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Where the magic happens Part 1

Lacey --

My stomach growled as I slipped my red skinny jeans over my black lace panties. I sighed and checked the fridge, which was practically empty. "Damn," I muttered, slipping on my black two inch heels and I walked out of the house. Since I just turned sixteen, I don't exactly have my license, so I began walking to the nearest Taco Bell. I was about to pull out my iPod and listen to techno when my ex-boyfriend drove by with his hot friend Nick. I blushed and felt butterflies in my stomach - I still loved him. He laughed at me and drove away.

I reached Taco Bell and quickly ate my food, all the while listening to Benny Benasso. My mind wandered to when my ex, Jake, laid on top of me on his parent's bed. We could have made love, but I wasn't ready. I was only fifteen, after all. But now I am, and I'm single and pretty much depressed. I cleaned up and began walking home, now getting tired of techno and playing Paramore. As it was getting dark out, I began to get lazy and started walking slower. Then I heard a car, and my ex drove by again with his friend. I bit my lip, thinking again about that night. But then Nick hit the brakes, and began driving backwards. Showing off? I thought, before Jake jumped out and stood in front of me.

"Hey," he said. "Listen - about the breakup. Maybe, we could give it another try?" He blue eyes made my heart felt, and I could barely keep my knees from collapsing. I've wanted this for a long time.

"I don't know," I replied, staring at his shirt. "I mean -"

"Maybe we can give the sex thing another try?" He asked, cutting me off. I responded my leaning over, pressing my soft lips against his. He parted his mouth and slid his tongue into mine, swirling it around. When we parted I felt dizzy, and he smiled. He held my hand and we entered the car, cuddling in the backseat.

"Let's practise," Jake muttered, unzipping his pants and pulling out his half-hard manliness. I stared at it, admiring it. He sat forward on the seat and spread his legs, and I quickly hopped in between them, slowly putting his cock in my mouth. It tasted good, and I began to suck, and felt him get harder inside me. I had a feeling it would be a good night!

Nick kept driving, trying to ignore us in the back. I could tell he wanted to join - by the way he was driving. I twirled my tongue around the head, then began to suck and softly bite. I felt Jake raise his body off the seat and he began thrusting in my mouth! I moaned kept licking it, and sucking. Jake seemed to enjoy it and was whispered, "I'm about to cum," when Nick slowed down and we reached Jake's house. He quickly stashed his meat and hopped out of the car, pulling me along.

"I'll give you a half hour, okay?" Nick told us as he pushed open the door and went to watch some television. Jake picked me up in his arms and carried me to his parent's bedroom. I couldn't help but giggle when he threw me down, and I slowly kissed him, making this more romantic. He took off my top and jeans, and pulled off his own shirt, before unhooking my bra. I felt pleased when he did this, and felt my breasts being sucked by his sturdy mouth.

Just then he began to kiss me softly, slowly going down my stomach and reaching my underwear. I crossed my legs, feeling embarrased. After all, I hadn't shaved in a while. I bit my lip, getting second thoughts as he pryed my legs open and slowly pulld my panties down, throwing them away. He put both hands on my thighs and held them open, while I tried to squeeze closed. I began feeling the sensual feeling of his tongue on my pussy lips, and then my clit. It was like his tongue had a mind of it's own - swishing like crazy around my clit, making me get more and more wet. I began to moan when I felt his tongue enter my cunt, making me arch my back in sheer pleasure.

"Mm, fuck me," I moaned to him, wanting to feel him inside me, wanting him to make love to me. I've read up on sex, and knew it would hurt, I just hoped he would be gentle. Luckly for me, he was. Jake tore off his jeans and boxers, and I felt him tease me - rubbing his head along my lips and clit, making me pulse and throb against his raging boner. Then, I felt him enter me, very slowly thrusting an inch in before taking it out, and then going in another inch farther. He was gentle, and I felt my hymen break - felt the blood rush out of me and onto the clean, white blanket untop the bed.

But Jake ignored it, still stetching out my inside, making me get closer to my climax. I began to arch my back again, and move my hips along with him. He didn't seem to be doing much, so I figured he too was a virgin. I felt him slowly rub my clit as he thrust a bit faster. I felt so good, yet a bit uncomfortable. I could feel pain, but over-all the romantic vibe in the air drowned it out. I fellt pleasure by Jake, wanting him to thrust hard until I broke in two, but it was only my first time. We could wait. I could tell I was close to my orgasm, but something stopped that.

I heard a knock on the door, and Nick's voice. "Time's up, J, my turn."

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