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Working with Sanya Chapter 2 of 3

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Sanya wants to learn more than just kissing.
Chapter 2 Does Brian take Viagra?

The next night as soon as we felt certain that no one else was in the building except maybe the janitor, she plopped her sexy ass in my lap and stayed there most of the night. She spent the night cuddling up to me and kissing me. That's mostly how things went the next few nights.

Then one night, at one point she hugged me from behind, sort of by surprise. She stuck her hand over my pants and squeezed my boner between her fingers. "Brian you always have a boner," she declared.

"I don't always have a boner Sanya, just when I'm working with you," I replied.

"Are you taking Viagra?" she asked.

"No," I answered.

"But you always have a boner the entire night!"

"Yes that's true,” I nodded to her in response.

I sat down, and then she straddled my lap and pressed herself against the topic of the conversation. Putting her arms on my shoulder, she murmured seductively, "I'm giving you a boner?"

"You always give me a boner Sanya, sometimes I had a boner just from working with you before we started kissing every night."

She kissed me deep, and tried to press herself against me even more. "Does that mean you want to have sex with me?" she asked.

It was getting a little crowded in my pants. I thought about it a little nervously and finally said, "I don't think I'd mind that."

"You know I've never been with a man," she said.

"What about with a woman?" I asked.

"Not with a woman either. There was one time that I dry humped my friend Megan in our pajamas, and that's it, but we were just playing around. I like you Brian."

She pulled herself up slightly and kissed me deep. One of her hands was firmly around my neck, her other hand was doing something in the tight space between my boner and her pussy. Then I felt her opening my pants.

I didn't bother wearing underwear to this job, so without any trouble her little hand reached in, pulled out my boner, and before I even realized what happened I felt a hot silky vice sliding down my cock, as she lowered herself back down in my lap, with my cock hidden inside her tight virgin pussy.

"Oh God Brian," she looked at me with a look that was something like agonizing and deep pleasure, her hands almost trembling as she lightly clutched my shoulders.

She stared hard at me through her sexy glasses. I watched her breathing deep. She moved up, and then back down, on my boner, then again, and got into a slow rhythm as she tried out her first cock. I grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss. Then I gazed at her wide pretty eyes and said, "that feels really good Sanya."

She suddenly gave me a little kiss and sweet smile, and said "I don't need to be a virgin any more. I found something I like." She put her arms around my neck and rested her head against mine, and continued riding my cock. In only a few strokes it started to feel like cum was going to start spurting out my ears.

"Do you want to get naked?" I eventually asked her. She released my boner from her pussy and stood up in front of me. She pulled off her shirt as I stood up as well. We took off all our clothes but she still had her bra on. I put my hands on her back and released her bra as I kissed her. Her tits were very pretty and suckable. I pulled back just enough to get my hands in front and started gently squeezing her tits.

Her virgin minus 15 minutes, and very fit body, looked really good. "You're beautiful Sanya," I said to her.

"Thanks Brian, you're very handsome and sexy," she replied smiling politely at me.

I continued gently squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples, and kissed her a couple times.

"Why don't you lean against those boxes," I suggested.

She took a couple steps to the boxes.

"Stick that gorgeous little ass out at me," I told her.

She leaned forward against the boxes, and stuck her hot little ass out with her legs spread. I'm not sure I'll ever see a more gorgeous site. I put a condom on as I walked up to her, and nestled the head of my cock between her swollen pussy lips.

I thrust it in gently, then slowly eased most of the way out. I put both hands over her tits and squeezed her tits and played with her young nipples. I continued thrusting in and easing back out. Every few seconds she said "Ooooooh." She sounded very cute and erotic. I could hear her breathing. I could feel her pussy getting wetter with every thrust.

We alternated between several different positions throughout the whole night. We re-stacked some of the boxes so they were just the right height, and she laid down on them and I stood and stroked her swollen pussy. The only thing that looked better than Sanya with clothes on was Sanya all bare, with her legs spread out and my dick going in and out of her puffy virgin pussy. This young woman was perfect, there wasn't one square inch of her body that wasn't beautiful.

Then I laid down on the boxes and she rode me cowgirl. After a little while I told her to lean backwards and thrust her cute little pelvis over me from that angle. I love my dick going in and out of a young virgin pussy at a variety of angles, and I think she did too. Then I told her instead of thrusting or going up and down, to roll her hips. She had to practice it a bit but pretty soon she had a real nice grind going, she looked and felt like a professional call-girl only better.

At that point I really had to taste her pussy. So I told her to move up and do that same thing over my mouth. She thought it was silly. But I had her move up and drop her pussy into my mouth, and pretty soon she was fucking my mouth, just using smaller circles with her hips, while I wiggled my tongue all over, inside her pussy and over her clit and lips. She was so fresh.

She rode my mouth a bit but for most of the night it was just my dick sliding in and out of her pussy like a long distance train chugging away all night. We couldn't get enough. But eventually light started coming in the windows and I knew we had to stop before the early birds showed up.

So I finally let her sweet pussy milk the cum from deep in my balls in gushing jets. We tore our bodies apart and got our clothes on. Some of the boxes had our sweat and goo on them so we stacked them in a place where they wouldn't be noticed until they had time to dry off. Once we were all dressed and everything was in order we wrapped our arms around each other and were in a tonguelock for like 10 minutes straight. But I knew we really were taking a chance even doing that, it wouldn't be a disaster if someone caught us making out but I still preferred that they had no reason to suspect anything at all. So we had to stop and just look normal for that last 20 minutes of our shift, which was very awkward considering the great sex we just had, and Sanya was pretty excited since it was her first time.
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