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Whiskey Decisions

My first story about my first time on my 18th birthday
So I'm Laura, I am 5 ft tall with brown hair and eyes. I'm average build, I wear 36 B/C bra size (kinda in between...still a good handful) and I have a great ass so I've heard.

I had just turned 18 and although I had done some serious experimenting, I was still a virgin. So after throwing back dollar shots of whiskey all night with my friends, going swimming seemed like the best idea. In our group was my best friend Mel, her fuck buddy Nick, and his roommate Sean.

We started off swimming in our bras and underwear but after some convincing and more whiskey we girls ended up topless. It was very invigorating swimming topless in their apartment pool where at any moment someone could look out and see us. When Mel and Nick went off to another corner of the pool Sean made his move. 

He started trying to sweet talk me at first, saying how pretty I was and how bad he wanted me. Then the next thing I knew where kissing and I had my legs wrapped around him. He went slow at first, by pushing a finger inside me to see if I would say no. But I knew how I wanted the night to end and I wanted it just as much as him. So I reached down and grabbed his member. Grasping it tightly to tease him a bit. He had two fingers in my pussy by then and was sucking on my nipple. I told him to suck harder and proceeded to rub my hand up and down him while biting his neck. 

He shoved me against the side of the pool and started pushing himself into me but before he made it all the way in Mel and Nick come back over and said that we should go back to the apartment. After hastily grabbing our clothes we ran naked upstairs to their place. Mel and Nick went to his room while Sean and I opted for the couch. 

Once there he started kissing my neck and then made his way down to exactly where I wanted him. He licked my pussy tenderly to get me ready for him. When I didn't protest he grabbed his member and entered me slowly. There wasn't much pain, I guess at some point or another a guy had fingered me too hard but anyways Sean was able to go all the way in. 

After a few strokes I wrapped my legs around him and told him to go harder. It felt amazing to have him pushing in and out of me and I couldn't believe it had taken me that long to do it. After some time he roughly turned me over and with my ass up and head down he took me from behind. 

This is still my favorite position so far. At this angle he was able to go deeper than ever. I could feel the heat in my body rising and I knew that it wouldn't be too much longer but I wanted to try one more position. So I got him to stop and got on my knees in front of him. I took him into my mouth and slowly started to take him all the way in. It took a few tries but finally I got a good rhythm and I could tell he was enjoying it by his moans. I then twirled my tongue around the head and licked all the way down to his balls and sucked each one into my mouth. 

When he told me that he was about to cum, I shoved him down and straddled him. After grabbing him and guiding I forced myself all the way down him until he couldn't go any further. I had always fantasized about being on top and it lived up to its promise. In this position I was able to go at my own fast and hard pace but stop when I could tell he was close. I wanted him to last.

I first started by just going up and down but then I started grinding him in a circle and this angle made him rub against my clit and it felt good. I was almost there and after slamming down on him a few times more, I was overcome with an intense feeling and ending up lying on top of him shaking. Since I had kept teasing Sean he then flipped me back underneath him spread my legs as far as they would go and shoved into me a few more times before pulling out since he wasn't wearing a condom I let him cum in my mouth and swallowed it all. 

We fell asleep soon after and I woke to Mel calling me into the bathroom to join her and Nick in the shower but that's another story...

Please give me comments and any advice, this is my first story so its kinda short. Go easy on me :)
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