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Wonderful first time

My first time
My first time I can remember perfectly. I was 16 years of age, excited and very horny. I was talking with this man from outline, messaging each other in the middle of the night. Always waiting till everyone was in bed. I was inexperienced and craved male attention. One night I found out he lived in the same town as I.

Our plan began. I told him how to come into my room, parking across the street, climbing over the fence not opening the gate since, we had dogs that would alert my parents someone was sneaking in. I opened my window and took the screen out. There I waited anxiously, excited, and nervous.

We never met in person but did web cam, him masturbating on camera for me and I showing my breasts, telling each other what we would do. The cold air seeped in chilling me, I shook as he entered my room, missing the fish tank and stereo. I was impressed that he missed all that was on my dresser.

As he came toward me I could smell his cologne, smelled heavenly to me. Kissing him was so sexy, exciting. I was still shaking. He laid me down on my bed, removing my pants and my shirt.

"Are you alright? You ready for this?"

All I could do was nod. He was slow knowing it was my first time. Feeling his tongue for the first time being eaten. He pressed his finger onto my lips.


I grabbed onto my sheets trying to hold back my moans. My first orgasm was amazing. He came up to my lips letting me tasting myself, as he placed his fingers inside me. Two, then three.

"You are tight."

Capturing my lips again covering my moans, my hand reaching for his pants, feeling something very hard. When he knew I was ready he let me open his pants. Releasing a very hard cock. My first taste of cock was interesting but I was in to much need to worry. I wanted more, I wanted more orgasms. Laying me back he put his condom on, spreading my legs as he positioned himself. Nibbling my neck, capturing my lips as he entered.

The feeling of fullness, I tried to climb away.

"Are you okay?"

He didn't move just laid there letting me adjust.

"I am okay."

Capturing my lips making love to them muffling my moans as he moved. It was the best sensations ever. That night we tried every position. He laid down and placed me on top. I could not fit all of him in me. Helping my ride, placing his hands on my hips moving me, when I could take no more he left my body. Rolling me over, as I bit his wrists, loving the taste, the feeling.

Endorphins filled my every pore, my very being. Leaving my body he positioned me on my knees. Taking me from behind, deeper he got, gripping onto the sheets I tried to keep quiet. When I could take no more, he placed me on my back, pinning me to the bed, I loved it. Muffling my moans with his tongue as he went deeper I grabbed onto his shoulders digging my nails in biting his wrist as he came. Both of us panting as we laid there. He did not leave my body right away, enjoying the sensation.

As three am came around I knew he had to leave, wishing he didn't. Kissing me goodbye he left through the window. All my shivering was long gone, I knew putting the screen back and locking my window that we had to meet again. Two weeks later we did.
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