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Zoey's first time

Zoey's school day started a little different than normal

He was my first love. He was the first one to show me what love was. He was my best friend. The passion was there, you couldn't deny that but were we ready to go from friends to more than friends and risk everything? That held us back for some time. I was his dirty little secret. 

We were both 16 years old and at the end of our sophomore year at the same school. It was a small school so everyone knew everyone. Which helped and hinder me all at the same time. His name is Carter, he was about 6 ft tall, curly hair (he liked to call it a Jew fro), brown eyes and had a flat stomach. He played hockey and football. His smile could light up the sky. Carter was so funny I could be mad at the world and just talking to him back me smile. He had a mean streak, but for the most part I never saw it. In my eyes he was perfect. 

My name is Zoey. I'm about 5'6, straight brown hair, blue eyes and a little on the bigger side. I played basketball and volleyball. I had the arm for baseball but didn't pursue it. I've been told I'm sweet, caring and funny. I'm a lover. I'm passionate and protective. 

This is the story of when I lost my virginity to him. 

It was a Thursday in the middle of April, the day before. Carter was in all my classes. During math class we sit around a group of tables with about six other people. Our closest friends in that class. I sat in between Carter and Dom, who are best friends. 

Carter was extra touchy today. Usually he runs my knee and out side of my thigh. Today, he was rubbing the inside of my thigh and just barely touching my pussy over my pants. Luckily, Dom had no idea what was going on. I laid my head on the table and complained of a headache that wasn't really there because I was starting to giggle. He knew it would turn me on. Lab class didn't help any. 

We were working in the shop on the machines. I was standing In front of the machine. You couldn't see past my torso. Carter came up next to me, we were watching a fellow student work on something I didn't understand how to do. Carter reached his hand down my leg and began rubbing my pussy through my pants. It took everything not to moan and fall into him. He knew my body. 

He just stood there messaging my pussy through my pants. I couldn't move or talk. If I did either I would expose what was going on and the real trouble was going to start. I moved my hips a little as he would apply more pressure. He was driving me wild. The student finished the part and Carter who was talking to him the whole time walked away. I stood there regaining my composure are tried to avoid him for the rest of the period. 

English I was going to get him back. We sat next to each other, toward the front of the room. Today we were silent reading. That was the first time reading was on my side. Everyone sat in their seats and picked up the book and pages were assigned. I waited until everyone was focused on reading and began my fun. He was turned with his back facing the table. He was really reading. 

I whispered "Sweetheart, paybacks a bitch." 

He just looked at me, puzzled. I went to work. I began rubbing his thighs and coming dangerously close to his penis. I whispered "god, your thighs are so sexy." 

He just swallowed. I started rubbing his penis, rubbing my hands over it. I kept reading, never took my eyes off the book. He adjusted himself four or five times before a small moan escaped his mouth. I could tell he was hard. "Too bad we are in class." I whispered as I winked at him. He was so hard. I smiled at him. 

He was so mad after my next move. I walked over to the teacher and asked to go visit another teacher as I was finished with my reading. I usually took him with me but today, I left him. The helpless look on his face was really cute. He knew I'd help him out later. 

The rest of the day was uneventful. During tenth hour I received a text asking me to stay after school. Which if he asked I always did. After we said goodbye to all our friends and it was about 4:30. he told Them I needed to help with his science homework, so we headed upstairs. Our friends knew we had a thing but none of them knew to what extent. 

He lead me by the hand up to the third floor of our school. This part of the building was off limits to students. We climbed the stairs and walked into an open room. Along one wall of the room was all windows. The sun was just beginning to set. I walked over to the window and began watching the sun set. Carter came up behind me and grabbed me, he held me there. 

I fit perfectly into him. He spun me around and kissed me hard. Every pit of passion he had was in that kiss. We made out for a while, he started pressing his hard penis into me. I began grinning into him. 

"I want you so bad baby." He moaned into my ear. 

"I know, I want you too." I whispered. 

Our phones began bussing. My dad was out front and his grandma was out back. Reluctantly I picked up the phone. 

"Yes. I'm on my way out." 

He just looked at me. 

"Sweetheart, I have to go." I whispered. 

He kissed me hard one last time and let me go. He stood there for another ten minutes. He texted me when he left. 

All night he was all I could think about. I wanted him. I needed to feel him inside of me. He worked and I had to babysit. It was eleven by time we could talk and I had to go to bed. He did call me. 

"I can't talk, I have to go to bed, you know the rules." 

"I know baby, I just called to wish you goodnight." 

"Awh babe." I was love stricken.

"I'll call you tomorrow morning. Goodnight baby. Sleep well, oh and dream about me."

"After today I most definitely will, goodnight." 

I hung up and hurried off to sleep. That day I woke up about 6:30 to a text. 

"Same spot as yesterday. Seven am. Forget your clothes." He was so clever sometimes. 

I walked up the stairs and into the classroom and he was standing there watching the sun rise. He didn't hear me come in. I walked over and wrapped my arms around him and kissed his back. 

He moaned my name and turned around. He looked down at me and kissed me. 

"I want you." 

I kissed up his neck to his ear and whispered "so take me." 

That was all it took. He was laying me down and we were ripping each other's clothes off in a frantic sexually frustrated manor. He kissed my neck and down my stomach. He kissed my waistline and I went nuts. I was pushing my hips into his. 

"You're sure your ready?" 

"I didn't come here and rip your clothes off for nothing."

He pushed my legs apart with one hand and placed a condom on with the other. Then slowly inserted his fully erect penis in my pussy. I was the most satisfying feeling. He kissed me and rammed in. He let me adjust to his penis and started going as fast as he could. 

I started moving with him. I wanted him. I started moaning. 

"Carter, oh god, that's it baby."

I was grabbing at his back and biting his shoulder. I was on a sensual high. 

"Faster, oh yeah, fuck." 

The faster he went the more I moaned.

"Fuck fuck fuck." 

He was slamming into me. His penis was hitting every spot. Within second he found my g-spot. I was close. 

"I'm close!" 

"Fuck baby, you're so tight. Oh god." The first thing he was able to say. 

"Oh yeah, thats it, right there." 
He slammed one last time as hard as he could. The muscles in my thighs tightened, my pussy tightened around his penis. I came hard and fast. I was shaking and panting. My muscles tightening set him off. He came hard. 

"Fuck baby. That was so hot." He was panting harder than I had been. 

"I know." It took me a minute before I could stand. 

Slowly we got dressed. I left first. I walked down the stairs and went right to my locker. I put deodorant on and perfume. Grab a bite to eat and class was about to start. 

Throughout the day, he winked at me and we exchange the "I know something you don't know" look. My first time was a success. It didn't hurt like they say it would. I had felt amazing. I loved him even more at that moment.

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