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When we meet

This is my first story and it is based on my fantasy of a certain Lush member. You know who you are!! I would also like to thank DarkSide for taking the time to edit this. Please enjoy it as much as I did!!

I pull up to the address that I had written down on a small piece of ripped paper. My hands are shaking. I think to myself “Can I really do this?” I have cybered with you, and I have masturbated while you watched on a webcam, so why not?

I turn off my engine and open the door. I reach into the back of my car and grab my bag, I then make my way to your front door. When I get there, I watch my hand shake as I reach for the door bell. “Just hit it!” I think to myself. So I do. Now I wait.

I can hear you coming to the door; my heart is beating so fast that I think I might have a heart attack. You open the door and look at me. I become shy, which is not like me at all.

“Hi”, you say tenderly, and open the door to let me in.

I walk in slowly, you can see that I am nervous. As soon as you close the door you turn to me and I can see the lust in your eyes. The sexual tension between us has been building for weeks. I put my bag down by the door and when I stand up straight you grab me and pull me into your arms. Suddenly I lose my nervousness.

You reach behind and grab my neck and pull me to you, before I can even react, your lips are on mine. God you feel just like I imagined you would! As your tongue strokes mine your hands paw at me tenderly. You reach down and grab my ass and lift me over your shoulder. I grab your shirt and start giggling, wondering where we are headed.

After going up some stairs and down a hall we enter a room, you put me down and push me to the wall. Your hands are suddenly everywhere! I’m getting so turned on and my nerves are almost zero. I start to moan as my hands explore you. Fuck you feel so good!

You take my shirt at the hem and lift it over my head, looking down you see that I am wearing a sexy blue bra, just as you requested. You smile knowing that I am at your mercy. You take your shirt off as I watch you and then you look at me.

“I have waited too long for this“, you said.

You drop your shorts and I get my first look of your thick cock. My eyes are glued to you, you move towards me and move to drop my shorts down to my ankles. You can see just how wet I am as I step out of them. You look up at me, smiling. As you stand you lift my right leg and your cock goes straight to my wet pussy. You don’t waste any time and slam home. I scream at the intrusion but it feels so good! You grab my other leg and start thrusting, and I end up wrapping my arms around you.

I can feel my orgasm building fast; it’s never come this fast before! You feel my pussy start to tighten around your cock and you become aware that I am close to my bliss. You start thrusting faster and harder. As I tighten and begin to orgasm, I start to moan louder than you have ever heard before and combined with the tightness around your cock, sends you over the edge and you fill my pussy with your cum.

Our breathing is heavy and hard, a result of our rapid and fast orgasms, but my legs are still wrapped around you as your cock slips out of my pussy. We smile at each other and I let my legs fall.

I bend down to reach for my shorts but you stop me.

“As long as you are in my house you are not allowed to wear clothes“, you say to me.

“Ok”, I reply smiling.

I watch our juices slide down my leg and you smile and get me a towel. For the next half an hour we talk about my drive, your work, my work and general chit chat. I like being at your house and like the feel of the place and how you have accepted me into it.

I find myself looking out of the window and then I feel you come up behind me and move my hair to the side. You start kissing my neck. My arms came up around your neck and I tilt my head to the side to give you better access.

Your arms move around me and slowly start to make their way up until your right hand cups my left breast. I start to moan and want to turn around but you won’t let me. You start to play with my nipples making me moan. Then one of your hands makes its way into my hair and you gently turn my head so that you are able to kiss me.

My tongue slides into your mouth and it feels so good. I can feel your erection on the small of my back and I try to bring my hand to it but you stop me

“Not yet!”, you say, “Nice and easy this time“, you continue.

You finally let me turn around. I let my hands wander all over your chest while both your hands are now lightly pinching and rubbing my nipples. I start to kiss your neck, my tongue snaking its way to your ear.

“That feels good”, I whisper.

Then you reach up into my hair and pull my head back so that you can start kissing my collar bone. I start moaning as you make your way down to my breast, taking one nipple into your mouth and massaging the other in the palm of your hand. I can't take much more and dig my nails into your back. I want you to fuck me so badly, but you have told me that it is going to be nice and slow, so I have to wait. You guide me back to the bed and lay me down.

I love the way your body covers mine. You start kissing me again but not for long; you start to make your way down further. You go around my nipples just to tease me. You don't even bother to touch them and make your way further down. You know that I am self conscience about my stomach and when I try to move my hands to cover it, you take them, and place them at my sides.

You rise from the bed and look down at me. You suddenly take my left foot and start kissing the inside of my leg, kissing your way up to my pussy, then you stop and start on the other leg. With both legs covered in kisses, you push them apart so that you can get a good view of my pussy.

Your eyes stay glued to me as you watch my lips part revealing just how wet you have made me. You lean in and lick from the bottom to the top of my pussy, catching all my juices in your mouth. I let out a moan as you take my clit in your mouth. My hands make their way to your head to hold you in place but once again you won't let me have any control and move my hands away.

“I want to suck you…”, I say, but you deny me this.

Your fingers make their way to my cunt and you slip one inside causing me to jerk. I start to thrust to meet your finger but you place your other hand on the top of my pubic bone to hold me in place. You slip a second finger inside and start to finger fuck me while your tongue is working magic, all around, and on my clit.

You can feel me start to tense up and you know that my orgasm is nearing. You start to fuck me faster with your fingers and pull my clit into your mouth. You look up to see that I have started to play with my nipples and that I am pulling on them. Our eyes lock, and you watch my face as I begin to orgasm.

You give me time to catch my breath and when I open my eyes I can see that you are ready to fuck me! I watch you as you bring your body flush to mine. Instantly your hard cock knows where to go and I feel the head wanting to enter. You lean in and kiss me letting me taste myself on your lips.

I moan into your mouth as you slide your cock into my pussy. It’s still a little tight and you are taking your time to slowly work your way in. You start to thrust slowly causing me to moan when you push forward, and whimper when you withdraw. My legs wrap around your waist keeping you there and preventing you from escape.

Finally you are all the way in and you start to thrust a little faster. My arms are wrapped around your neck and we are kissing so passionately. Your right hand reaches down to pull my left leg up. You hold it in the crook of your elbow so that you can thrust deeper. I lift my other leg and you take it in your other arm. My hands are running all over you as you drive me closer to another orgasm.

My moans are getting louder and you can feel me tighten ever further around your cock, and you know that I am near. With my pussy clenching your cock you know that you will join me as I orgasm again. You lean down, bring my legs closer to my face, your arms go under me and travel up to my shoulders and as you start to thrust harder. You are pulling me down to meet those thrusts. I can't hold out any longer and I start to orgasm. I can feel it all the way to my toes! My cunt is so tight around you that you can't hold back any more. You let out the sexiest moan that I have ever heard and fill me with your cum.

You let my shoulders go and release my legs. You don't pull out but you lean down to kiss me. My arms wrap around you and we continue to kiss until you soften. You pull out and fall beside me and pull me onto your chest. You kiss my head as I tell you how wonderful you are. I am so relaxed and feel so safe that I start to drift off to sleep.

I slowly start to wake up and turn to reach for you eventually noticing that you are not there. My hand reaches up to your pillow and I see a note. The note reads that you were called into work but you would not be long and that I am not allowed to play with myself until you get home. I smile and look over at the clock on the bedside table. It reads 5am. I have no idea when you left or when you will return to me. But if the past has given me any indication I will be alone for some time.

I get out of bed, naked, but I take the sheet with me. I pause to look around. I stop and think to myself “what the hell am I doing here, alone in your house!” I have no idea where anything is - all I saw when I entered your house was your sexy ass.

My steps are hesitant as I make my way to the door. I look out into the hall and make sure that the sheet is wrapped around me nice and tight. I remember you telling me that you live alone but I am not taking any chances. As I make my way down the hall I take note of where the bathroom is. I make my way down the stairs and find the kitchen. I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and go in search of the living room. I turn on the T.V. and look for CNN. I sit back, open the water bottle and catch up on what has been going on with the world outside. I watch for a little until my water has all gone, then I get up. I need a shower. I can see my bag at the door so I grab it and make my way upstairs to the bathroom.

I find the towels and turn the water on. As I wait for the shower to heat up I remove the sheet and look at myself in the mirror. I look like a woman who has been properly satisfied. I can see a couple of light bruises forming around my breasts and I smile to myself as I remember how they came to be there.

I open the door and climb in the shower. The hot water feels good as it hits my body; you have worked muscles in me that have not been worked in a long time. I wash my hair and I start on my body when I hear a noise. I look up and there you are in the doorway watching me.

“Are you going to just stand there or join me”, I ask.

You smile and take off your scrubs. My eyes never leave your body as you make your way towards me. You open the shower door and climb in; before the door is even closed I am in your arms. My hands make their way up your back and I pull you closer to me. I can feel your erection on my stomach and I can’t wait until it fills me. I think about how you teased me the last time and I drop to my knees in front of you.

I look up to see you watching me. My tongue licks your cock head and you groan. I slide my tongue down your shaft and take your right nut in my mouth. I moan sending the vibration to your nuts and up your cock. Your hands make their way to my head and into my hair.

My tongue makes its way back to your cock head and I take it into my mouth. Fuck I love how you fill my mouth! I take you as far as I can; it takes me a couple of tries but I can finally bring you to the back of my throat. You are starting to thrust and I stop.

“This is my time and my pace”, I say to you smiling.

My hands move from your thighs to your ass so that I can control how fast you thrust. A wicked thought crosses my mind and as I continue to suck on your thick cock. I slide my hands into the crack of your ass and lightly rim your asshole. You groan and thrust letting me know that you like what I am doing. I don’t want to push too much so I only do it gently for now.

You can’t take much more and pick me up off my knees and push me towards the wall. With my face pressed to the wall you put your arms around me and grab my boobs with both hands. You lean in close and ask me if I am ready to be your whore. I’m so excited that all I can do is moan. One hand leaves my boob and finds my clit. You work your magic and you give me a much needed orgasm in seconds.

While I am in the midst of my orgasm you slam your cock into me causing me to scream in bliss. You tell me how much you love being in my pussy but that you want to fuck my ass.

I tense up thinking about your thickness in my ass. You can feel me tense up.

“Everything will be fine”, you say. How can I argue with that? You make me feel so safe that I know that you will not hurt me.

You move me from the wall and bend me over so that my hands are on the tub. You stay in my pussy thrusting in and out. Your thumb slides into my ass with ease and it feels so good. You remove your thumb and replace it with your index finger. After finger fucking my ass you add your middle finger to the mix. Hearing me moan you know that I am enjoying it. Feeling that I am relaxed and ready, you pull your cock out of my pussy. You take your hand and use it to move my pussy juice to my asshole.

Placing your cock at my entrance you tell me that you have been dreaming of this since we starting talking. You add a little pressure and your thick head starts to make its presence known to my ass. I try to remain still and relaxed but I am shaking inside.

You grab my hip and push a little further watching your head disappear into my ass. You feel me tense and reach under me to grab my boobs. Pinching my nipple just a little harder than you would normally do, taking my mind off the pain from my ass. As my mind is thinking about my nipple you push more of your cock into me. You pause for a moment letting me adjust to your thickness.

You pause, waiting but I start thrusting on my own taking more of your shaft in me. I am starting to moan now because you are filling me so much. With both your hands on my hips you meet my thrusts. After a couple minutes of slow thrusting I am begging you to fuck my ass harder.

You have been waiting for me to say this and demand that I beg for it. I start to beg.

“Fuck my ass and make me your whore!”, I say, “Fuck my ass like you promised you would!”, I continue.

You are in your glory knowing that my little asshole is yours for the taking, and you take it with everything you’ve got. Your hands are holding my hips so hard that I know there will be a bruise there later.

I can feel my orgasm building and I know it’s going to be the best that I have ever had. My moans are turning into screams as you fuck me with all your might. I tell you that I am going to cum and you can feel my ass tighten. It’s too much for you as well and as I begin to cum, you pump all your semen into me.

We are both breathing so hard as we come down from our orgasms. After your cock has softened a little you pull it out of my ass, turning me at the same time. You lean down and kiss my lips ever so softly and ask me how I slept. I ask how work was. We make small talk as we wash each other. We eventually get out of the shower and dry each other off. Without getting dressed we make our way to the kitchen to make breakfast.

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