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Kelly 5.2

Middle Aged Teenagers

Kelly and I met on an adult dating site. We were both in non-affectionate, sexless marriages.

Kelly and I had just spent a wonderful week together on one of my out of town trips. It was early December so between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The desert can get cold. It had the week before but the day of this event it was sunny and low sixties Fahrenheit. 

I always tried to get my Christmas decorations up and ready to display by Thanksgiving. It was really about the only way I participated in local or neighborhood activities. Most years there was a decorating contest in my little town. I often took first or second place. That year we had had some political turmoil, so the town decided no Christmas decorating contest.

I was way behind that year anyway. The landscapers I had hired to freshen up my tired landscape took longer than anticipated. I was finishing up my display in the second week of December.

Late on that Friday, Kelly texted to me about a weekend event nearby. A local town had a charity Christmas tree festival every year. She asked if I would like to go the next day. As I was nearly finished with my display, I thought I could spend a few hours with Kelly looking at decorated Christmas trees.

They also had booths with local crafters and craftsmen selling their goods. Kelly bought a few trinkets and I talked to a man who etched sandstone for addresses and wall or garden art. We looked around for a little while longer, then we decided to leave.

Because we were where one or both of us might be recognized, we couldn’t hold hands as we walked. When there was no concern of being seen, we often would hold hands. Kelly had introduced me to someone as a friend, so we played that part until after we had driven off together.

As usual, I asked her where we should go. As usual, she said: “I don’t know.” I sighed and drove. I quickly decided to check out a small reservoir nearby. The area was too open for what I had in mind. We drove to a nice secluded area with a year-round stream.

Once parked, we unfastened our seatbelts and fell into each other’s arms. We felt and acted like sex-starved teenagers. We fondled and groped with our lips barely parting for breath. Soon Kelly said:” Let’s take a walk”. I just smiled, rebuttoned my shirt and got out of the car.

We walked down through the bushes to the stream. We started kissing and fondling again. I lifted her top to gain access to her perfect breasts. My wife doesn’t like me touching hers, but Kelly loved my attention.

I dropped to my knees to suck and suckle on her now hard pencil eraser nipples. She sighed and looked down at me while I gave both equal attention. She loved it.

I stood up and kissed her again. Kelly had a look in her eyes. I asked if I should get the blanket out of my car. She just smiled so off I went. I kept a blanket in the back of my car for just this type of situation.

We found a secluded, level spot with grass and spread the blanket. We dropped to our knees kissing and groping in earnest. I rubbed her pussy through her jeans until she was breathing heavily. We quickly removed our jeans and underwear.

Kelly loves to suck my cock. She bent over and sucked and licked my cock while fondling my balls. I needed to be inside her! I pulled her up, kissed her then gently lay her down on the blanket. I bent over and licked her clit a few good licks, then I positioned myself to enter her but my aim was off and I missed in my haste.

Kelly reached between us grabbed my cock and positioned it properly. I pushed forward into the most amazing pussy I have ever been in. I slid all of the way in. She was so wet and ready for me. She looked up at me with her combination of love and lust. I almost shot my load right then.

I stayed still for a moment while we both savored the sensations of the other’s sex. Kelly was already on a sexual high. Once I started to move she started to show signs of an impending orgasm. I always loved to watch her cum. She would start panting then adding little moans. She would never scream or get really loud but would voice cute little squeaks as she got closer. 

This time was no different. She slammed her heels on the backs of my knees and thrust her pelvis up so I’d be as deep as possible as we rode out her intense orgasm. She tried to make me stop but I was too close. I was somewhat trapped by her legs around mine but I was able to still move a little.

Her second orgasm came a few minutes later. She tried to stop me again but I was on the edge and barely in control. As her pussy muscles began to squeeze my erection, I lost it. I shoved as deep as I could as I flooded her pussy with shot after shot of my hot semen. 

I was momentarily gone, caught up in my cumming inside this wonderful woman. I lowered myself on top of her and we kissed with all of the passion we possessed. Every time we made love it was new, exciting and sensual. Outdoors in the afternoon sun beside by a babbling creek made it all the more special.

I had some fast food napkins in my pocket, so we could clean up. Then we dressed and folded the blanket. We held hands as we returned to my car, two middle-aged teenagers horny for each other and the adventures in love and sex we were sharing.


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