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A Good Girl's Reward

Good girls get the best rewards.

My throat relaxed as my Master's stiff, demanding cock thrust firmly in. Lying supine and restrained to the padded table, I could do little more than wallow in the erotic sensation of having my throat thoroughly fucked. His powerful hands gripped the column of my neck firmly, thumbs caressing my skin as his stiff meat had its wicked way inside. I couldn't breathe when he pressed all the way in; I couldn't even moan.

He knew I loved the breath play. The air deprivation added a sharp edge to the lust coursing through my blood. He always made sure to give me the small bell to hold on to, that I would drop if anything went wrong and I needed it to stop. I had never even come close to dropping the bell.

The throat fuck alone would have been enough to send me to the edge. I loved being used for my Master's pleasure. This week, however, I had been an especially good girl. Master had felt a reward was in order. The pretty, busty, blue-eyed blonde currently suckling on my clit was that reward. He knew I loved blondes.

“Does my good girl like her treat?” said Master, as his cock filled my throat again.

My back arched off the table and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as the blonde with the magic tongue licked her way slowly up my sopping wet slit. The fingers of my restrained left hand were digging into the leather padding as I concentrated on not coming. He'd ordered me not to, until he said so.

I tried to nod through my pleasure. All I managed was to have the cock in my throat press deeper. A hand left my throat then tweaked a nipple strongly.

“What was that, slut?”

His cock left my throat and I gasped air, the rush of oxygen increasing my lust to near breaking point.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” I managed between gulps of air. Master pressed the wet tip of his cock to my lips and I immediately opened, ready and willing to take more. As he pressed in, the little blonde did something with her tongue and lips that made my eyes cross and ripped a guttural groan out of me right before Master's cock cut off my ability to speak.

Fuck, I was going to come. I was sure there was no stopping this. I fought it, even as my Master chuckled and pressed his cock further down my throat. He began fucking my throat in earnest, letting me have a breath every five or six strokes. I was teetering, my body on the edge of a great precipice. Suddenly the little blonde stopped and my Master stilled his motions, his cock just far enough out of my throat so that I could breathe. I quivered, shook, and breathed, somehow managing to hold off the climax that threatened to engulf me.

Master waited out my mind's fight for control, his hands never leaving my neck. I sucked and licked at the part of his cock still in my mouth, and his groans and sighs of appreciation helped soothe my raging pleasure.

Minutes later, Master squeezed my throat momentarily, his signal for me to stop. I ceased my oral ministrations, taking stock of my body. I felt lightheaded and blissfully good, even though I hadn't come. I could sense the blonde still nestled between my restrained and parted legs, waiting for Master's command. My entire being hummed from the dark desire, the sharp, all-consuming pleasure that he controlled in me. I waited for his command, as well.

Stroking my neck, Master said, “Again, pretty slut.”

I purred my delight, the sound abruptly cutting off as he pressed himself back into my throat. No doubt at his indication, the pretty blonde began nibbling and licking my pussy again. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized that the night had only just begun.


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