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A Dream of Love

A Dream of Love

A brief, intense dream of lesbian love
In my dreams, I come to you as you lie in your bed, naked under the covers. You have your back to me, but you stir as I slip, naked, into bed beside you. I have just got out of the shower, so I am hot and clean. I lie against you, my little breasts pressed into your back, my pubic mound against your smooth buttocks, my legs touching yours. I put my right arm over your chest, gently clasping your breast as I snuggle up closer. I wrap my right leg over your warm thigh and massage your leg with my foot. I want to melt into you. I rub my vulva against your bum, stimulating my clitoris and feeling my labia getting wet.

I whisper in your ear. “I was thinking about what you told me the other day; about when you were still unsure about yourself. The girl at college who asked you to come to bed with her, but you were afraid, and said ‘no’. Imagine I am her, but this time let me stay.”

My fingers graze over your right breast, feeling the dimples rising on your areola as your nipple rises in response to my touch. I kiss and nuzzle at your ear. I can feel your heart pounding. You’re tense, wanting to respond to my touch but scared to let yourself go, scared at how quickly and easily your nipple reacted. Still pressed against you, I massage your shoulder, feeling you slowly relax. I stroke down your arm, feeling for your hand. I take your hand in mine and squeeze it, reassuring you that this is good, that this is right.

Now for the first time you turn your face towards me. You smile at me, although there is a tear in your eye as well. You blink, and I kiss it from your face. You roll onto your back, and I gaze into your eyes, before bending to kiss your mouth. For long minutes our mouths press together. I could do anything with you, absolutely anything. My little hanging breasts touch your larger ones, both pairs of nipples aroused and hard.

The bed is warm. You have a hot water bottle by your side, and I can see, sticking out from underneath it, your glass dildo. I pull it out, feeling the heat it has absorbed. Clear and smooth, it is beautiful, almost a work of art. You part your legs, showing me your glistening vulva. Your legs are trembling, but I know you want what I can give you.

“Please, Annie,” you whisper. “You do it.”

I bend and kiss you again, giving my answer without speaking. You use your own fingers to spread your labia, offering me your pink glistening flesh, the little dark hole at its centre, looking too small to take the object in my hand. I touch your thigh tenderly, feeling the warm smooth toned flesh; a tremor ripples through your body.

I place the tip of the warm glass dildo at the mouth of your vagina. Gently I push it upwards and inwards, your hole expanding to take it. I push it as far up as I can without it slipping out of my fingers. With a twist of my wrist, I rotate it round and round inside you, letting the tip press against the soft spongy inside walls of your vaginal passage. I know this motion always excites me, and I hope it will do the same for you. I pull it out slowly, twisting all the time, trying to stimulate every part of you.

I look up at your face and smile lovingly at you. You look back at me, our eyes enrapt. You grab hold of the hot-water bottle and clasp it to your bare chest, taking its heat. I find your softest interior spot, and press the dildo into it. With my other hand, I find your hard clitoris in its little nest, and rub at it, making you gasp and bite your lip.

Your dildo is very slippery with your juices, your labia clinging to it as I begin to move it in and out of you, working up a rhythm on your clitoris at the same time. You thrust your hips up in time with the dildo, almost sucking it into your vagina. I can sense that your orgasm is close; I lower my face to your clitoris and suck it into my mouth as I push the dildo back into you. You cry out my name as your orgasm sweeps over you, and your vaginal muscles clutch at the dildo, holding it inside you. I keep sucking your clitoris, and feel your orgasm multiply, taking you over, your whole body shaking. You scream out in the dark, a primal cry from deep inside.

I let the dildo slip out of you, and hold you in my arms, feeling your convulsions subside, my bare skin feeling good against yours. You turn to face me, and wrap your arms and legs around me, clutching me to you, our lips kissing again. I don’t want you to let go. I just want you to hold me. In my dream, we fall asleep together, our warm bodies entwined. And this is how it ends.

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