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Wedding Jitters

The best man helps prepare the bride for her wedding night.
The knock on the door snapped Vanessa back to reality. “It’s about time!” she huffed, continuing to pace her dressing room in her undergarments. “Come in, please.”

Gary, the best man and one of her closest friends, opened the door, noticed her lack of clothing, quickly slammed the door shut and flicked the lock. “You’re getting married in 45 minutes, Ness, why aren’t you in your gown?”

Vanessa rolled her eyes but made no effort to cover herself. “Oh, my gown? I should put that on? Why didn’t you say so?” she stated, sarcasm evident. Knowing better than to respond, Gary let her pace out her nerves and waited for her to continue. “Look, the photographers have my dress. They wanted to take some photos of it prior to the wedding, and prior to me wearing it. They should be back any minute. I thought you were them. What are you doing here anyway, Gary? Shouldn’t you be consoling the groom?”

“Shane sent me here to give you the pre-ceremony gift.” Gary placed a hand on Vanessa’s bare shoulder to stop her from pacing. Applying a little pressure, he got her to turn to face him. “Are you okay? Take deep breaths… um… shouldn’t your bridesmaids be comforting you? Where are they?”

Throwing herself against his chest, she answered in a muffled voice. “I sent them away with the photographers to make sure they didn’t ruin my dress. Truthfully, I didn’t want them to see me walking around in my wedding night lingerie. I feel a bit scandalous. I’m a virgin for crying out loud! This makes me feel like a second class whore.”

His hands slid down her back, stopping just above the waistband of her thong. “Breathe, babe, these are just wedding jitters. You look damn sexy. Shane’s going to eat you up tonight.”

Blushing, Vanessa pushed him away. She stood in front of the full-length mirror and admired her outfit, not feeling as sexy as Gary claimed. Her white corset bodice was just a little too tight, but it did highlight her very small waist. The half cups of the attached bra seemed to push her B-cup breasts to an unnatural height, though it did make them look something like the D-cup she always wished she were. Smoothing her hands over her luscious mounds, she giggled to herself as she started to see what Gary saw.

Gliding her hands from her cups, along the corset, passed her skimpy thong, Vanessa pinched the clips holding her thigh high stockings in place. Bending at the waist, she slowly continued to feel down her silky smooth legs until she reached the top of her four-inch stiletto heels. Though her movements were slow and precise, she’d still expected her dark brown hair to fall out of its curled up-do, but was pleased when not a lock had fallen from place.

Gary groaned from behind her, reminding Vanessa that she wasn’t alone. “Oh sure,” he said, “you kick your friends out of the room, but you’re comfortable displaying your perfect ass for me?”

Standing up, Vanessa felt her cheeks flush. It’s probably from the lack of blood flow when I was damn near upside down, not at all from the way Gary seemed to stare into my soul, Vanessa thought. “Please, you’re like my brother, Gary. I’ve known you forever. If you thought back hard enough, I’m sure you’d remember me in diapers.

Shaking himself out of a stupor, Gary pulled an envelope from his pocket and changed the subject. “Here, Shane’s gift. Can you give me his please, I need to get out of here and get some air.”

Vanessa took the card from his hand, and ignored the growing bulge in his pants. Before opening the envelope, Vanessa realized her mistake and smacked her palm to her forehead. “I forgot a gift! Gary, how could I forget the pre-ceremony gift? It was my stupid idea!”

Biting his bottom lip, Gary responded. “Give him a picture of yourself… the way you look right now, and attach a scribbled note that says ‘Looking forward to tonight.’ He’ll die, I’m sure.”

She giggled again. “I can’t do that!” Though she couldn’t think of a better idea herself.

“Sure you can, babe. I’ll take the photo with my phone. We should do this quickly though; you said the photographers will be back with your gown soon.”

Nodding, Vanessa attempted to put herself in a sexy pose. She tossed the envelope to the side, put her forearms together resulting in her breasts popping up even more, she placed her feet shoulder-width apart and perked out her ass. “How’s this?” she asked, feeling embarrassed.

“Fuck, perfect. Don’t move.” Gary circled around her, taking pictures from all angles. At one point, he lay down between her legs and started snapping again.

Vanessa laughed but held her pose. “That can’t be too flattering.”

“I’ve never seen anything sexier,” Gary admitted. Standing, Gary walked Vanessa over to the only couch in the room and had her bend over the arm so that he could continue taking pictures of her ass.

The way he moaned as he snapped the shots, Vanessa couldn’t help but get into the moment. Using her hands, she spread her cheeks, revealing her very wet pussy as the thong slipped in.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so hot,” Gary crooned.

Ignoring the sound of metal on metal as the teeth of a zipper slowly came apart, Vanessa cooed, “Do you think Shane will like this?” She chanced a quick look over her shoulder to see Gary tugging on his massive cock. “Oh my God, Gary! You’re so big! Are they all that big? How… how am I going to fit that inside me? It’s going to hurt!”

Tossing his phone aside, Gary put one hand on her ass and massaged, while the other continued to stroke himself. “Let me help you, baby. I’ll get you ready for him.”

Before she could respond, she felt his tongue against her wetness as the hand on her ass pulled the thong to the side, so hard she thought it’d snap. He continued to lick long, hard strokes up and down her slit, alternating his rhythm between slow and fast.

“Fuck, Gary!”

“I intend to,” he growled.

Losing control of her body, Vanessa leaned over the arm of the couch and spread her legs, giving Gary more access. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful, Ness.” Gary stated, before lapping at all her honey. “I can’t get enough.”

One finger joined his tongue, adding to the wonderful sensations she’d never had the pleasure of feeling before. Vanessa had no time to adjust, as Gary inserted a second finger, digging into her core while continuing to suck on the sensitive skin between her clit and the rosebud of her ass.

She felt so exposed, so violated, and yet, so fucking good; Vanessa ground her pussy against his hand, beckoning for more. Gary continued to thrust his fingers into her as he stood behind her. When he took his hand away, she cried, “No!”

Feeling the head of his cock against her opening, Vanessa instinctively pressed against him, knowing what was coming next and wanting more. Needing no further assurance, Gary pushed forward, stopping just as the tip entered her core.

“More!” she screamed. “I want to take it all!”

“Patience, baby,” he slid further in, “we need to do this slowly.”

Pushing back against him, Vanessa replied, “We don’t have time for slow! Fill me, Gary. Show me what it’s like.”

Without hesitation, Gary slammed into her completely, his balls smacking against her wanting clit. She cried out in pain, the feeling of being stretched like nothing she’d ever felt before, but he didn’t stop. Instead, he pulled out almost fully, before thrusting back into her again and again.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed. “So, so good!”

Reaching around, Gary cupped her breasts, squeezing them so hard they lifted out of the corset bra. He pinched her nipples and massaged her tits, while quickening his strokes behind her. “You’re so tight, Ness… fuck, you feel so good.”

A loud knock on the door startled them only briefly. “I’m coming!” she called. Turning back to Gary, who’d stopped his pounding but was still buried inside her, she whispered, “I’m coming, baby… finish me.”

Grinning wickedly, Gary squeezed her tits as he resumed the fucking of a lifetime. Several more glorious thrusts later, he released his load as she pressed herself back against him, wanting to absorb it all.

It was a shame they didn’t have time to bask in the glory of it, but like the gentleman he was, Gary pulled out and kneeled to collect the mix of their juices with his tongue while soothing her aches, as he placed her corset and thong back in their rightful place. Then, after readjusting his tux, he smacked her ass. “Let’s get you married, babe.”

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