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Who Seduced Who

I knew this one friend, he was shy and had troubles expressing himself to women.   I knew him for about 3 years. Now when I close my eyes and imagine my dream man this guy could almost match him to a tee.   I never saw the face of my dream man but I knew what he wore, how he acted and how he treated women.   His name was Randal and I really enjoyed his company, in fact he spent lots of time with me.   He would either call at least weekly or come over and visit me.   We would sit and watch T.V. or he would even bring a book over, we would sit and read or listen to music.   Once in awhile he would take me out to a movie or out for dinner.   After 3 years I wondered why we never went any farther.  

I understand he was shy but over the years we had discussed sex usually in a general way and he would flirt with me once in awhile but nothing ever came of it.   I lusted after this man for the three years and I was happy with just having him around in person and as a good friend.   But in my dreams and fantasies I definitely wasn’t satisfied just reading on the couch with him.   One day he came by and we were planning on spending the day together but there was a different feeling about it.   We sat and watched T.V. for awhile then he asked a few questions about sex.   I was really curious about his thoughts that day the vibes weren’t the same as usual.   He wasn’t even touching me and I was getting wet between the legs.   A little later we went out for lunch but first we stopped off at the gas station for gas.   While there he made a comment about possibly changing his mind about getting involved with someone, now I wasn’t sure if it was me he was talking about but my body was thinking other thoughts, my nipples get hard and my pussy started getting even wetter.  

We went for lunch and sat across from each other in a booth.   Our conversation was pretty general we talked about a lot of things.   Now I am a little more experienced, in the dating and sex, and we started talking about dating and things that could happen.   I mentioned that I don’t seduce anyone who doesn’t want to be seduced.   He said what if the guy wants to be seduced but just doesn’t know how to tell you?   Then hopefully he would give the right signals for me to pick-up.   He wouldn’t actually have to say anything I said.   I didn’t think I could get anymore turned on but when he said that I almost came in my jeans.   We ran a few errands and went back to my house.   All this time I was wondering where this could lead.   I was scared to get my hopes up after all I had waited three years for this day.    

When we got back to my place we decided to just read and listen to music.   Every once in awhile I would get up to get something or I would read something over his shoulder or have some other reason to get close a few times I rubbed his shoulders a bit.   He didn’t seem to mind me being right beside him so the shoulder rubs would go longer and I would kiss his check or the top of his head when I went to sit down.   This went on for 1.5 – 2 hours.   Believe me this was driving me nuts.   It was all I could do not to attack this poor man after all I waited 3 years a couple of hours maybe even a few days if needed wouldn’t hurt none.   What he didn’t know was when I went to the washroom I would rub my clit with me fingers and my breasts with my hands to help relieve some of the sexual tension that was building.   This would help for a little while but not long enough, I was getting very frustrated.  

After a few more quick kisses on the cheek he surprised me by turning his head and meeting my lips.   My knees almost dropped out from under me.   This was the end of reading we started paying more attention to something better each other.   We sat on my couch for awhile and kissed, cuddled, snuggled, and just got to be together but then he started taking over a bit, I don’t know how but he found out my ears and neck was the most sensitive part of my body that was reachable without removing clothes.   If I would have been standing my knees would have buckled.   As it was I was close for the second time that day to come.   This guy was good without touching me much he could get me this turned on.  

I returned the favor, nibbling and kissing his neck and ears.   Slowly he started to remove my shirt then my bra.   When my breasts were released he only said two things before getting down to business, “Definitely more than a handful” and “Someone could get lost in these.”   That made me feels good that he enjoyed the view.   Then we went to work tenderly kissing and caressing my breasts.   Licking and kissing the nipples till they were 2 hard little buds which, because I was so turned on already, didn’t take long.   There was more petting and caressing for the rest of the day.   I reached into his pants and messaged his hard cock.   It felt nice and smooth like a baby’s bottom.   Soon it was evening and he had made plans for the evening not realizing what fun we would have this day.   But before he left I gave him my house key and asked him to come back and spend the rest of the night, after his plans here.   I told him the guest room would be set up for him I was hoping that he would come back because I planned on waking him up with his first Blow Job.  

Little did I know he had plans of his own, I was fast asleep when I heard the door open I was sure it was him so I just drifted back off to sleep.   With in a few minutes I felt me bed shift and rolled over to look at him.   He kissed me and whispered that he wasn’t planning on sleeping in the guest room in fact he wasn’t planning on sleeping much tonight.   As he climbed in bed I realized I must have slept a little longer than I thought after I heard the door because he was slightly damp like he came out of the shower.   I rolled over into him and he was warm and damp from a shower smelling freshly washed.   He took me into his arms and kissed me deeply pushing his tongue into my mouth.   He pulled me close and we kissed for a few minutes.   He gently pushed me on my back and started kissing my breasts.   He worked his way down my ribs across my stomach and to my pussy, he kissed and licked my clit and fingers my pussy until I came.   I wanted so much to repay him so I rolled him on to his back.   Kissed down his body and took his cock in my mouth.   I sucked it down swallowing it down to the root.   I took his balls in my hand and gently squeezed them.   I then kissed and licked his balls then moved back up to his cock licking and nibbling up the shaft to the tip.   I then took him all the way in again.   I continued till he came and I swallowed it all down.   He was a little more tired than he thought he would be so we ended up just cuddling up for the rest of the night.       


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