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What Katie Did Next

After her short fantasy about Brad is interrupted, he calls unexpectantly, what did she do next?

She stood in front of the bathroom mirror and flicked the brush through her hair. Katie had always been proud of her hair. It had been cut short when she was a teenager and she had cried for weeks, swearing to never again cut it so short. It now fell to the middle of her back although she had had it thinned out a month ago. She stared at the white, satin blouse. She had dressed carefully that morning, ready for another Sunday morning in church. The collar ties had been slowly tied and the blouse tucked in; the black, button-through skirt had been pressed and although she had been pleased with the outfit, she wished she was getting dressed for another occasion, one that had nothing to do with church.

Then had come that dream, the one that had sent her mind to another time and place, where she had fantasized about having her clothes removed, lying back while he kissed and fondled her naked body. Spreading her wings, she let him take her maidenhood. She had fought it of course, one didn’t give into the sins of the flesh lightly in this town without incurring the ire of the church elders.

Heeding the Call

The call had come out of the blue as she was gathering her handbag and bible. A voice she had just recalled, a guy she had known at summer camp eleven months ago. Brad, the Aussie counselor who had stolen her heart had returned to the States and, suddenly, church had been forgotten.

Katie set the brush down and stared into the mirror, recalling the pleasant day they had spent together out at the lake. She had prepared a picnic hamper and after lunch they had gone walking. It had been like he had never left. Conversations they had started and been unable to finish had been finally finished. Brad had been her unofficial sex instructor, her confidante, although their conversations had been strictly private. The camp counselors would never have allowed a non Christian to become intimate with a Christian, let alone discuss matters such as sexual positions and other bedroom secrets. But Brad had kindled a fire that had been burning for many years, the urge for consummation, the desires of the flesh that had been stifled by countless bible classes and prayer meetings. When his hand had brushed hers by the lake, she had taken it with a smile and lowered her head, reveling in the closeness. For despite his wealth of sexual knowledge, Brad’s touch and presence hinted of a childlike innocence, he had smiled and squeezed her hand and then he had kissed her.

That First Kiss.

It was a tender kiss, a quick peck on the lips that turned swiftly into a gentle wrestling match as he massaged her lips, and when she had broken away, her face was flushed and she felt her nipples hardening. She tried to look away but then he took her by the chin and kissed her again, and this time she opened her mouth willingly and let his tongue trace the inside of her lips. She felt moistness between her legs and a feeling of panic, until she realized it wasn’t that kind of moistness as he stroked her face and kissed her forehead. Katie felt her belly growing weaker as he held her in his arms. It seemed so natural in spite of the thunderous sermons from the preacher every other Sunday. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing who only wanted to carve his name on your belt, he will defile you and drive a wedge between you and God.

And yet with that kiss she felt a sense of holiness not felt in many years.

His Touch.

He had put his hands on her hips and kissed her by her car half an hour later. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely, allowing his tongue inside. It felt forbidden and exciting as he explored her mouth and then his hands slipped down to her buttocks and her temperature rose. She fought the urge to pull back as he held his hands tightly against her and pulled her closer. She felt his hardness pressing against her growing subtly harder, he squeezed her cheeks gently and then he became firmer and she pulled back to find she was panting slightly. Her cheeks were flushed and she felt the moistness again. Was this what the preacher warned about? The remorseless slide into sexual immorality and an eternity in hell? How could this be hell?

Her Thirsting Flower.

The drive back into town had seen her lapsing into silences, there was so much to say and yet it all seemed so trivial. There was only the smell of his cologne, the gentle smile as he stroked her thigh, and the sound of his voice as he pointed out another landmark. What did landmarks matter when she was reaching her Rubicon? She hesitated at the T junction. One way led back into town, the other led to the camping ground where he had hired a log cabin. She pursed her lips and a moment later leaned across and kissed him quickly.

“Your place or mine?”

“I’ve got an open fire,” he smiled.

“So have I,” she smiled.

“No neighbors,” he replied, “the last campers drove out this morning, I’m the only one left.”

Katie opened her mouth to reply.

“We could pick up some more supplies in town,” he offered, “wine, marshmallows, massage oil.”

She winced.

“You had to say that.”

“Sorry,” he squeezed her leg and leaning over, took her face and kissed her passionately, “but I’m not sorry I came back, I thought about you from the moment I set foot in Melbourne.”

“Oh Brad,” she kissed his neck, “I have thought about you as well, more than you think.”

Her mind was made up as she turned into town, she would follow this man wherever he went today, no camp counselor, preacher, or concerned parishioner would keep her from Brad.

Opportunity Knocks.

The door had creaked open and Katie had giggled with delight at the mattress by the fireplace. Had he put it there just for her benefit?

“I like sleeping by the fire,” he explained, “nothing beats a log fire.”

And now she was standing in his bathroom after a light meal punctuated with meaningful glances and sly smiles. At one stage he got up to get a drink of water and, stepping around behind her, stroked her neck. She leaned back into him and closed her eyes, not wanting him to stop his sensual massage. It ended all too soon however and she had been left wanting more.

If this was sin then let the sinning begin.

A Butterfly Awakes.

She stepped out of the bathroom and into the living room. Brad looked up from the couch and grinned. Katie replied with a cocksure grin and moving around the couch, pulled the mattress until it was next to the couch and sat down between his legs. Her eyes grew wide as she stared into the flames, hypnotized by their flickering embrace. His hands moved softly through her hair, teasing out the locks and then he moved down to her shoulders and began to massage them. Katie closed her eyes and moaned softly as he worked tired muscles that had been aching for attention. Long hours spent in front of a computer at work had taken their toll on her. Brad’s gentle but firm massage breathed life into her body. It felt so good to let a man touch her like this, there was no pulling at her clothes or touching her breasts. This was what she wanted, to know that she was the most important woman in a room full of desirable women. He said little as he worked her tired muscles but she felt herself drifting, allowing his hands to get lower, his touch became lighter and then he was sliding his hands through her hair. She moaned and leaned back into him while her inhibitions began dissipating. He was moving over her head now, massaging her scalp and pulling gently at her hair. Katie whimpered softly as his touch became softer and then he was stroking her face and throat, his fingers gently dancing over her bare skin and she felt herself drifting outwards, far beyond the world she had known.

Forbidden Touches

His hands drifted over the blouse, tracing the bra strap and her eyes opened slightly, she was about to protest but instead closed her eyes and lay her head against his crotch; he was hard and she felt a slight feeling of guilt. He reached her breasts and slid down around and under them, she quivered slightly and tried to voice her protest but she was slipping fast as he brought his hands together and slipped through her cleavage. He began to circle her breasts slowly, drawing the circles closer ever so slowly, until he reached her nipples. Katie opened her eyes and looked down in mild alarm as he rubbed them. She felt slightly detached and stroked his hands gently. He brought them up to her throat and began to massage her neck again, Katie’s breathing grew shallower as he tugged at the ties and a moment later she moved away and grabbing his hand, pulled him downwards. He hit the mattress with a soft plop and she snuggled into him and rubbed his chest, not sure of her next move.

Brad moved soon enough, cupping her face in his hand, he kissed her gently, working her lips firmly and yet gently. Katie felt his hand moving down to her breast and she tried to push him away, he moved down to her belly and she winced and took his tongue into her mouth. The urge was building inside her, she wanted him inside her and she suddenly felt constrained by the clothes. Her temperature was rising steadily and she pulled away and gasped.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” she looked past him, “kind of different.”

“Warm, relaxed, comfortable?”

“All of the above,” she stared into his eyes.

A Slow Unveiling.

A moment later he kissed her again and this time he pulled at the ties and she put her hand around the back of his head and pulled him closer, moving her body up and down as she kissed him passionately.

The ties were hanging loose and he rested his finger on the top button of her blouse and pulled away for a moment. She stared into his eyes, willing him to stop and yet powerless to cry out. A moment later the button popped loose and he leaned forward and kissed her throat gently, using his tongue to good effect.

Katie kissed his neck fiercely, feeling herself losing control as the urge became ever stronger and then she felt another button coming loose as he kissed her again and again. She pulled free again and stopped to catch her breath. Sensing her nervousness, Brad touched her earlobe and rubbed her arm absently. She looked down and blushed slightly, was this really happening? Should she be allowing this to happen?

Then the assault began again, a gentle tugging at her lips and she eventually pulled free and leaned back against the couch and stared into the fire.

“Fire’s going out,” she murmured.

“Not for long,” he moved to the fireplace and tossing another log in, stirred it until the flames started licking hungrily.

Katie stared longingly at him while he squatted before the fire. There was a fire burning in her loins, a longing to be filled that was tinged with a hint of anxiety and fear. What about pregnancy? What about disease? What about? She shut her eyes and when she opened them again he was staring at her with a mixture of curiosity and amusement.


“Nothing,” he smiled, “you look so tense.”

“I’m okay,” she lied.

“Good,” he lay down on his side and patted the mattress, “why don’t you slide over here pretty mama and tell me a bedtime story?”

The Point of No Return.

Katie blushed furiously but found herself inching forward on all fours, until she was staring into his eyes a mixture of fear and desire in her eyes. Brad slid his finger down the front of her blouse playfully and she looked down in mild alarm, but then he reached her face again and she kissed his hand firmly. He stroked her front and then hooked his fingers behind her waistband, and tugged playfully. She looked down and felt herself receding, she was losing control of the situation fast and yet it didn’t matter anymore. He was here and that was all she wanted. Then he was tugging at her belt, she leaned down and kissed him tenderly allowing his tongue to explore her mouth while he undid the belt and pulled it through the loops of her skirt. A few moments later she pulled free and smiled nervously as he undid the top two buttons of his white shirt. She dipped her head and kissed his throat and chest while he closed his eyes and let her go to work. Something akin to instinct took over as she worked her way down his chest.

She was vaguely aware of movement down her front, and then she felt the buttons of her blouse popping loose one by one and his fingertips tracing delicately down her front. She arched her back and looked up as he parted the blouse and began stroking her front. The delicious sensations moving through her body sent her nerve endings into an ecstatic dance. The blouse was pulled out slowly from her skirt until it was hanging loose and for a moment she hesitated. Her bra was clearly visible and Brad stared into her eyes, daring her to stop him.

A Slow Dance of Seduction.

It was a slow dance of seduction as her blouse was slowly removed, Brad’s fingers seemed to linger over every button until at last she rose suddenly and let it fall from her shoulders. He raised his hands to her breasts and she closed her eyes in delight as he worked her breasts, taking time to pinch her nipples and massage her. She was beyond the point of fighting, she didn’t care about fighting anymore, all she wanted was him inside her, pushing hard into her softness. She would give herself to him tonight, come hell or high water.

He pulled his shirt out from his jeans and Katie unbuttoned it slowly, a smile on her face as she stroked his clean, fresh skin. She bent down and kissed her way down his front, licking his navel but stopped at his jeans while he groaned softly.

A few minutes later he sat up and kissed her passionately on the mouth, his gentle probing sent shivers down her spine. She felt herself loosening up and as she ran her hands over his body, she noted with pleasure that his muscles were hard. She had no idea how long they sat and kissed for, but it seemed like an eternity before he turned her slowly and laid her down on the mattress.

A Sumptuous Feast.

His mouth descended to her front and began kissing her, his open-mouthed kissing sent waves of ecstasy surging through her. She closed her eyes as he worked his way up and down and Katie arched her back and unclipping her bra, pulled it free and opened her eyes soulfully. Brad stared into her eyes and a moment later he moved down to her right breast and taking her nipple between his teeth, bit gently until it became hard. Her other nipple cried out for attention, and Brad was certainly in tune with her needs for he began to tweak it gently while he lovingly sucked her other nipple.

Katie’s breath was coming in shallow gasps as he worked her breasts, and then she raised her knees and parted her legs. She was ready for him, and a few moments later, she felt her buttons coming undone as he unbuttoned the skirt and parted it to reveal her white panties and stockings.

Katie undid his jeans and pulled them over his hips to reveal his erect penis and for a few moments she froze, unable to believe something that big could fit inside her.

“It fits,” he murmured, “but I’m not that big, just normal size.”

He removed his jeans and taking her hand, showed her how to massage his penis and testicles, he seemed to take pleasure in showing her how to bring him to full arousal, and Katie was a keen learner. He closed his eyes and let her work him until eventually he pushed her hand away and moving on top of her, began pulling off her stockings. Katie’s eyes opened in surprise as he started kissing her legs, moving closer and closer to her inner thighs, which received a generous tongue bath. Her breathing was getting ragged and she pulled her panties off and kicked them free as she massaged his penis.


“Huh?” her eyelids fluttered open.

“You want me to wear something, like a raincoat?”

“A raincoat?”

“A condom.”

“Oh,” she hesitated, “I’m clean, are you clean?”

“Yeah, I was thinking more of things like babies.”

“I’m on the pill,” she smiled, “I took your advice after summer camp last year.”

“Oh,” he grinned, “then let the fun begin.”

The Climax.

He lowered his head and a moment later she cried out with pleasure as he found her clitoris with his tongue. He slicked back the hood and she writhed under him as he sucked and licked it, she saw white lights and felt her heart pounding so hard it would burst from her chest, Sweat appeared on her brow and between her breasts as he began to massage her lips with his fingers, and then she felt something sliding inside her, she looked down in mild panic but it was only his finger. It felt alien and foreign, it hurt a little but Brad was not only patient he was gentle, probing and withdrawing regularly until she felt a strange new urge, the desire to be filled completely, her hips rose and fell in time with his pushing and then she grabbed his hand and tried to force him deeper inside.

He resisted at first and then plunged deep. She screamed in agony and ecstasy, she couldn’t breathe at first and then she began panting heavily as he began stretching her slowly but surely, his second finger was inside her by now. His tongue was still flicking over her clitoris, and then she felt a warm feeling that started at her hips moving down through her pussy to her legs which appeared to part company with her body. She felt the darkness in her body, floating as the orgasm suddenly grabbed her with a series of spasms, she grabbed his legs and dug her fingernails deep, vaguely aware he was wincing and then she was peaking and floating on a plateau.

She was coming down now and laughing and crying at the same time as he lay down beside her and stroked her body, she was wet between her legs and she looked down expecting blood, genuinely surprised to find none.

“You don’t always bleed,” he smiled, “only if a man is too hard and rough.”

“Oh,” she rolled over and kissed him passionately, “do you want to be inside me?”

 “More than anything.”

He eased her over on top of him and forced her to sit upright until she was astride him.

“You can control how far in I come,” he told her quietly, “it’s easier this way the first time.”

It took a few tries but Katie eventually managed to insert his penis inside her, she waited in hesitation, biting her bottom lip and expecting something. Instead there was a gentle sucking sound as he slid further inside. She winced but there was no pain and then he was deeper and she felt the movement stop. Brad began moving up and down, grabbing her hips and guiding her as he pushed in and withdrew until she began panting heavily. The groans became more intense until finally she drove down hard and felt something tear inside her. A moment later blood came from her and she bit her lip against the pain and moved up and down, forcing the pain from her mind. Brad grabbed her hips tightly and grunted a few moments later as he suddenly let go with a satisfied groan. She felt his semen filling her, and then she was collapsing on top of him, feeling the pain tingling at her, but she was still moving as he emptied himself and then she climaxed again. Her pussy walls clutching his penis tightly as she let herself go with a series of violent contractions.

She lay in his arms and felt the pressure easing as he stroked her back and murmured loving words in her ear.

“You are beautiful, Katie McCluskey,” he murmured, “you are beautiful.”

She smiled as she held him and wrapped her legs around him. This morning she had been a virgin, now she was a woman.

Katie was free at last.

Written by Alastair Rosie

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