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Youngsville Part 3

Eric's first night...
Later that evening, around 23:30, I was lying in my bed. I was thinking about how I would decorate my cottage. The cottage was about 3x4 meters. It definitely needed a renovation. The first thing that came to mind was the lighting. It was worthless! I had a small and weak gas lamp on the ground next to the bed, which made it hard to see. I would have to think about decorating in the morning.

As I thought about the light, I a shadow moved outside the window above my head. There was a light outside and something disturbed the lighting in my cottage for a second. I did not want to go out and look. I don’t like walking out in the dark after ten. All of a sudden, as I thought about what to do, I heard the door handle turn. Shit, what the hell!

I reached for the gas lamp and turned it to full. Great! Now I could see as far as my feet at the end of the bed. I stood up and tip-toed to the opposite side of the room. I then felt my phone charger catch my foot and I picked up my phone. Why had I not thought about it before? I stood against the wall as the door opened and a shadow walked by. It didn’t see me. A hand closed the door and the shadow walked in further closer to the bed. I followed close from behind until the shadow stopped by the bed. I was only a few centimeters behind when I switch on my phone’s flashlight and shined it in the face of the shadow, blinding it. At the same time I grabbed the shadow and wrestled it onto the bed, pinning it down underneath me.

“This isn’t really the way I had planned, but it is rather similar,” I heard a girl say. I shined the light in her face and it was Catherina. She only had her panties and a t-shirt on.

“Jesus! You gave me a scare,” I exclaimed. “Why would you try and sneak up on me?” I asked and kissed her. She tried to wiggle out of my grasp but it was totally useless.

“Could you please take the light out of my face?” she requested. “I feel like I’m being interrogated by Let.”

“Let? What? The big guy from the train station?” I asked and she started telling me about the Youngsville police. There were only two of them, Sheriff Bighorn and John “Let” Hurton. No one else wanted to be deputy so Let got the job. He usually took the job way too seriously when he found out about anything that could seem suspicious. I took the light away and let her sit up. I told her not to sneak up on me again in the future.

“Does he usually interrogate you in his underwear?” I asked, she laughed.

“I wasn’t trying to sneak up on you. I was wondering if you had checked up on anything regarding my,” she stammered and looked away from me. “Eh…my toys?”

“I’m sorry but the signal in here is poor,” I informed her as I let her out of my grasp.

“You can come up to my room. It’s better in the house,” she said and grabbed my hand.

“Is that a good idea? The new guy in your room in the middle of the night?”

“Come on, my mom is probably too busy playing with her pussy to notice you and me in my room. It’s only the first door on the right.”

Well, ten minutes later I was on the second floor of the farmhouse in Catherina’s room. Using my laptop to learn how to make a gel that would work for dildos and butt plugs. We were laying in the bed and researching and before I knew it I heard Catherina snoring. I used the short time of the internet I had and after an hour I knew everything I needed and found a site where I could order the gel for a price near free.

I got thirsty so I shut down my computer and walked downstairs for a glass of water. I was about to leave, until I forgot that I had left my computer upstairs. I went back up the stairs quietly and opened the first door on the left. It was dark so I felt my way along the wall slowly until I reached the bed. When I grabbed the laptop I felt Catherina’s legs brush against my arm. Her skin was so soft.

My hands caressed her legs as I moved them from her ankles and up to her thighs. At the same time my lips kissed her legs. I felt her hands touch my head as I made my way up her body and kissed her bellybutton. I felt both her hands on my cheeks. I felt her arms wrap around my neck and pull me up towards her face. I felt her breathe and she smelled of mint. Most likely from brushing her teeth.

I leaned closer and kissed her. She returned the kiss as I felt our tongues meet, and they loved each other. It felt unbelievable and she was such a good kisser. It felt like I had no idea what I was doing and she was a professional. We continued to kiss but her hair was in the way. I had to brush it away, which is when I felt that her hair was longer than before. Catherina had short hair. This hair was reaching down to her shoulders. This not Catherina! I realized that I had made a wrong turn in the hallway. Our lips parted and I pulled away from her.

“Who is this?” I asked as I sat up.

“Jessie,” I heard the girl say as she switched on a light on a nightstand next to the bed. “Please, don’t stop,” she begged as she grabbed my hard dick. I did not know what to do. I had just had anal sex with her sister a few hours ago. My penis might still smell of ass if Jessie got close to it. I was considering what to do when she sat in my lap.

Jessie’s face was only an inch away from my own as my cock was pinned between our two stomachs. I felt the warmth and moisture from her wet teen panties touch my balls as I gazed into her beautiful eyes. I had made my decision. This girl wanted me, no, she needed me! I could tell by the sight of lust in her eyes. I placed my arms on her hips and kissed her, giving her a signal that she had me. She wrapped her arms around my neck letting me know I had her.

I helped Jessie pulled off the t-shirt she was wearing and I was blessed to see her hot teen figure. Jessie was eighteen and had two c-cup breasts on her chest. They were beautiful and I could not take my hands off them, until I got a look at what she had to offer between her legs. We rolled around in her bed. Taking our clothes off and we ended up in a sixty-nine position.

I felt her tongue run along my shaft as she placed her butt in front of my face. I laid still and examined Jessie’s body for a moment, just admiring her pussy. She had shaved it along the edges but left a small strip of pubic hair to give some style to her sacred hole. I felt her stop licking me and look back at me.

“Is everything okay back there?” she asked me as I felt her small hands play around with my balls.

“It’s perfect,” I answered and let my tongue touch her labia.

I licked round and round as I finally got my try of what a woman tastes like. It was irresistible and must say I was in heaven. We touched, licked, and sucked each other for several minutes until Jessie decided it was time for some real fun. She rolled over onto her back and pulled me with her. We were both two horny teens who were focused on one thing only now. My cock was wet with her saliva and her pussy was leaking with her natural juices. I made my way between her lovely legs so the tip of my cock was touching her tiny hole. We laid together in the missionary position and kissed.

I pulled away and looked down at the center of attention. I slowly sank my body and I saw and felt my glans enter her tiny pussy. Jessie moaned in my ear as I continued to push in and I did not stop until my balls were touching her ass crack.

“Ooooh, You have a long cock,” Jessie moaned and laid her hands on my cheek. I looked up at her and kissed her. I could barely believe how smoothly my cock slid in. Yet her vagina was so wet and tight! It was nothing like her sister’s ass. Maybe I would get to try Jessie’s anal passage so I had something to compare with. But for now all I wanted to do was please her and my cock!

I was deep inside her hot pussy. The feeling was magical and got better as I began to thrust. Very slowly at first, it was my first time controlling the action. But I soon got a hang of my pacing and got faster and with greater force, Jessie liked it when I slammed down on her. Every time my cock bumped against something with each thrust, and I believe it was her cervix I was hitting. She seemed to love my cock and I loved her pussy. Jessie enjoyed the pumping motion of my hard cock. Every minute felt better than the previous one while she moaned in rhythm with my forceful strokes.

I was having the time of my life that very moment. I kept going strong for fifteen minutes until I suddenly felt the jizz boil in my nuts and I started blasting shot after shot in to the bottom of her vagina. My balls jolted with each blast as my dick delivered my sperm. I could tell she was having her orgasm now too and she had her eyes closed. I pushed down with a hard thrust and laid still for a minute, as I was trying to catch my breath. During that time I felt her vagina’s muscles clench and loosen several times around my invading cock, due to her orgasm.

“If there is a heaven, it is here in this bed tonight,” Jessie said and giggled.

When we had settled and calmed down we kissed passionately as I ran my hands along her arms. I was stuck somewhere between heaven and earth. At the same time I was thinking about the amount of cum I had fired inside of her. It had no way to escape as my cock was blocking the only way out of her body. It must have been ten or fifteen spurts of it. Then reality hit me and I got worried about birth control.

“Do not worry, I’m in my safe period,” she assured me as her hands rubbed my naked butt. “That means you can dump as many loads as you want in to my pussy.” Then she pushed with her hands and held me tight against her, making sure my cock was buried deep. We laid in her bed for the rest of the night. Cuddling together until we fell asleep. Morning came quickly and I felt Jessie shaking my body as I woke up.

“Get up Eric! Get up!”

“What? What is it?” I responded barely awake.

“We have to get you outside before mama wakes up!” she told me as she pulled me up out of her bed.

She handed me my clothes and gave my penis a few last strokes before we kissed and then she shoved me out into the hallway. The sun was beginning to come up on the horizon and a small stream of sunshine came through a window. I put my shirt on as I quietly walked down the stairs and tried to remember where the exit was. I found the door but just as I was leaving I remembered about my laptop. I had left it in Catherina’s room! Shit.

I went back up the stairs with my pants in my hands and entered Catherina’s room. She was still sleeping and I saw my laptop lying next to her small feet on the bed. I was careful not to touch her as I had done with Jessie. I grabbed my laptop and returned out into the hallway. I shut the door quietly and turned around. Shit.

Jill, the oldest sister, was standing at the end of the hall with her eyes on me. She only had a t-shirt on herself and I saw where her eyes were looking, between my legs at my dangling cock. This was not good! How would I explain myself? Why was I coming out from her little sister’s room with no pants on? We stood silent and motionless staring at each other for several seconds. It felt like an eternity. Unexpectedly she broke the peace of our silent stare off.

“You have big balls,” Jill said as she was looking at my crotch.

“I…I,” I mumbled and covered my privates with my hands. Unable to think of any possible excuse.

“Can you use them?” she asked and began taking steps towards me.

“What..?” was the only word I was able to speak as she stopped before me.

“You have big testicles,” she replied as she continued to stare at my nuts. “There is no way you are leaving this farm now.” Now she had cupped her hands and held my scrotum.

“You too…?!” I blabbed out loud in disbelief.

“Shhh…you better get out before my mom gets out of her room,” she said and looked up at me with her cute face, her cheeks were very big and round, just like her double D-size titties. I nodded in agreement and we went downstairs and she let me out of the front door. I walked quickly to my cottage and I felt her eyes watching me the entire way until I reached the cottage door. I crashed into the bed and crept down under the sheets, hoping to find a few more hours of sleep before getting up.
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