daniel and his family bundled out of the train and into a cab. Within 10 minutes Daniel was standing in front of his new house. As they went inside Daniel turned round and looked up and down his new street, houses neatly on each side and new fresh faces to meet. As he closed his front door he was sure that he would like this place. Each room in the new house was massive and Daniel who was excited about living there went up to his father then said "Tell me we aren't moving again Dad? Philip Chambers looked at his son for a moment before saying " I don't think so son, this is our last stop". Daniel then beamed from ear to ear as he hugged his father tight before giving him a high five. Upstairs Daniel had a choice of 3 rooms to pick for his bedroom. There was a small one with a little attic beside it, a main room with a balcony and the last room which was also big with a massive bay window. The room he picked was the one on the front and had a great view. As Daniel looked  out of the window he noticed all the houses but one in the middle caught his eye as it was like a mansion but so dark and there was no sign of life. He stared at it for a while before going downstairs with his family.

The next day his parents had gone shopping for essentials and stuff for the new house but Daniel decided to stay home as he wanted to know more about the freaky house. It was 11.00 am when Daniel went outside with his basketball, he'd shot some hoops when the neighbours back door opened. Daniel stared at the guy who was coming towards him, but then held out his hand to greet his new neighbour. The guy he'd shook hands with was called Travis and lived there with his mom and brother. As they got talking to each other Daniel spied the house then said "So Travis, do you know everyone on this street then?" Travis looked at him then said " Yeah most people i do and most of them are really nice". Daniel then asked him about the freaky dark house but before he could finish his question, Travis stood up and said " It was really nice meeting you Daniel but i , er have to go and help my mom do something". Travis then dashed into his house and closed the door. Daniel watched as he went inside and began to wonder what he'd said that had offended Travis.

It was nearing 4.00 pm when his parents car pulled up onto the driveway and Karen Chambers got out, then came and planted a kiss on Daniel's cheek who then rubbed it off as she was wearing bright red lipstick. Philip closed the car boot then said to Daniel " There's a library just around that corner if you're interested" and pointed down the road. Daniel stood up , stretched then said " Yeah I'll go after tea I think". Karen was serving the tea as Daniel and his father walked into the house. They sat down and started eating their chicken curry and rice and Karen fed Anna before eating her dinner. As they were eating Karen asked her son if he'd met anyone interesting whilst they were away. So he then told them about Travis and that he'd run off in mid conversation, Philip then said " Maybe he was shy or embarassed about something". Daniel shrugged then finished his dinner before heading off to the library.

The library had been there for decades and looked like it needed a bit of a makeover. The doors squeaked as Daniel went inside, the library was deadly silent as Daniel started to look around. There were signs above shelves saying what kind of books they were such as Mystery, Romance and Horror. Daniel found the information section and went on a computer then typed in the address of the house opposite his. When the screen came on it said in big letters 'NO INFORMATION REQUIRED', so Daniel tried again but the same thing kept on happening. Daniel was about to give up and go home when he felt someone watching him so turned round only to stare into the eyes of the girl he'd seen on the train. A smile came across his face as he stood up to go over to her, when a trolley of books passed and when he looked over once again she was gone. Daniel stood up and wondered to himslf why the girl kept disappearing quickly, what is with the dark freaky house and why had Travis rushed off when it was mentioned? Daniel was gonna get the answers to these questions, one way or another.

To be continued.


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