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A Hand In Need

Raw red scratches down my chest, a wet bruise along my neck and her soft, delicate hand wrapped around my cock. She stopped me from letting out a groan by biting down on my bottom lip. My lean body quivered as she tightened her grip and pushed me up against the cold wall. I turned my head to the side and took in a shaky breath as she rubbed her hand up and down my shaft. She cupped my balls into her free hand and fondled them.

The air was hot in the confinements of this small closet. I could feel tiny beads of sweat trickling down my chest, stinging me ever so slightly as they glazed over my scratch marks. As she began to pick up the pace pumping my cock harder and faster, my legs began to buckle.

She smirked as pre-cum drizzled out. She scooped a little up onto her fingers and placed them into her mouth. She licked her lips before getting down onto her knees. Her warm breath against my skin made me shiver. She stuck out her tongue and teasingly ran circles around my bulging tip. I swallowed hard, I was desperate for more. I grabbed the back of her head and caressed it as she began devouring all of me into her mouth. I closed my eyes as she sucked on my cock like no tomorrow. I clenched onto her hair even tighter and gently began thrusting my hips.

Suddenly we both jumped at the sound of the front door closing.

She wiped the corner of her mouth before quickly standing up and brushing herself down. My heart raced as I fixed myself. She placed her index finger on her lips before pressing her ear against the door.

“Viola! Are you home?”

She stayed there intently listening, waiting for the voice to go upstairs. Once the coast was clear she kissed me and ran her hand over my crotch.

“I’ll finish this off some other time okay?” she said softly.

Voila took hold of my hand and led us out of the closet.


I sighed as I flung myself down onto my bed. I was bothered by thoughts of Voila and I in the closet. Our sex affair had been going on for some time now. While I knew plain and well what we were doing was wrong, I could never cut ties with her. Viola had something about her that I couldn’t get away from. She was so sensual, so possessive, so dominant…

A simple touch or whisper in my ear would have me ready to do whatever. I never thought I’d find myself caught up in an affair. Especially one with my classmate’s mother. But Voila was so sexy and she wanted me. She often complained about how her husband never satisfied her as much as I did. Only I was able to make her scream and cum as hard as she did. We worked well together, but it was still so wrong.

My cock hardened in my pants as I thought about my sex escapades with Voila. I stripped myself down to my boxers, and slowly pulled it out. Images of her ass cheeks spread wide and her erect nipples between my fingers raced through my mind. I sunk deeper into my bed as the pleasurable sensation my hand was causing travelled across my body.

I murmured her name as I rubbed myself. I thought about the way she would say my name when I was deep inside her, or when my face was buried between her legs. My balls twitched as I stroked myself even faster. I thought about Viola bent over the dresser in the closet and me pounding her. It was almost as if I could feel her wet pussy around my cock, and that sent me over the edge. I grunted as I climaxed, spewing cum onto my abdomen and laid there breathlessly…

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