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Winter Wonderland

It's snowing outside. The coldness clings to the window as she watches the snow fall to the ground. Her warm breath fogs the window disrupting the reflection it makes of him behind her as he walks to her slowly. The closer he gets the warmer her breath. Wishing he would hug her around her waist, she raises her hand to the window pane leaving her waist a defenceless target.

He strides to her in measured paces. Arriving behind her, he watches her dark raven hair cascading down her shoulders in gentle ebony waves. Brushing it aside he bends down and kisses behind her ear sending a shiver down her spine.

Seeming to read her mind he wraps his arms around her waist and she instinctively settled into him feeling more at home than anywhere else. He cuddles into her neck and watches the snow with her but they both knew they couldn't stay that way for long.

He turns his lips to her neck and trailed feathery kisses up her neck to her jaw and back down reaching for her collar bone. She trembles from the heat of his breathe and the feel of his light touch on her sensitive skin. Her skin continue to burn on the places he kissed. She reached up to run her hand through his hair encasing his neck in a frame. Yearning for a closer feel, he twists her around. Following his hands without any objection, she turns around and stands up to be closer to him. One hand holding hers, another around her waist, he led her toward the welcoming bed as he kissed her lips oh so softly as if anything harder would break the moment.

How long they've waited for this. As soon as she graduated high school, they started their relationship. Having not seen each other for two years because of college, they were shy and a bit conscious of themselves. Because of the distance, he transferred to MIT to be closer to New York where she studied art. But their shyness will soon melt into passion. Pausing at the bed, she broke their kiss to start at his shirt. Unbuttoning slowly, she looked into his eyes with love and lust. Shaking out a breath he lifts her shirt but she stops him. Closing on to him, she whispered "You first."

So she continued to unbutton his shirt one by one and kissing newly exposed flesh. Watching her kissing him so softly, he felt his heart constrain and pound with so much love. What would he do without her? How can he live without her touch from now on? He'd go insane if he didn't come to see her. Finishing the last button, she slides his shirt off his shoulders, revealing his upper body so delicious she wanted to take a bite. Fluttering her fingers down his chest, she closed in for fluttery kisses and kneaded his shoulders and arms feeling their strength and what she could possibly be expecting soon...very soon.

She back a few steps. Slowly she runs her hands up her hips to her shirt and slowly pulls it up exposing smooth skin underneath. He watched her. Gulping at everything he saw. How beautiful and sensual she looks.

Stripping off her shirt, she turns around and unbuttons her jeans. She pushes them down painfully slow, making him groan as his watched. Hearing him, she knew he was hard and ready. Feeling a little more fun and courageous, she started to tease him some more.

Sticking out her ass as she stripped her pants down, she looks over her shoulder to give him a sultry look. She turns around and let's her jeans drop. Stepping out of them, she smiles. Underneath all the warm winter clothes, she was wearing a red laced bra and panties. The see through material showed her pink skin underneath, pulling him in even more.

She walks toward him slowly, swaying her hips from side to side and feeling her body, sliding her hands up and down. She watched him as he swallowed deeply. Only a centimetre away from him, she breathe hot air on his neck and chest. She wanted to feel his hands on her naked body. She craved for the feel on flesh on flesh. Pressing up against him, she kissed him over and over again, arousing his hard on to press against her core. She grind against him showing him how good it'll feel when he's going to be pounding into her.

Not able to hold back anymore, he grabbed her peach bottom and squeazed. Grabbing her hands, he pushed them behind her and pulled her back a little to stick out her pelvis even more. He bent down and sucked on her neck in mouthfuls as if hungry for her flesh. Unsatisfied with just her neck, he licked her collar bone and down to her chest to nip at her nipples, already standing at attention. He wet her up and bit down on her. Loving the mixture of pleasure with a bit of pain, she moaned and bit her lip.

"Open up your legs baby," he ordered in a husky voice.

No longer thinking, she obeyed immediately. He twitched his hard throbbing dick at her moist lips sending more of her juices cascading down her thighs. Instinctively, she thrust her hips toward him slightly but he felt the gentle urges. He twitched against her teasing her making her gasp for air. He pulled her back in and tasted her hot flesh, trailing his tongue up from her belly button to her breasts and her slender neck as she bent and stretched her body to feel more of his searching tongue. Knowing her lips are the sweetest of all, he kissed her, drawing out her tongue and making her heave her chest for air as he sucked her through the kiss.

She could not bare being held down anymore and twisted her hands out of his grasp and grabbed his head to kiss him even deeper and sucking on his tongue the way she wanted to suck his long hard cock that was saluting at her. Her sudden passion made him want her closer. No longer are they going slowly to savour each other's taste.

She pushed him to the bed and fell on top of him. like a seductive feline for her prey she crawled up his body licking a hot wet trail up all in a rush. Him breathing hard made her even more filled with adrenaline to take him and make him groan in ecstasy.

Kneading his shoulders she kissed his chest and took a bite on his nipple, suckling on it all the while she grinds her hips against his dick lubing it with her own juices. His hands ran through her hair and down to her luscious curves. Continuing her assault on his body, she added to his sensing by moaning as she sucked and kissed on his body sending vibrations through tingling his nerve ends. She grinded against him with her whole body enticing him to feel her body more. Her gentle ebony waves of hair fell down him like a curtain brushing softly on his skin. With all this soft gentle sensations he groaned when he felt her pause.

"Oh god don't stop baby not now," he groaned in pain.

Pressing herself against him as she caught his erection between her thighs and rubbed them to distract him, she whispered against his neck, "I'm not stopping. I'm never stopping. Not until you quench my thirst. Not until I suck your cum till you're dry."

Hearing her words made him grow harder and he start thrust his hips forward so her thighs can create a hot friction against him. Having fun teasing him, she gyrated her hips making his motion even more sensual and every turn allowed him a taste of her drenched pussy waiting for him to enter.

"Let me fuck you baby. I got to come in you," he groaned. But she just moved her hips faster and suddenly stopped causing him to curse.

To distract him for a few seconds. She kissed him deeply, sexily, and filled his mouth with her tongue. Her kiss was so successful in it's division of attention that he didn't notice her hips had lifted off his dick and was poised directly above him for a perfect aim.

As she slowed down her kiss, she smiled at him and her eyes darkened with raw animal lust. She slowly sank down on him. His hands were already on her hips pushing her down hard but she held herself up and deliciously lowered her wet lips to his head and squeezing it. Feeling the entrance of her hot wet velvet, he wanted to fuck her pussy now. He wanted to pound her and make her scream till the people down the street could hear that he was sending her to ecstasy. But she glided down slowly. When she was half way down his shaft, she paused and pulsed her pussy to feel his size in her driving him insane with taunting pleasures. Suddenly she rammed him into her pussy all the way till his dick filled her entirely. He grunted and clawed her hips down toward him and spewed a bit of precum in her. God it felt so fucking good to fuck her like that. She started to gyrate her hips and contract against him to increase the pleasure and he started to buck his hips up to her bouncing her up and down making her delicious tits bounce with her. Watching her groan and moan while riding on top of him and touching herself and her boobs swinging in front of him made him buck even faster. He grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. He pulled her down to kiss her. As her moans became louder he slapped her ass which sent her yelping in pleasure. She grabbed onto him and started to bounce herself up and down his shaft faster. Feeling his hands all over her pushing her down on him even harder she moaned and gasped into his ear.

"fuck yeah baby. Oh god fuck me harder."

He fucked her harder.


He fucked her dripping pussy faster.

"fuck it. Pound it. Ram that dick deep."

"fuck..." he grunted at her words and decided another position was better to ram her pussy deep. So with her steamy wet cunt still wrapped tight around his dick, he flipped her down and got on top. Taking a nipple into his mouth he started to suck hard as if to get her milk out. Without another second to waste he took out his dick half way and rammed into her pussy. She screamed in delight at the new angle. He rammed her deep inside and when he hit her sweet spot she shivered and clamped on him gasping for air even more. Driving into her he aimed for that spot over and over again, pounding her cunt, feeling her squeeze and suck in his dick. Ready to send them both over the line. He picked up her legs and threw them over his shoulder and continue to pound.

She screamed from the pleasure. This angled allowed to pound at her spot every single time. She couldn't hold on anymore. She grabbed his shoulder and the sheets. She bit down on the pillow. She couldn't even speak, just scream and gasp faster and faster. Unable to hold on, she screamed and poured out her juiced and bathed his dick in her sweet hot cum driving him insane and to his breaking point. He almost screamed when he shot his load into her. Feeling his thick cum in her pussy she screamed in ecstasy again and felt their juices dripping out of her pussy. With his dick still in her, he kissed her and kissed her. She didn't respond. He chuckled a little knowing she's experiencing a la petite mort. Sliding his dick out of her he groaned, he was still hard after coming once inside her. It felt like most wonderful in the world but he was still hard. Looking at her dripping pussy he felt and incredible urge to eat her. His brain no longer working he crawled down and lowered his head. Oh god her musky smell was drugging his senses. He stuck out his tongue to tremulously taste her juices. It tasted so sweet and so delicious that he slid his tongue inside her and felt her pussy reacting by contracting. He started to lap up her pussy. Burying his head into her, he grabbed her ass and lifted to her to him so he can lick the juice that was dripping down. He groaned at her taste. His dick had begun to pulse already.

He felt her body shiver. She was returning from her sex driven coma. Hearing her gasp for air he licked further into her pussy trying to reach every part of her cunt. He licked her walls and felt her flesh with his tongue driving to another climax. She started to awake and started moaning loudly and slightly lifting her hips. Grabbing his head she urged him closer making him clamp his mouth completely on her cunt. She built up to another scream and let out more of her juices into his mouth. He groaned and moaned trying to take it all in but it was dripping out of his mouth. She relaxed and pulled his head up to her. She licked his jaws, lips, and everywhere that had her juices and moaned at her taste. She kissed him deeply. Oh god how good it felt having him on top of her. She suddenly felt something twitching at her again and she closed her legs and felt his dick hard against her.

She groaned at the feel.

"it never went down," he raised an eyebrow and gave her a smile.

She pushed him up and crawled on top of him. She grind against him getting him all wet again and then when he thought she was about to go down on him again she crawl to kneel between his legs. Without a moments hesitance she took him into her mouth.

Sucking and licking and taking him down all the way, she wanted him shoving it down her throat. It felt a bit uncomfortable but deep throating it made him gasp for air. With two finger at his base, she gave his head undivided attention. She started to move her hand up and down while the other massaged his balls and her mouth sucked hard at his tip.

She speeded up all three motions and made him thrash and hold himself to the bed. He breathed hard, he groaned, moaned, grunted, and gasped for hair. When she speeded up to the maximum he unloaded another shot of cum. Tasting his cum she moaned and continued to suck him. She sucked all the cum down her throat and kept sucking for more.

He was becoming extremely sensitive and couldn't stop gasping.

"Oh fuck. Fuck. Stop. Oh god stop. Fuck. Ahhh!"

How can she stop? Liking him in a helpless state she continued to suck him dry. He started screaming from the uncontrollable pleasure and shot another load into her mouth. Licking her lips she smiled up at him. Now he was satisfied.

She crawled up into his arms and cuddled. They kissed each other loving the taste of each others lips. He pulled the cover over them as their heated bodies started to cool down. Stroking her body up and down as she wrapped her arms around him, he kissed her lightly.
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