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i wrote this in 2005 after a lady friends washer broke
One day when you were doing laundry the coldwater hose broke on the washer during the fill cycle.  Water began spraying everywhere.  As you and your roommate try to shut it off a guy friend just happens to show up at your door. 
Hearing your screams he takes the liberty of opening the front door and yells: “HEY, IS EVERYTHING OK?” 
You and your roommate are overjoyed to have a man there to fix the machine.  He is overjoyed to see that you are drenched to the skin and can clearly see your tiny breasts, the outline of your young body and your lower hairline.  He had dreamt of seeing you nude and this is as close as he has come.  You invite him in and he starts to turn off the coldwater going to the washer.  You and your roommate scurry upstairs to change.  As he is working he can imagine you taking off your sundress, bra and panties.  He can envision you standing before him nude.  He finally gets the water turned off.  Being a gentleman he starts to clean up the water that is in the washroom. 
Finally dressed you and your roommate descend the stairs both in sundresses like twins.  You see he is standing at the bottom of the staircase as you both get to the lading between the 2 rises of stairs.  Unknown to you he stands there because the sun is shining thru a window behind you and he can see your body thru your sundress.  As you descend you trip, but he catches you in mid fall.  His arms are strong and he feels so hot but wet.  Your breasts touch his body and his arm is around you. Shots of pleasure run thru your body, you have never been so close to a man before yet he is wet from the water.  In shock you twist out of his arm trying to stand on your own, but somehow your legs are not listening and you fall once more into his arms.  This time he holds you with both arms trying to steady you, enjoying the feel of your body against his.  His left arm is around your waist and his right around your back.  He holds you so close to himself as you finally get your legs to cooperate.  Finally down the stairs you want to get changed because he has gotten your dress wet, but decide not to because you don’t want to fall and get embarrassed again.  You all sit in the kitchen as he tells you what you already knew; you need new water hoses for the washer. 
Its lunch time so you and your roommate decide to treat him to lunch in exchange for fixing the washer.  He knows what kind of ‘payment’ he wants for fixing the washer, but lunch is better than being alone.  The three of you pile into your car.  First stop is his house so he can change and then lunch.  After lunch your roommate gets a call from her boss asking her to come to work on a project.  You drive her to work and say to call when she is off and you will pick her up when she is done.  The two of you drive back to the house after buying the hoses so he can fix the washer.  He goes to the washing machine to start replacing the water hoses. 
You’re really not sure what to do you have not been alone with a man in the house before.  You settle down with a book and start to read on the couch.  It is very hot in the washroom so he takes his shirt off.  From where you are sitting you can see his strong body, his muscles are firm and you daydream of him holding you again.  As you daydream he glances your way and can see up your dress to your light blue panties. Loosing concentration on his work he smashes his hand into the wall and screams in pain.  You run over to see if he is OK.  The smell of his sweat sends shivers up your spine.  Your nipples become hard and your breathing comes short, you touch his back to comfort his pain and shoots of pleasure run up your hand.  He turns towards you his hand is bleeding so you play nurse and bandage his hand.  You walk him to the couch.  Taking his hand in yours you feel his strength and wonder what it would be like for him to touch your body. 
After you bandage his hand he leans over and kisses you.  He is hard yet soft warm and sweet.  Your body shivers as he wraps his arms around you.  He touches your back massaging as he kisses you.  He runs his hand over the back straps of your bra.  You arch your body into his.  In one quick move he unclasps your bra.  You gasp from fear but his kisses reassure you. You lean against his shoulder. He watches your eyes. He can see the invitation.
Your eyes say: 'Go on.’
He runs his hands over your sundress and touches your partly covered breasts. His hands are amazing and your breasts stand firm. He cups his hand under them lifting the bra away. He runs the palm of his hand over your nipples as he lifts the bra. You moan a little. He gently strokes your nipples and leans forward to kiss you again. You feel the wetness of his lips against yours.

 You ran your fingers through the dark hair of his chest. He wraps his arms around you, drawing you closer.  He unzips your dress you look into his eyes for comfort and find it.  He reaches down to the bottom of your sundress and starts to lift it.  You lift your hips to help.  You’re embarrassed yet want to feel his skin against yours. After your dress is removed he runs his hands through your long hair. You hug and kiss.  You have never been so exposed to a man before you blush in embarrassment.  
He reassures you by saying: ‘You are so beautiful you should be nude more often.’

He reaches down and kisses your breasts. He feels their firmness. He kisses and partly sucks the nipples into his mouth.  Gently, he draws each one between his lips. You gasp in pleasure. He sucks on your nipple feeling it with his tongue.  It was the most amazing thing you had ever felt. He moves to your other nipple and kisses it. You feel them growing harder.  He runs his hand over one nipple and sucks the other. You kiss him on the side of his neck. You hold each other kissing more.

For some reason you cannot sit up and you slowly lay flat onto the couch.  He caresses your body.  His gentle hands stimulate and arouse your senses.  You feel his hands on your light blue panties; he thumbs the elastic band drawing them slightly down lowering them.  You bite your lower lip but raise you hips.  You feel the last shreds of your clothing being pealed away.  You are mesmerized and excited.  You lay naked before him.
‘Fiona you are so pretty’ He says.
He stands up and removes the rest of his clothing. He covers you with his arms and embraces you. You feel so vulnerable clasped in his arms like this. Your warmth mingling with his makes your nipples hard.

He starts to explore your body. He caresses: the flair of your hips, your thighs, your bottom and your breasts. You ran your hands through his hair.  Thoughts ran through your mind: Where to now? What to do? How to do it?

He places his hand on your stomach and in small circles he slowly lowers it to your hairline.  You are transfixed; your breathing is labored as you feel his hand on you for the first time.  He touches your vagina so softly.  Shivers run thru your body.  You desire his touch.  You open your legs for his hand to explore your depth.
He rubs you in even strokes; he gets closer to you, cradling your head and kissing you. He rubs and kisses you. Your heart begins beating faster. He kisses you again this time deeply. For the first time your tongues touch; exploring, rubbing each other's tongue while he is rubbing your pussy. You’re locked together in a deep and passionate kiss. Your nervousness is cast aside as passion takes over.

He presses his hand harder into your vagina. He rubs a little more vigorously. You brake off the kiss and start to moan.  He kisses the side of your neck. He continues to cradle you as he rubs.  You start to move your hips around, pressing up and from side to side. He presses his hand harder again. You moan louder. He rubs you steadily as you start to writhe on the couch. Suddenly, your body tenses and you cry out.
He stops rubbing and you open your eyes and smile. You grab him and kiss him hard.

He cradles you like a child and carries you upstairs to your room.  He pulls the sheets off the bed and lays you down looking at your nakedness he smiles.  You see the love in his eyes and extend your arms to him.  He gets in the bed on top of you and nestles between your legs; you spread them so that he can get closer. He kisses you.  You feel his penis touching your vagina.  You have never allowed anyone to touch you before but now all you can think of wants more of him.  His manhood touches your lips you feel them slowly parting as he eases the head of his cock into you. He is warm and hard as he enters your virginal love tunnel. Your tight pussy resists his manhood.

His manhood presses inward and you feel a slight pain.  He pushes more and the resistance gives way. You gasp as his length fills the yearning deep inside your vagina.  Your maidenhead is gone the pain was brief, and you want more of him inside you.  Your vagina devours his manhood.  His length fills you to your limit.  He slowly draws back; the sensations of your pussy muscles pulling against his withdrawing cock relax you. He slides back in again. You smile.

You can tell he is resisting the urge to go fast he is gently sliding in and out. You wrap yourself around him; your pussy pulls on the skin of his manhood. Your tension is building; the sensations are driving you over the edge to another orgasm.  You cry out for him to go faster.

His body takes control. Faster and faster he moves between your lips. The tension builds in his body. His cock gets bigger and throbs inside you. You wrap your legs tight around him and thrust your hips to join his thrusts. Wanting him to drive his manhood into you. Willing him to fill you with his seed. With one last thrust; he buries himself deep inside you as he fills you with his seed. Slowly sliding in and out as he empties into you. Bliss descends. You feel overjoyed. He gently lays on you. You wrap your arms and legs around him, drawing him close, holding him. You kiss him.
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