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When Fantasies Come True

When Fantasies Come True

“Yummy,” is all I can say.
It’s a big step I’m taking today with a man I normally only text. I don’t really know him, so it’s a chance I’m taking today and I’m very nervous. What if someone I know sees me? There are going to be questions, after all. If I go through with this today, then I will know what the next step will be. It is just for a few hours, and then I will be gone. With that thought, I get into my car and drive out to the Resort where we said we will meet for the day.

I pay my entrance fee for the day and drive through. I park near the pool area and call to ask if he is there. “Hello Nick! I am here.”

He replies, “Cindy, I am booked at hut number 11.”

“Okay, see you in a bit. Bye.” I reply.

I know that 11 must be down by the river front, so I drive on. Yes, I can see the car, and I park next to it. My whole body is shaking. I feel like a slut.

Nick comes outside and gives me a big smile. He looks just like his photo on his profile. He is coming my way and opens the door for me.

“Hello Cindy!” he says and reaches for my hand, to help me get out of the car. As I step out, he closes the car door and gives me a nice hug. Now, that makes me feel much better. Just like old friends.

“And, how do you feel?” he asks, while we walk to the hut door.

“Do you really want to know?” I ask.

“Only if you want to tell me,” he answers with a nice smile.

“Slut!” is all I can think of to say.

“No! No my dear. You are not a slut. Please get that out of your mind,” he says quickly.

As I walk into the hut, there is a big surprise waiting for me.

“And this?”

“Late breakfast,” he says and pulls out a chair at the table for me.

“Wow! When did you have time for this?”

“I booked in last night.”

After the late breakfast, I help him clean up and we take our coffee outside. We sit for a bit and then go for a walk. At the pool he takes my hands for the first time and asks if I brought swim wear.

“No, sorry, I did not think that far.”

“Not to worry.”

After a long walk around the resort, we go back to the hut. Without asking, he gets us each a beer. He hands me mine after opening it and we sit on the couch. There are no more words between us, until he says, “I must confess something to you, Cindy,” while taking the bottle out of my hand, he continues, “I’m also in a sexless marriage and I want you real bad. Ever since we began chatting, I have had this yearning to make love to you!”

I just look at him, for this is very new to me too. He gets up and put the bottles on the sink top. Then he pulls me up, and holds me tight in his arms for a while. I’m sure he can feel my heart beat. He lets me go and lifts me up, putting me on the counter top.

He looks me in the eyes and says, “We have been chatting for a few months now. And I know that you want more also, because you said you can offer more, but with your husband it’s a sad case. The drinking and so is taking over. Am I right?” he asks, still holding me close.

I just nod, for I feel as if I have betrayed my husband in chatting with Nick.

“Then I think it’s in order if we work on that fantasy you told me of, some time back. Do you remember what it was?”

I just shake my head in denial this time.

He looks me in the eye and asks again. “Don’t you remember?”

I do remember, but in person, I will never say it again. I reply, “No, I don’t. Maybe you can remind me.”

He says, “Sure you want me to tell you?”

I whisper, “Please do.” But in my mind I’m saying, show me rather.

As if reading my mind, he says, “I’d much rather show you!” I like this guy. Not only does he have a strong body line, a clean face and those perfect eyes, but he is also so very perceptive.

He softly strokes my bare arms and is still focused on my face. “You know I have been admiring you for some time now,” he says, as he pulls me close again.

“I can say the same here,” I reply. Then for the first time, our lips meet. I relax totally and wrap my arms around his neck. My fingers play with his hair, as his tongue darts out and part my lips, finding my tongue. We kiss so deeply that I think I am going to drown in the feelings of sheer bliss going through my whole body. I break away from the kiss, gasping for breath and I let out a delightful peal of relieved laughter.

“You are so bad,” I say and we both have a good laugh.

“So are you. Where did you learn to kiss like that?” he asks.

“I have been around long enough to know how to answer a kiss back,” I reply.

He takes my face in both his hands and the kissing starts all over again. What he does not know, is that the kiss is starting to arouse me quite a lot and I respond by wrapping my legs around his waist. Now it is his turn to pull back, as he lifts up my one leg and takes off my shoe. He holds my leg up and rubs me very sensually behind my knee. Then he lifts the other leg and does the same. He picks up my one hand and kisses my palm. Then he takes the other hand and looks at my rings. He pulls off my wedding ring and puts it in his pants pocket. Looking up at me he says, “We don’t need it at this time.” Strange but true…

Then he kisses the palm of that hand also, like the other one, while looking in my eyes. This makes me weak in the knees. He takes a sip of the beer and, while kissing me, gives me some also, for my lips are just as dry. Then he pushes his hands under my blouse, first touching my waist, then up to my breasts. However, his hands are just passing through, because he wraps his arms around to my back and pulls me up close to him. Then he lifts my blouse from behind and pulls it over my head. His touch behind my back gives me a sensation that I keep for myself. Again, he pulls me close to him. This time he starts kissing me in the neck and works his way down to my curve.

He looks up at me as I watch him. “Silky sweet softness, the way it should feel,” he says, as he lifts my breasts out of my bra. “Wow!” is all he can say.

All I can think of is how in control I am of what I’m feeling. I can feel my nipples harden and I am getting so aroused once again, but still I’m in control. My eyes meet his and I can see how turned on he is as well. He starts by licking, and then sucking, each breast in turn, my nipples now so sensitive and hard. I am busy losing myself in this erotic sensation and my hands go to the back of his neck. But with his hands on my hands, he put them behind my back and with one hand he keeps them there. With his other hand he works his way to just under my neck on my chest bone.

I am sure he feels it is turning me on from my delightful moans, because he leaves my chest and pulls down my tights while he is on his knees in front of me. He leaves my G-string on. Then he starts kissing my legs, from the inner thigh to the knee. He finds his way back up to my waist, to my middle, to my breasts, ending at my lips. I am now so aroused that I pull him tight against me and kiss him with all I have, while he rubs my pussy like I have always wanted it done. His middle finger is just missing my love-hole with every sensual stroke. He pulls away from my lips and looks me in the eyes.

I am sure he can see my racing emotions running riot, reflecting in my eyes. I am so turned on now that my knees don’t feel like mine anymore. I think this also goes through Nick’s mind, because he lifts me up on the counter again, pulling me close to the edge, and pushes my body back on the counter, so that I can lie down on it. He now pulls down my G-string and with his hands caresses me all over my breasts and tummy, and then down to my pussy that fills the air of my sweet sex-scent, as he parts my legs for a wonderful view of my wet silken red puffy pussy, it shows the height of my arousal. I am sopping wet!

Lustfully, he goes down on my sex and licks me out ever so softly and then slides his tongue deep inside my pussy, making sure he is getting it all. I feel him touching my sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue, just slightly moving it up and down and around. This can drive a woman wild!

My moans are getting louder, as this is making me shiver with immense pleasure and then he surprises me by inserting one finger into my wet pussy, curling it upwards to find my G-spot. Not all men know how to find it, because they have to press upwards to the front.

As his licking and sucking on my swollen clit gets harder, Nick finger-fucks me faster while stimulating my G-spot. Being emphatically driven towards my climax, I try to pull my legs up, but he keeps them down with his arms. My approach to my orgasm is so intense that I start rubbing and pinching my own nipples.

“Oh my god!” I whisper. “I’m going to cum.” My moans and heavy breathing help me get to where there is no return. My whole body begins to shake and tremble. I arch my back up to let the powerful, long awaited, orgasm burst through my body as I climax; the intensity of my pleasure brings tears to my eyes. This is not the power of love; it’s the power of mankind!

After a while of enjoying my ecstasy, my amazing orgasm waning, I realize that it is my turn to pleasure Nick. Now I am not an expert in sucking cock. As a matter of fact, I don’t enjoy it. Maybe because I never learned the technique or the boyfriend I first had did not not mind how he got it. He would just press me down and stuff his hairy cock down my throat. That made me so nauseous and I was sick afterwards. I made out with him after that and said never again would I let someone do that to me. I have tried it with my husband more than once, but I still can’t handle it.

But back to the here and now, I push Nick back and, after removing my bra, I start to unbutton his shirt and take it off. Then I undo his belt and pants. I get on my knees and take off his shoes and socks and then I pull down his pants and I put it on the chair. Then I pull down his briefs, releasing his hard cock. I stand up and press him back against the counter top, letting him hold on to it with his hands behind him. Kneeling back down, I softly stroke his hard cock and massage his balls with slow, sensuous strokes. From his heavy breathing I can tell this is driving him crazy.

I look up at him and see the way he is looking down at me. I know he wants me to suck his beautiful cock, but I just can’t. Instead I let my tongue circle his cock head and I kiss along the side of his pole to his balls and back. I look up at Nick. “Do you like that?” I ask.

“You are amazing,” he says and pulls me up. I sigh with delight as his hands stroke my naked breasts. He cups each breast and says, “38B.” I just nod. We kiss for a second or two and then he turns me around towards the bed. Bending me down on my fours, he fondles my hanging breasts for a while and starts to finger-fuck my pussy from behind. I feel another orgasm approaching and as he goes in harder and faster, it is such an incredible turn-on that I cum within a few minutes, groaning out my pleasure.

He turns me around on my back and gets on top of me, pushing me higher on to the bed. Then I feel his big cock push onto my oh so wet pussy lips for the first time. I look at his face and his horny delight tells a whole new story.

“Do it,” I say breathlessly.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Sure, and don’t hold back please,” I reply and pull him down to kiss me. Then I feel him pushing through my cunt lips and penetrating my very wet pussy! His huge cock fills me up and I tighten my pussy so he can feel what I am feeling.

“Oh my god! You are so tight,” he calls out, and his kisses get more intense as he bites my lower lip.

“And you are the best,” I try to reply, so that he can leave my lip before I have marks on it that I won’t be able to explain.

He lifts himself up higher and then he goes for it! He fucks me hard for a few more minutes with his solid cock deep inside my swollen wet pussy, impaling me with each inward thrust. Then he pulls his big cock out and grabs it with his hand, jerking off as he climaxes and ejaculates his load onto my tummy. After a while he gets up and fetches a face cloth to clean up my tummy.

At first we say nothing. There’s no need to talk. I go to the bathroom and when I return he is standing next to the counter top where he has a bowl of strawberries and ice-cream.

“And this?” I ask, pointing to the counter.

“A light lunch, my lady,” he replies.

“Yummy,” is all I can say.

“Yes, after having sex with you, I wish to give you the absolute pleasure of feeding you,” Nick says.

“Did you really enjoy it?” I ask, as I look up in his eyes.

“Every minute! Your orgasms were so strong and I could tell they were not faked, like other girls I know.”

“Why fake it if you can enjoy it!” I exclaim.

“Precisely!” he replies.

“I don’t have a lot of experience Nick, but my fantasy for you will take you to a higher level where you will want to come back for more. That I promise you,” I say and go to stand on the other side of the counter so that he can feed me.

“Wow! Want to tell me how?” he asks.

“No! I’ll show you,” I tease him.

After we had our snack, we mess around with some ice-cream on my breasts that he sucks off. We are both as hot as hell again for each other. I put my handbag next to the bed and we climb back onto the bed, where he starts to kiss my body all over again. Soon he goes down on me again and eats and finger-fucks me to ecstasy yet again!

After he made me cum again, I get on top of him and start to kiss his body. With my hands I give him a light massage over his chest that pleases him. Then I kiss his body again and go down on his nipples. My husband likes it, so I feel safe as I start sucking and nibbling on his nipples. As I do this, I rub my pussy against his oh so ready cock but don’t take it in. Not yet.

He is playing with my nipple with his one hand and with the other is rubbing my clit softly and oh so pleasurably. Soon I am so hot again and turn with my back to him, inserting his pole slowly into my very wet pussy. Then I start to ride him very slowly with up and down moves. As I feel him starting to enjoy this, I bent down to my hand bag and get what I’m looking for. I turn around to show him a small vibrator that I’m going to use on him. He lifts his one eyebrow and, while I’m smiling at him, I let him know that this he will never forget.

So while I’m riding him again and he is rubbing my back, I hold the vibrator between his shaft and balls. I then contract my cunt-muscles, so he can feel there is no way out. Mind you, I know he is beginning to love it. It is a feeling that brings new ways of pleasure for both of us, as I can also feel the vibrations through his cock. And this is driving him just as wild.

“Ahh, my god,” I hear him moan and he lifts himself up so that he can hold on to me, while fucking his pole even deeper into my cunt. He drops his one hand down under my pussy and starts to rub my clit again each time I come down on him. His rubbing becomes harder, as I bounce harder on his pole.

I can hear my own breathing, as he takes my one breast again, rubbing it also, as he lifts himself close to me. There are a lot of things going on at once. His hands are all over me and his moans are getting louder, as I press the vibrator harder against his balls from the bottom.

“Make those muscles tight again, please,” he begs me. I comply and just then I feel an amazing orgasm ripping through me. As my body trembles, he gets hold of my hips, just as his orgasm also hits him like a bomb and we fuck each other in an ecstatic frenzy. I feel his cum filling my cunt and then oozing out as he is still lifting me up and down slowly on his shuddering cock. My orgasm is just as intense, my pussy contracting pleasurably on his cock, milking him for every drop of spunk he has to offer.

When our orgasms fade, I put the vibrator off and just lie back on his chest. His hands slide around onto my breasts, as we just relax to get our heart beats back to normal. Afterwards, I get up and go to the bathroom, where I open the shower taps. It is not’t long before he joins me and we wash each other’s bodies. As we get dressed, we say nothing. He helps me tie my bra and brushes my hair with his fingers. Then he pulls me close to him. Just holding each other is at this point enough for me.

“You are amazing Cindy,” he says as he gives me a soft kiss on the eyes.

“And you are fantastic too,” I reply.

“The memory of this day I will keep in my heart forever. And when I feel horny, I will remember that vibrator. That was a feeling I can’t explain. It was electric,” he continues, as he finds my lips and we kiss. Then I get my handbag, as it is time to get back home. At the door he stops me and gives me one more hug. Then he puts my wedding ring back on.

As I drive off, I get this pain inside my chest, as I think of him. But it is a good pain, the kind of pain you get when you think of something that you like. What’s going through his mind I will never know…©

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