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Night Sail

She wanted both of us...

Donna loved to dance, almost as much as she loved to flirt. She was dancing with my buddy, Joe, rubbing her braless tits against his chest and letting him play with her ass. Not only had she started the night without underwear, but throughout the evening, the buttons on her blouse, one by one, had become 'accidentally' undone, until, only the one at her waist was left. On the dance floor, she repeatedly pulled the top together - especially during the faster numbers - to keep from exposing her self entirely. But in the darkness of our table, she was not so careful, often affording Joe and me a glimpse of her firm nipples.

Around eleven o'clock, Donna suggested that the three of us go for a night sail. She didn't mention anything other than sailing, but considering how little she was wearing, and the way she had been acting, Joe and I were not about to turn her down.

Once the boat was out of its slip and heading through the jetties, Joe sat down on the bench seat next to Donna. She was still dressed as she had been when we were dancing. Now, however, it being just the three of us, the single button holding her blouse together seemed unnecessary, and I told her so.

After briefly considering my suggestion, Donna got up from her seat and joined me at the helm. Whispering in my ear, she said, "I could just take it off." Her hand grabbed hold of the instant bulge in my shorts. She added lasciviously, "Uhm, feels as if you might like that."

"Oh, yeah," I replied eagerly, "and Joe would too."

The last button came undone as Donna turned back toward her seat. She may have been a little tipsy, but there was no mistaking her clarity of purpose. Before sitting down, she shrugged the blouse off as nonchalantly as if she were removing a no longer necessary jacket. Tossing the abandoned garment down the companionway, she resumed her seat on the side bench, next to Joe.

Joe was quite understandably excited by the situation, and frankly, so was I. Still I tried to concentrate on the sailing and keep my focus on the ocean, instead of on Donna's bare breasts. Joe was making a serious effort to be a gentleman and not stare. Nothing was said, by any of us, about Donna being nearly naked.

We engaged in unrelated conversation, pretending nothing was out of the ordinary, but then, in attempting to describe something, Joe 'accidentally' brushed the back of his hand over one of Donna's taut nipples. He offered an apology but Donna insisted that none was necessary, appearing to open the door even further by adding, "Actually, it felt kinda nice." She then stood and announced that she needed to go below for a tinkle.

I, and likely Joe, too, feared this was coded talk for her needing more on, but when Donna returned on deck, the only change was a positive one - the baggy shorts had been replaced by flimsy string style bikini panties. She sidled up next to me at the helm and rubbing the front of my shorts, quietly asked, "Are you enjoying this?" I nodded vigorously as she turned to Joe. Pausing briefly, considering the options, but then leaving no doubt as to her intentions, Donna spread Joe's legs and sat down between them.

Joe reacted cautiously, likely wondering what I was thinking, seeing my girlfriend, mostly naked, backed up against his certainly raging hardon. But not to be denied the treats offered him, he cautiously wrapped his arms around Donna's mid-section and lightly ran his hands over her bare stomach, moving slowly upward and toward her also bare tits. As his fingers sensuously traced the lower portion of Donna's breasts, her breathing became rapid and noisy. In excited anticipation of having him playing with her nipples, Donna breathily said, "And I thought I was the tease."

Joe's hands crept up and over her breasts, his calloused fingers toying with Donna's hardened nipples. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back on his shoulder, living the moment as Joe paid homage to her unfettered breasts. With my attention drawn to the widening vee between Donna's thighs, I engaged the auto-pilot and pursued my long held fantasy of tonguing her pussy while someone else was playing with her tits. Donna quivered excitedly, realizing that what we had acted out in the privacy of our bedroom, was about to become reality.

The strings of her bikini panties were hastily undone, one side by Joe, the other by Donna herself. She wrapped her arms around Joe's neck and tugged her body upward, easing the removal of her panties. As I pulled them from under her, Donna wrapped her legs around my neck. My tongue buried itself between Donna's pussy lips, while my nose flicked away at her clitoris.

Although Donna loved having her pussy licked, she had forever been unable to get herself off on tongue alone. Yet her body began to shake as if an orgasm were imminent. Joe's hands continued stroking Donna's naked upper body while her legs locked tighter around my neck. My hands grabbed her ass, spreading her pussy across my face, forcing my tongue deep into her love canal. Donna's hips moved rhythmically as she ground her pussy into my face, demanding sexual satisfaction. The reverberations of her orgasm were inescapable. Donna's juices ran up my nose and down my chin as she repeatedly exploded with pleasure.

Once Donna had retreated from her high, I made my way to the helm and headed us back toward the marina. The return trip was not, however, any less rewarding than the outbound one. Approaching the marina, Donna blew each of us a kiss as she slid out of sight into the cabin below, wearing only a smile of contentment, and the sperm she had coaxed from her two very satisfied companions.



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