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Why boyfriends should never complain

She decided another man had to teach her...
Willie Long guided his big rig around yet another curve in the California back road. He had picked up a load in Napa and was on his way to Chicago. Originally hailing from Georgia, Willie had been trucking since the mid 'eighties, spending most of that time on long hauls. He was unmarried and enjoyed the long rides and the varying scenery. He had seen many things over the years and had found himself in many situations. Because of that, he had learned to keep his eyes open while on the road because the most innocuous things sometimes turned into adventures.

In fact he had just been on such an adventure with a couple he met near St Louis. Man, that woman was hot, he reflected adjusting his yellow cap and fidgeting a little as his cock lurched. When she had pulled her tits out right there in the restaurant his eyes had bugged out. And she had squirmed passionately when he rode her in front of her husband. He’d like to meet up with her again someday, he thought fondly.

He turned another corner and slowed down as he spotted two hitchhikers on the roadside. They were crowding the shoulder and he realized he would have to enter the other lane to avoid them. As he slowed to allow an oncoming car to pass he studied the pair. It was a young man and woman. He was average height and weight, with a long face and sandy blonde hair.

She was taller than him, thin, with light blonde hair and high cheek bones. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt but Willies attention remained fixed on her. She had long, tanned legs that disappeared into a short white skirt. On top she wore only a bikini top, her breasts spilling over the top of them. They looked to be barely 20. He decided to give them a lift.

He pulled over in front of them and watched as they ran lightly to the cab door. She reached it first her breasts bouncing nicely as he watched. She stepped up to the cab and opened the passenger door.

“Thanks so much for the ride,” she exclaimed, her voice breathless.

She had looked him in the eye while thanking him, then turned her attention to getting herself up into the cab. Willie got a bewitching view of her ample tits, watching them jiggle as she climbed into the cab. He noticed that her left breast was straining at its leash. As he watched it shifted giving him a look at a pinkish aureole. Her nipple was taut and he could see it trying to push past the sewn edge of the top. To his chagrin, it remained in place as she turned away and set her cute ass on the seat next to him. Her friend crawled in next to her and shut the door.

“Are you going as far as Sacramento?” She asked.

Willie Long could charm honey from a bee when he chose to and now was just such a time. Smiling and looking directly into her eyes, he drawled,

“It happens that I am. First Sacramento, then Chicago. I’d be mighty honored if you shared the ride with me.”

He was careful to maintain eye contact with the girl. Most women looked poorly on a man that talked to her chest so soon after introduction. The young man spoke next.

“I’m Craig and this is my girlfriend Cara. We sure appreciate you stopping like this. It’s a long walk.”

“No problem. Well, shall we be going?”

He maneuvered the big rig back onto the road and set off down the highway.

The girl kept up a lively chatter, but her boyfriend settled low into the seat, leaned his head against the door and was soon asleep.

“He must have been tired,” Willie commented.

She glanced at Craig then turned her body so her back was to him. Then she leaned toward Willie, her left breast brushing his arm.

“He always sleeps,” she whispered conspiratorially.

She had not adjusted the bikini top and her aureole was still showing. Willie could see it in his peripheral vision and he decided to be bold. He patted her bare knee, saying softly,

“Aw, let him sleep. He probably needs his rest to keep up with a minx like you!”

She giggled.

“No one has ever called me that before!”

He left his hand on her knee a moment smiling at her.

“Well, I’d say your boyfriend is darn lucky. You are a delightful person to be around."

Then he removed his hand and faced the road. He didn’t want to rush things.

His cock was hardening now, and he kept her in his peripheral vision, waiting to see if she would notice. She watched the scenery going by for a while, a troubled look on her face. Then looking back at her sleeping boyfriend for a second, she addressed Willie again.

“Actually, we’ve been fighting,” she admitted.

“What could two young folks like you possibly have to fight about?”

She looked trapped and embarrassed.

“He says I’m too inexperienced.”

Instinctively Willie knew to play the older, wiser gentleman.

“How old are you, Cara.”


“Well, then you’re supposed to be inexperienced.” He patted her knee again, this time letting his fingers graze her thighs as he pulled away.

She was silent a moment, then seemingly made a decision.

“I’m a virgin," she whispered. “And, and I wasn’t ready to do it yet, you know? But Craig wanted to, so bad. Anyway, so I told him I would give him a blowjob. But I’ve never did one before. So he got mad at me.”

The words gushed from her soft lips, her voice low in case her boyfriend woke up. She realized she probably shouldn’t be telling all this to a stranger, but she needed to tell someone. He seemed kind and he had said himself that he had lots of experience with women. Maybe he could give her some advice. She felt comfortable talking to him, although she couldn’t say why. His hands were warm and had felt good on her knee a moment ago.

“Why couldn’t you do a good job?” In Willie’s experience there wasn’t much talent needed to give a blow-job, just a firm hand, soft lips and a warm mouth.

“It’s just that he’s so big,” she cried. “I kept gagging when he pushed it in so far.”

Willie chuckled, “Well, no one has ever had that complaint with me. I’m what you’d call tiny in the hard-on department.

She looked at his crotch then, the outline of his penis clear against the material of his shorts. It was small, she thought, then grew embarrassed when she looked up to find him watching.

“See,” he smiled, placing his hand on her knee again. “Tiny.”

Not knowing what to say, she said nothing. They traveled in silence for a while. Willie left his hand on her knee though and she was aware that the conversation and his warm hand on her were making her wet. He was really a nice man she decided, then wondered if he could teach her to properly give a blow-job. It was a perfect situation after all. He had such a little dick she should have no problem sucking it. And he was heading out of California. She would likely never see him again after today. Who better to help her out?

She bit her lower lip as she thought it through. Willie was happy she had left his hand on her knee and said nothing for the moment. He did however slide his hand a little so his fingers rested gently on the inside of her knee. He noticed that her legs spread slightly when he did this, surely a good sign. Cara turned to her sleeping boyfriend, watching intently for any signs that he was about to wake. Finally, certain that he was deeply asleep she turned to Willie.

“You are very small," she stated seriously. I don’t think I would gag on such a little cock. I wish there was a way you could teach me to do it,” she lamented, watching keenly for Willie’s response.

She wasn’t dead sure yet that he would oblige her, or that she could pull this off even. In her limited experience men sometimes got mad when they thought you were ridiculing their dicks. Willie seemed to take it in stride though.

Moving his hand up an inch on her leg, he squeezed her firm lower thigh.

“Perhaps together we can think of a way to do it so your boyfriend doesn’t find out,” he suggested.

Cara was all ears. “What do you have in mind?”

“I have a club that I use to check the tires. I keep it right here.” He pulled out the club which was resting next to his seat. Placing the club on his lap, he nonchalantly returned his hand to her thigh resting it closer than ever to her skirt hem.

“If your boyfriend wakes up, we’ll pretend that I used the club to threaten you.”

“Mmm.” She was getting wetter by the minute as she considered Willie’s plan. A knot formed in the pit of her stomach. She wanted this stranger to see and do things to her and her to him. She put a small frown on her face. She felt Willie’s hand begin to tremble on her thigh. He moved it up another inch, then said, “I could make you get your tits out, for starters.”

When she didn’t answer he reached over and pulled her breasts from their tethers. She had shapely breasts, large enough to turn heads. The aureole that he’d seen earlier was the size of a silver dollar, its pink-purplish texture both alluring and intoxicating. Her nipples, however, were the absolute pinnacle of beauty, rising hard and plump from the aureole. Dark and suffused with blood they drew his gaze immediately, the puckered tips forming tiny ravines that ended at the slit in the tip of each. He was hard in moments. Her flesh, so young, and firm stood waiting for his touch, and he delayed no longer.

Steering with his right hand, he placed his left hand onto her left breast. It was soft, the young flesh molding to his hand as he squeezed. He took her hard nipple into between his fingers and tapped the tip with his forefinger. Her legs opened as much as they could in the tight space and she wondered if her leaking pussy was getting seat wet. She couldn’t believe the intense emotions she was experiencing at his touch. She had never felt this before. It was a swirling mass of need and want and wantonness and she never wanted it to end. He played with each breast in turn, kneading and forming them to his desire. It had been a very long time since he’d felt such young flesh and he lingered as they rolled eastward.

But Cara was aware of her sleeping boyfriend. She realized that the fact that he was sleeping next to them was titillating her, making the experience more intense. Like a burglar, she soon needed more. She turned to Willie, noticing his hard cock again.

“Order me to remove my thong.”

He hadn’t know she was wearing one but readily ordered her to take it off, his hand never leaving her tits. She slowly pulled her skirt up, trying to feign reluctance. Her pulse quickened to the point where she wondered how she could stand anymore. Hands trembling, she placed a delicate finger on each side of the band of her thong and slowly lowered them, watching Willie as she did.

Her pussy slowly emerged from its cage, swollen and open, her delectable inner lips poking through the inviting slit, glistening with her juice. She was shaven, except for a narrow patch above her as yet hidden clitoris. His cock took on a mind of its own, leaping within his shorts trying to poke through the restraining material. Had he been but two inches longer the tip would be poking out. As it was the head became sensitive as it rubbed here and there.

“Touch me,” she said with a throaty, quavering voice.

Breasts forgotten, Willie complied. He moved his left hand to her mound, slowly feeling his way around. His forefinger glided down her labia, gently caressing her inner lips as he passed them. She moaned, quickly looking to Craig. He was still sound asleep. Willie was parting her now and the moan deepened as he slowly pushed his finger into her wet lips. Just inside, he crooked his finger and began to explore her vagina, his breathing heavy as he strained against his clothes.

She reached over and relieved him, opening his top button, then pulling his zipper down, the sound of the steel teeth releasing making their intent apparent to anyone awake and listening. She couldn’t help licking her lips as his hard cock leaped at her. Willie was accurate in saying it was short, no more than four inches or so. But she noticed the head was especially deep and broad, its glistening, purple skin pulsating with anticipation. She grasped him firmly, then hesitated.

“Grasp it loosely," he instructed as his fingers found her clitoris.

“Good. Now stroke it, using long strokes. A little tighter. That’s it.”

“When can I ….I mean when do I suck it,” she asked timidly.

“Now’s a good time.”

He removed his hand from her as she lowered her head beneath the steering wheel and hovered over his penis.

“Just take the tip and keep stroking.”

With Willie instructing her she took him into her mouth and began to suck on him. He placed both hands on the wheel and decided to exit at the next ramp. He told her how to alternate strokes with lips and then explained how to open her throat and take all of him. He pulled onto the off ramp while all this went on, and parked midway up it. Taking his hands from the wheel he placed one on her head and with the other he caressed her breast. He was nearing orgasm and suddenly realized he wanted more than her mouth wrapped around him.

“Cara, honey,” he whispered. “Let’s sneak out my door and go behind the truck. I want to be inside you.”

She stopped sucking suddenly, lifting her head and looking at her boyfriend. He was snoring lightly. Feeling wicked; she motioned for Willie to lead the way. He silently opened his door and stepped out. She slid over and he helped to the ground.

“This way.”

He led her to the back of the trailer rig. The sun was high and the air warm as he positioned her at the right rear corner of the rig. He looked up the length of the truck. Through the large side mirror he could see her boyfriend snoozing. He turned his attention back to her, leaning down and snaring a nipple with his teeth, he gently tugged it into his mouth and began sucking on it. She groaned and dropped her weight against him. His other hand worked her left nipple awhile before dropping to her slick mound. He found her clitoris again and agitated it with his fingers.

“I want you inside me!” She said in a shrill voice.

Elated, he turned her and instructed her bend over and clasp the bumper. She complied her outer lips spreading, marking the way in. He placed his cock against her opening, rubbing it up and down to mix their juices. Then, not able to wait, he pushed forward and in.

She felt tension build as he filled her, his wet penis sliding up to her hymen unopposed. When he encountered her maidenhead, he reached forward and clasped a hand on each hip. From the corner of his eye he noted her boyfriend stirring in the mirror, but it was too late to pay any attention. He pulled her against him spearing his way through and burying himself in her.

Her pulse quickened at the stab of pain, but it was easily forgotten as the heat of the moment tore through her. She was pinioned against him, entirely in his control. He kept his hands on her hips as he began to pound his meat into her. His cock wasn’t that large but his ball sack was and she recognized that now as it slapped her ass with each stroke.

Now that he had taken her virginity he settled in for what looked to be a great fuck. He used long strokes followed by short ones as he’d read in the Kama Sutra one time. He could tell by her clenching that he was having the desired effect. She broke into a long, loud moan that pierced the afternoon air. Ramming her ass back and forth she bucked against him as the orgasm took her. He kept with her even though his mind registered the sound of an approaching car.

He pushed deep one more time and began his own release. As he spurted into this lovely girl, he realized that Craig was now fully awake and looking around. At the same time, he heard the distinct sound of tires hitting the gravel shoulder behind him. Cara was finished and slumping against him in exhaustion. He pumped her till his cock softened, then pulled from her.

Turning, he squinted into the sun to see who was disturbing their coupling.

“Oh,” he said nervously, “Hello Officer.”

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