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A Day For Firsts

Love sometimes makes us cross our own boundaries. We might like what we find there.
"Asshole!" I stared up at him, dazed at his brazenness, watched him open the zipper and take out his erect penis. I sniggered at my mind’s choice of words, but the fleeting shadow of doubt in his eyes made me sober up. "It’s not you, it’s just this," my arms gestured wide, "this situation. It’s ape-shit crazy!"

"I want to see your tits," he growled instead of a reply, "Monica always flashes her udders when she sucks me."

It was a slap in the face. Why didn’t I get up and run? Something about his crude words kept me transfixed, and without any conscious effort, my fingers undid the buttons of my shirt. Besides, he still looked gorgeous.

He grunted in acknowledgement, and while I undressed, fingers shaking and chest heaving, my eyes were riveted to his big, hard cock, his fist wrapped around it, slowly working its way up and down.

"Hurry up," he chastised me, and I pulled at the shirt in a frustrated effort. The last button jumped away, but I didn’t care. Muffled laughter from downstairs sounded through the closed door and my heart beat hard. I ditched the bra and felt the cool air on my tits, felt my nipples get harder. I hated his self-assured grin.

"Now be a good girl and open wide."

Fucking asshole. The same tone of voice when he ditched me. "We’re moving at different speeds," he had said, "it would be better for both of us if we saw other people." Meaning, without the haughty nice-speak, he’d found a slut who let him go all the way. Monica.

He stepped closer, bridged the last inches of safety in the blink of an eye, and my breath hitched. ‘Oh god,’ I thought, or maybe even said out loud. Up close, he was enormous.

"I’m - I’m not sure…" I had never done this before, and faced with the real thing, my earlier arrogance crumbled to dust.

"Listen," he barked, and I winced, "it was you who proposed to suck me off. It was you who told me, let me quote you verbatim, 'any human being with a pair of tits could suck as well as Monica does', so don’t give me any shit now. Either get it on, or I’ll get out and have a beer with the guys."

Asshole. But he was right. I had, in a bout of absolute desperation, concocted the crazy plan to suck him off better than he had ever been sucked before. He’d ditch the bitch and come crawling back to me. It wasn’t my fault that my knees still grew weak every time I saw him.

"Open up!" He commanded again, and I surrendered.

At first, I closed my eyes, remembering stories of unwashed appendages and bitter, moldy taste. Instead, I felt softness. My tongue slid over velvety skin that radiated heat, and I stopped to think.

I got daring, I closed my lips around him he throbbed and shivered with lust. My tongue roamed all over its swollen head, tickled his pee-hole, and the idea was no longer icky, because I could feel him tremble and hear him gasp with every touch. I looked up and was mesmerized by the emotions twirling on his face. He looked beautiful.

I trailed along the small ridge between his cock and its head, and his moans got throaty, then a rocking motion started in his hips and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth.

I panicked, but only for a moment, because this was what I had agreed to. No limits, a blowjob from heaven. My tongue ran along his shaft, and the veins below the skin pulsated with every beat of his heart.

"Oh god," he groaned, "oh fucking god." His hands grabbed the back of my head and held me in place. "I’ve wanted to do this since I met you!"

Then he really started to move, completely filling my mouth with his hot, throbbing cock each time he pushed in, and I felt his need and lust with every thrust. I felt closer to him than ever, and though he dictated our pace, it was powerful to know how much pleasure I was giving him.

He became more urgent, and his cock seemed to grow even larger in my mouth. My jaw strained while it moved in and out, accompanied by a tune of pleasured moans and slurping, dirty and intimate and glorious.

I had read what to do. I relaxed my tongue, swallowed and pushed forward with my head. For a few seconds, tears blurred my view, but then he slid past that point, his pubes pushed against my nose, and I smelled heady, masculine excitement.

"Fuck yes!" His body stiffened and his fingers pulled painfully on my hair.

The underside of his cock pushed against my tongue, expanded once, twice, and my heart jumped in elation when my throat was filled with spurts of his come. I had to swallow fast, but I managed, reveling in the grunts and moans and the orgasmic bliss on his face.

Then he was spent and let go, and I fell back, gasping for air.

Slow claps cut through the silence. We both jumped at the sound. A giggle filled the air. "Well done, little miss chaste!"

My stomach churned. Monica! She was supposed to be away, visiting relatives!

"Look," she purred, stepping closer and crouching down in front of me, "I can appreciate a good oral job when I see one. But let me make you an offer."

I gaped, flabbergasted. This wasn’t the plan!

"We could argue and fight over him for the next few months, and you’d still lose and feel miserable. Or, I allow you two to have your fun, in exchange for another kind of oral job now and then."

The pointed look between her legs while she lay down left no doubts.

Bitch!I pushed the skirt up her soft, perfect thighs. Today was a day for firsts.

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