Waves of pleasure

By adhoc18

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This is the first story I ever wrote ^.^ (back when I wore a chastity belt!)
My feet contracted into compressed balls as I squirmed at the sudden rush of pleasure which ran up my body. Gasping for air, I grasped Jeremy’s head, pulling him away from my love bitten neck and passionately embraced his lips with mine. A sudden hand pulled at the lace which concealed my thumping bosom whilst his other slowly caressed my upper thigh. Flushing pink in embarrassment, I felt his fingers struggle to unclasp my bra as my blouse was discarded onto the hectic floor below. Our heads parted momentarily as Jeremy sat up over my stomach, admiring the chest he had managed to uncover.
 Running fingers through my hair he whispered,

“Relax Anna. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.”
I nodded, “I’m fine.”
unsurprisingly, my voice broke as I unsuccessfully reassured Jeremy. Flustered at my fault, my cheeks grew afresh. A burning finger stroked the length of my jaw as a silent laughter escaped from his soft lips; the lips which I longed to embrace my shaking body. The painfully long absence of his body touching mine made my sudden lust grow stronger. His crisp brown eyes instantly read through my transparent expression, chuckling, he slowly lowered his head uttering

“I won’t keep your body waiting any longer Anna.”
Lips met with my stomach, leaving the feel of unbearable heat, as they slowly moved towards my rapidly moving breasts. Jeremy’s tongue slowly licked my nipple and I instantly moaned in ecstasy.

“So sensitive,” he whispered, a grin spreading over his face.

This further encouraged him to slowly bite down onto my pink nipple and suck hard, sending pleasure flowing from my lips. Lips still ravishing my hard nipples, I grew aware of his other slowly gliding up my inner thigh. I could hear my heart beat in my ears as his hand met with my wet panties. On this discovery, another smile shone on the beautiful planes of his face and not caring to pause, he tossed aside the useless fabric which had previously shielded me. Spontaneously, he inserted his finger deep within my vagina causing my body to tense and an utter shrill of bliss to leave my mouth. With his mouth still caressing my breast, he continued to insert his finger deeper and faster inside me, making me gasp loudly for air. Releasing his finger, covered in juices, he puts it into my mouth repeating the previous action he had done. Whilst doing this my lips continued to exert moans, causing him to comment,

 “Anna, you’re being quite loud,” he playfully teased. “Maybe I should not continue, I don’t want to disturb my parents.”

He smirked, watching my alarmed expression, as he released his finger from my mouth.
“No, please” I said rather loudly, as his hands tightly barricaded my arms against the duvet.

“I don’t know Anna, you can’t even keep quite when I do this,” to which, he slowly licked my nipple, making me squeal and pant.

He playfully smiled, toying with my emotions.
“Jeremy please, I’ll be quite.”

He evidently understood the torture I was enduring and replied,
“Okay Anna, but if you become too loud I will have to put something bigger than my finger in your mouth,”

I blushed at the erotic image he had suddenly planted in my head, which was abruptly swept away as he lowered his mouth to my throbbing vagina. My back arched as his tongue swept over my opening, teasing me. Evidentially a moan stronger than before rippled over my lips, causing him to stop.

“I’m sorry,” I exclaimed. “Please Jeremy don’t stop. I will be quite, promise.”

His eyes melted into mine, as he leant over my body and slowly kissed my mouth, then instantly lowered his head back down, making me squirm with excitement. He continued, with even more passion then previously, challenging my mouth. I bit my lip as pleasure tried to break free, however I managed to suppress it, swallowing fast. This occurred numerous amounts of times, and every time it grew harder trying to stop moaning. A build of pleasure had formed due to the repetitive movements of his tongue against my silk vagina. Suddenly, Jeremy starting edging closer towards my opening, causing the build of pleasure to slowly break, sending vibrations over my entire body. Then, he inserted his tongue into the opening of my moist vagina. No longer could I withstand my silent mouth. The moan which finally released itself from my lips was so powerful; it sounded more like a scream. However, to my astonishment Jeremy did not stop but, instead he became even more passionate. His tongue moved faster in and out of my opening as he grasped my legs, pulling them apart. My back flew into an arch as his tongue now pushed deeper and deeper inside my vagina. My legs began violently shaking, as I cried out,

 “Jeremy, Oh My God.”

Pleasure filled every inch of my shaking body. I cried out one final time as I came, and then my back gave way. I lay on the bed my body still quivering, whilst pants loudly fell from my mouth. Jeremy finished licking away my come, and then looked me in the eyes smiling. “I’m guessing you enjoyed it” he asked, whilst stroking my inner thigh.
I nodded, not able to speak. I continued to breathe heavily, my heart jumping so violently from my chest it almost hurt. “Oh but Anna,” he said moving his head nearer mine.

“You broke my rule and because of that you need to be punished.”

My eyes drifted to the pants he was still wearing. I could clearly see his cock thumping against the fabric longing to be freed. Unexpectedly, my mouth watered and my eyes dilated as I imagined him thrusting his shaft deep into my throat. Sitting up, I crawled over to him, unzipping the useless skirt which clung around my legs. I did the same to him, pulling off his trousers with excitement. Pushing him down on the bed, I looked in awe at his erected shaft underneath his briefs. I firstly studied the planes of his gorgeous body, kissing everywhere apart from his covered manhood. I proceeded to tease his body, like he had done to mine, until he could no longer handle it.

 “Anna.” He shouted. I giggled and kissed him on the nose,

“Patients hunny” I replied. I continued to kiss him.

“Anna” he pushed me off his body “Please” he said forcefully.

I turned to look at his cock. It was so erected I actually gasped! I was determined to continue teasing him, as I desperately wanted him to get frustrated and take control. I slowly removed his briefs, and nearly abandoned my teasing plan once I saw his shaft. My mouth watered and my eyes grew hungry, but I stopped the urge to engulf him in my mouth. Instead I positioned my naked vagina over his shaft.

“What are you doing?” he questioned, wearing a slightly worried facial expression.

 To which I lowered myself onto him. I did not allow his shaft to enter my vagina, but his tip was touching my opening. I rubbed myself against him, whilst watching his eyes roll back in their sockets.

“Uhhhhh. Anna stop teasing me.”

Paying no attention to his pleas I continued, until even my legs were shaking and I began moaning softly. Watching his face the entire time, my moans made him even hornier and I gladly saw that his frustration was increasing. Suddenly my juices covered Jeremy’s shaft making him moan louder than ever. I giggled, due to my plan succeeding. Suddenly, I felt hands grasp my shoulders as Jeremy threw me down on the bed. I smiled, as I saw the determination in his eyes, as he could no longer stand my teasing.

“Oh I’m sorry baby, did I frustrate you” I tried to sit up, but he pushed me down again.

“Anna” he said his tone full of authority.

 I waited for his move in anticipation, then grasping his cock in his hand he plunged forward and forced his shaft into my mouth. He held both my hands above my head and fucked my mouth with his cock. He moaned loudly, throwing his head back when his entire 8inch shaft had entered my mouth. I chocked back, as his cock began banging the back of my delicate throat. As I Attempted to struggle free and take control, Jeremy’s hands tightened around my arms. Abruptly, I moaned, sending vibrations through his cock, making him release my hands in ecstasy. Seizing the moment, I pushed him on his back and continued to eat his cock fast, while he moaned loudly. I continued doing this until Jeremy’s entire body shook violently,

“I’m coming Anna, uhhhh” I took his entire load as he came in my mouth.

Swallowing, I wiped the remaining juice off my mouth and sat in a ball, watching Jeremy recover. As his breathing became soft, I climbed on top of him, placing my hands on either side of his face. When I looked at his face I was surprised. I had never seen Jeremy with this expression on before and it shocked me. At fist glance he looked unbelievable horny, but as I studied his face deeply, it was a cross between longing, but not just longing, unbearable longing. And secondly, love. Powerful, real, deep love. He reached up to hold my petite face in his palms. “I love you,” he whispered. My eyes lids blinked twice as I tried to register the words he had momentarily uttered. I have known Jeremy since I was born, and not once had he ever said those three words to me. Like him, Goosebumps exploded over my body as a huge wave of emotion crashed over me. A tear fell down my face as I looked into his confused eyes. He wiped away the tear.
 “What’s wrong Anna?” he asked worry present in his voice.

“Nothing” I sniffed, “It’s just, I have known you my whole life, and this is the first time you have said I love you.”

Jeremy pulled me down, hugging my fragile body tightly as tears fell onto his body. His warm protective arms fit nicely around my small frame and I felt safe, like no one could ever harm me. Jeremy moved, propping his one arm against the bed as he leaned over my body. His hand still held my face as his gentle, loving lips met mine. He began slowly kissing me and I could feel his love flowing through my lips making my body tingle at his soft touch. Slowly his kisses grew more passionate and he grabbed my tongue with his sucking, biting and sending chills down my spine. He rolled me over, so that I was lying naked on top of him and we continued our kisses which were growing deeper and deeper. I felt his cock slowly erect on my leg and looked in his eyes. I wanted to. I wanted to loose my virginity to the love of my life, I was ready.

“You don’t have to Anna, if you are not ready...” I places my lips on his, answering his question without hesitation.

“I love you Jeremy. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I am ready.” I knew that Jeremy had slept with many women before me, so I wanted this to be his most special and memorable experience yet.....