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A moment in time: the taking

A moment in time: the taking

A moment is captured, as is Cath

We had sparred, and she had pouted and walked out. She was a high maintenance lover, but worth every minute; not that she ever saw it that way. That was what made it high maintenance work. Part of the difficulty was that the bitchier she got, the more turned on I got. If only she could be brought to see that; but then again, perhaps that wasn’t the best idea I’d ever had.

The door opened. She still seemed to be in a mood. Her pink hair, slim body and utter ignorance of her sexiness, had their usual effect on me.

“Fuck,” she said, “I want you, anytime, anywhere.”

“What,” I said, “like a Martini?” I giggled. She looked puzzled. It was the age thing again. She was half my age, and references to old advertising slogans passed her by, in much the way references to computer games did with me. But what the hell, I thought, was there a cue in that statement? I might as well act as though there were.

I stood up, away from the table, and raised my skirt, in case I got lucky.

She looked at me, standing there, skirt raised, showing my high cut, black silk panties.

“Am I going to get lucky?” I asked, smiling.

She smiled back, her mood switching.

“Yes you are, you bitch.”

She leaned in, reaching down sliding her hand across my panties, pressing down, feeling for a wet spot. She kissed my lip, then nibbled and pulled on my bottom lip. Maintaining eye contact, she slid her hand down my body to my knees. She inched closer, taking a deep breath.

“I love your scent, Cath.”

Still maintaining eye contact, she sank to her knees, then flicked her tongue out, dragging it across my panties, not taking her eyes off mine.

I blushed, gave a little moan, and felt myself getting wetter.

Finding the wet spot on them, she begin to lap at it. After making the spot bigger, she looked up, grinned, looking me directly in the eyes.

“You are such a slut for me, Cath.”

“It is your fault, Just, you know the effect you have on me.”

She grinned, motioning me to raise my skirt higher.

She grabbed my hips and slowly pulled my panties down. Still keeping her eyes on me, she slid them off, and nuzzled her face between my folds. She brought my panties to my face.

Blushing, I sniffed them.

She exposed the wet spot for me, and I put out my tongue. She moved her mouth to mine, sucking on my tongue through the thin panties. I could not only taste myself, and her, I could smell me.

"I'm keeping these," she smiled. She pulled them up and put them on, my wetness against her.

She moaned as she felt them slide across her skin, dropping down to her knees. Still looking up, she took long drags of her tongue across my flesh. As I widened my legs, she pushed her face up and under me, straddling my face. I moaned.

Her tongue flicked at my clit, my eyes screamed: "WANT!"

She uttered one word: "NEED?"

Blushing, I nodded and mouthed: "YES."

She ran her hands up and down my legs, sliding them up to grab at my breasts through my blouse. My nipples stiffened. I looked at her with deep desire.

"You are so good, darling," I whispered.

She grabbed me, and buried her mouth against me.

It hit me. I was standing, skirt up, no panties, my lover looking; I never wanted the moment to end.

Her eyes never left me as she ate my wet cunt. Her mouth made all kinds of lewd noises. My scent filled the air, as her mouth worked on me. I rubbed her shoulders as she licked me.

Her tongue settled on my clit. Then she sucked on it, long, and hard, flicking it. Working my clit between her lips, she stuck her index finger deep into me, thrusting it in and out, fast.

I rode her finger. I looked at her, aware I was behaving like such a wanton woman. She licked me as I began to bounce up and down, caught in the moment.

“I love you, Just,” I moaned.

She slipped another finger in, in between bounces. Then she kissed me, letting me taste myself on her lips.

As the same time she thrust her fingers in and out, curling them. I felt my legs tense, my tummy rippling – and I came. I came and I came, drenching her. I was exhausted.

As the mist cleared she was there, looking, loving. I smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Well," she said, “since you must have given me a dozen yesterday, I guessed you might like one in exchange. Besides, you can return the compliment tonight."

“I think we have now made up," I said.

She smiled.

"We'll see, now go and get tidied up, you slut."


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