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You're irresistable, baby (Pt. 1)

My first time. Another true story.

Something I have always prided myself on, is that I am not easily seduced. But you. Fuck you. Fuck you for being able to weaken my resolve with that clever look in your eye. And a blonde no less. I’ve always preferred a handsome head of dark hair. But there is something so absolutely irresistible about you. Your baby blue eyes and short wheat colored hair. And that smirk on your face. That infuriating delicious smirk. God, it makes me want to kiss you.

Your lips are so soft and gentle when you kiss me. And the way your fingers run up the back of my neck to become entwined with my hair makes me lose myself. We tortured ourselves this way. Two virgins completely lost in lust but unsure of what to do.

This of course all changed during the summer. We were up in your room, with the ceiling painted to look like clouds. We sat on your bed together and talked, mostly complaining about the heat. The more you looked at me in that impossibly sexy way, the more I started to sense the sweet tension between us building.

I laid down beside you and you held me close, our legs tangled pleasantly. After a few minutes of this embrace I had made my decision.

“Y’know what?” I sat up, kneeling beside you.


“I think I’m going to take off my shirt. It’s hot as hell up here.”

I then lifted my white tank-top over my head, exposing my silky black bra contrasted nicely against my snowy complexion. This made your delightful smirk appear, so I crawled back into your arms again. Slowly I started to feel one of your legs going between mine, nudging them apart. The feeling of your knee on my inner thigh was getting me hot. And then those kisses. Mmm those amazing kisses. Our lips locked perfectly, wet and smooth, our motions gradually becoming more heated.

Suddenly I felt the hot palm of your hand sliding down my shorts and into my panties just above my ass. The sensation was intensified as soon as your tongue brushed my lips. I hungrily sucked on your lower lip, moaning as your hand traveled lower to grope my soft flesh.

Our tongues touched, one sliding past the other, slowly caressing while our breathing became heavier. Then you were on top of me, straddling my wide hips. You leaned down and gave me a quick kiss before pulling away.

“Oh, just to be fair,” you whispered, pulling your t-shirt up over your head.

I couldn’t help but take in your body. Your shoulders and arms are so lean and toned, while your chest and stomach are so wonderfully kissable. Then that enticing swimmers-v, guided my gaze to the bulge in your pants. You kissed me again, licking my lips teasingly while trying to unclasp my bra. You laughed while you struggled, your breath warming my neck. Once I was free of my bra you leaned back, enjoying my 38B’s. You smiled a satisfied smile and leaned forward again, only this time, your kisses landed on my neck; my weak spot.

My breath got caught in my throat, only to escape as a sigh of pleasure as you kneaded one of my breasts in your warm hand, and then the other. Then you tweaked one of my nipples, making me moan as my arousal grew. You pinched and pulled while kissing and nibbling my neck, making my hips buck slightly against yours. You repeated this with my other breast before starting to use your tongue. You licked and sucked and had me wiggling in bliss beneath you. Playfully you grazed one of my nipples with your teeth, making my back arch suddenly. Then you tugged off my shorts and my lacy black panties, leaving me naked for you to admire.

“Damn.” You exhaled. “You really are sexy you know that?”

I thanked you, feeling a blush burning my cheeks. Your hands ran all over my body as you kissed me again, driving me absolutely wild. Then I felt your fingertips sliding down towards my bare pussy, teasingly avoiding my most sensitive area to caress my inner thigh. For what seemed like ages you traced circles on the tender flesh of my thigh so close to my sex. Finally you stroked one finger over my clit, making me wetter. Finally you teased my clit, gently rubbing it, forcing me to break the kiss to moan for you.

“Oh, you are so wet,” you grinned.

I whimpered weakly, “mhmm.”

You slid your finger down my slit, teasing the opening. You must have sensed I needed something inside of me. Suddenly you slid your digit into my pussy to the last knuckle making me gasp in absolute pleasure. You started to stroke my g-spot, and I asked you to do it harder. Eagerly you obliged, fingering my pussy nice and hard, making me cry out from the exquisite feeling you were giving me. When you added a second finger I began to feel myself getting close.

“Mmmmh fuck, that feels so good..don’t stop!” I begged you while I panted, my orgasm rocking my body. Even as I was coming down from my climax you were gently toying with me, drawing out my experience. I then had an insatiable desire to make you feel good.

Our lips met once again, while you let me flip you onto your back. I could feel the hard-on in your trousers pressing against my bare pussy and it made me want you even more. You squeezed my ass in your hands grinding against me roughly, nearly growling with desire. I nipped your lip playfully and began kissing my way down your neck, your fingernails raking gently up my back.

Your pants and boxers were loose enough for me to slide them down your thighs while I kissed lower and lower on your body. You flinched excitedly when my lips grazed below your navel, your erection resting between my breasts. Eight thick inches, and all for me. I kissed teasingly around the base of your cock, and then slowly up the shaft, inch by delicious inch.

I slowly and lightly stroked the tip of my tongue up your shaft, and around the head. You shook slightly from the sensation. It gets me so hot to please you this way. Gently I wrapped my hand around the base, licking over and over up and down, down and up again. I looked up at you and oh my, you looked just so sexy. Your eyes were closed and your head tilted back, enjoying my tongue. But how you softly bit your lip to keep from moaning was so fucking hot. I love how bashful you are about being vocal.

Then I ran the flat of my tongue up over the head, wrapping my lips around it, sucking and licking a bead of precum from that luscious tip. You tasted absolutely perfect. As my tongue stroked the head between my soft lips you couldn’t help but sigh in pleasure. The sound filled my ears and made me hot all over. I gradually took more and more of your hard cock into my mouth, massaging along the shaft with my hot wet tongue, sucking nice and hard. Then I took it all, sliding it all the way to the back of my throat, causing you to twitch and groan uncontrollably.

“Mmnnh..Elaine..” you exhaled.

I bobbed my head up and down on your perfect dick, deepthroating, stroking, kissing, licking and sucking. Then I felt your trembling hand on mine, gasping lightly with each tremor of ecstasy. With every motion of my tongue, I could feel your cock jerk in my mouth. More and more of your pre-cum dripped from the head and coated my taste-buds. I fucking loved it.

You groaned deeply and pulled my wanting mouth from your sweet shaft, kissing me hungrily. You pressed your lips into mine, breathing heavily, our combined lust filling the room.

“You give amazing head.. but I don’t want to cum just yet.” You grinned, panting softly in the heat.

“Stand up.” You ordered.

I slid off of you and the bed obediently and you swiftly followed, hugging me from behind. Your hard-on pressed against my ass, and your hands explored my waist and hips. They moved slowly up my body, cupping my breasts and tweaking one nipple, then the other. Your left hand slid down my torso, sliding between my legs to softly caress my clit. I moaned, entrapped blissfully in your arms. After a few teasing moments you laid me down on the bed, kissing me more sweetly now. I could feel your hard cock on my thigh and we looked at each other, both of us visibly nervous.

“Protection first, heh,” you were shaking a little as you fumbled with a condom.

I giggled and smiled at you, but the minute I felt the head of your cock resting at my slit my nerves returned. This was my first time, and your cock is so big. But oh how I wanted it; that thick hard member filling me up and pounding my tight wet pussy. That’s when I remembered..this was my first time, but it was yours too.

“I’m nervous..” I whispered, kissing your cheek.

“It’s okay..I am too.”

To be continued..

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