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What I would do to her

Boy i want to try all.
Connie is a girl at my High school. She is 1 year younger than me, and she is gorgeous. I don’t have any emotional feelings towards her, but, I do have many ideas in my head of what I should do with her. You guys don’t know anything about her, so let me describe her to you.

She has long brown curly hair that stops a bit lower then her shoulders; she has brow/hazel eyes, quiet imposing breasts for her age and a body to die for. She is the kind of girl to like bondage and incest. She is smart, kind and has a great sense of humor.

Anyways, you guys and girls don’t care about that, that’s not why you’re reading this story. You want to hear all the naughty things I so wish to do with her, well here we go:

I would love to kiss her for a bit, then talk. Gently approach my hand closer to her thigh, all while looking in her eyes. Abruptly, go very fast to her crotch and feel the warmth emitted by her pussy hidden in her pants, than move my hand away. Start to go and feel her big breasts in her bra. Take her soft nipples between my two fingers and rub them gently until she moans softly. After that, take off her shirt while she takes off my pants, in one fluid motion. Next, she would touch my dick all while my hand would be looking around her jeans for her soft lips. As soon as I would find them, all my fingers would be going in her wet pussy one after the other, just to get them all soaked in young, fresh pussy juice.

Afterwards, her pants would slip right off her waist and go gently down her soft tights. Reaching the end of her amazing legs, I would spread her legs open so my head could approach her dreamy pussy. By then, she would have stopped touching my hard pulsing dick and removed my underwear to expose my piece of flesh. Meanwhile she felt the heat coming from my dick with her hands, my nose would be taking in the sweet smell of her pussy, and I would see that her panties where dripping wet with her juices. With my cheek, I would gently pass it on top of her pussy until her clit would be at the height of my nose. With my nose, I would push her undies out of the way for my tongue to finally taste her sweet tasting pussy juice. Her head would come off my dick and a soft but loud moan would come out of her.

Quickly, her panties would come off and my tongue would be back at work; tasting her pussy juices and feeling the insides of her pussy. I would then take my middle finger and shove it gently inside, rubbing in and out, as she moans louder and louder. We would be doing this for a good 3 minutes, since she would say to stop because my fingers would be hurting her. She would then push me back and have me with my dick in the air. Grabbing it, she would rub and put her small mouth around my penis. She then, would put her pussy over my face and I would lick it harder than before. While doing that, I would be pinching her skin on her thigh with one hand and would be rubbing her nipples with the other. When she would have enough, she turns back around and floats the entrance to her pussy over the tip of my dick.

I would grab a condom, put it on, and as her eyes are looking into mine and her smile would appear, she would gently go lower. As soon as my dick felt her wet juices, she would only put the head of my dick inside of her. Just going up and down really fast on the tip of my dick, then completely let go and let the whole chunk of hard flesh into her. A crazy loud moan would come out of her and she would get up and remove my dick out of her. She put her mouth over my dick again and started giving me a blowjob. As I was soon to come, she would get back on me and we would do it again; only put the head of my dick inside of her. Just going up and down really fast on the tip of my dick, then actually have sex. My whole dick going in and out of her really fast, feeling all of her insides. Moans of pain would come out of her as my dick would be spreading her pussy lips farther and farther from each other.

When I would come, she would shift her pussy from my penis to my mouth, and would order me to lick her and finger her until she would come and squirt all over her bed. After everything, we would lay in bed for 20 minutes. Then, both of us thirsty for more, would do this all over again for hours and hours.

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