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Kat on Top [of the Hour]

Kathrine loves to watch the news, but not quite like the rest of us.

In a society starved for a 24-hour news cycle, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are more than a couple journalist-personalities out there who are exactly like this woman.

Avi turned off the water and dried himself. In the next room, Kat was watching cable news. With a towel wrapped around his waist, he glanced at himself in the mirror but didn’t let his gaze linger. She, in her cotton robe, was laying back against the hotel bed’s headrest and scrolling through her phone. As the talking heads discussed topical events, her brow furled in frustration.

“Rough day?”

She didn’t look up. “Meh, I’m just waiting for this bitch or one of her followers to respond.”

Avi rubbed her ankle. He sat on the bed as she looked up to shout at the TV. “Yeah, you tell them, Paul!” Anytime that journalist corrected someone she deemed wrong, she was all ears.

“Do you want to turn that off and focus on this?” Avi asked, his touch working its way up her leg.

“Are you kidding? My segment is coming up next.”

He sighed and pulled back. “I don’t want you to stop,” she snapped, still scrolling. Avi shifted and began to rub with both hands. Her muscles were tight, no doubt a result of her heels. “Let me finish this one thing,” she reassured.

Pushing back the hem of her robe, his fingers pursued further up her legs. Like always, he knew their time was short. Revealing her smooth folds, he teased softly, encouraging her to spread herself open. The pink, inviting look of her pussy always made his cock hard and his mouth water.

“There,” she said. Kat adjusted her hips, put down her phone, and pulled him in close. She put her hand on the back of his neck, guiding his mouth to the inside of her thighs. He gave each a moment of attention before setting his face over her pussy, using first his breath, his lips, and then lastly, his tongue. “Mmm that’s right, naughty boy, lick me,” she whispered.

In short time, she was dripping and grunting. He had had plenty of practice with her and knew all her favorite spots. Kat’s thighs squeezed the sides of his head and she clenched her fingers along his scalp. “Oh that’s it,” she commanded, humping into his kisses while keeping one eye fixated on the TV.

Her lustful thrusts onto his extended tongue continued until the commercial break began. With this, she was finally able to lean back, close her eyes, and savor the pleasure he was giving. “Someone’s a horny gal,” he teased, coming up for air.

“Not completely,” she corrected, “Mostly in need of a good stress release.”

“Oh yeah?” he chuckled, “I might have something for that.”

A devilish crest formed in her smile, knowing what he meant. Smiling wasn’t something she did often so it always gave Avi a rush when he managed to make her do it. He stood up and dropped the towel, revealing his firm cock. Letting her robe fall, Kat rose and pressed her supple body against the rigid contours of his muscular frame. He pulled her close, squeezing her soft curves as she kissed his chest, dragging her teeth across his skin in the process.

“Umf!” she exclaimed. “Hurry and fuck me, Avi.”

She put a hand on his shoulder and forced him down on to the bed. Kat turned and climbed on top, bending her ass towards him as she lowered onto his stiff manhood. This was her favorite position. Most women loved riding while facing away because of how it felt but for her, she loved it because it allowed her to set the pace and face the television.

The news program had resumed. Paul spoke, “Next on our program, from The Kathrine Bauer Hour, the notorious Ms. Bauer. And from our network affiliate station, Ethan Vorron. Glad to have you both here.”

“Oh, this is it. Watch this!” she said with excitement while increasing the fervor with which she bounced on his dick. Avi had figured out early on that few things got her as horny as seeing herself on TV.

Kat grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, moaning while grinding on his cock. He smacked her ass as she watched herself on TV. She was there as the conservative viewpoint while Ethan, the poor sap, served as the program's regular token liberal. They began their discussion over developing legislation. It was tame at first but Kat was like a spider on these programs, luring in prey before tearing them apart with a verbal onslaught of ideology. It didn’t take long before Ethan found himself stuttering and struggling to keep up with this fierce, innocent-faced woman.

“Haha, that’s right you fucker! Mmm... go back to school you little bitch!” she cheered. One hand was between her legs, rubbing hard and furious against her clit.

“I… I just think that...” struggled Ethan. Paul was failing to mediate.

“You THINK?!” challenged Kat.

Watching herself destroy this man in political debate was her drug. Kat played with herself and fucked her boy-toy, cascading over the edge as she walked away victorious. With the segment ending, she crashed into her orgasm and fell forward, panting heavily. She turned back to look at Avi. “Hurry up if you want to finish.”

With some rough thrusts and a grip on her ass, he came. Witnessing Kat’s twisted little routine always got him close enough to climax quickly. “Mmm good boy,” she said, “Now get dressed. I need you to head out before I do because I have some people waiting for me downstairs.”

Avi did as he was told. He knew that them being seen together was a delicate situation so once dressed, he took the back stairs and made his way through the lobby. Right before he reached the street, a gentleman walking in stopped him.

“Hey, I recognize you. You’re that guy! Ethan, right? Ethan Xavier Vorron? I’m a big fan.” He spoke a little too loudly for comfort.

“Yeah, that’s me,” he agreed, begrudgingly, “but my friends just call me Xavier, or ‘Avi’ for short.”

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