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A Very Naughty Girl - On the Bus to Work

A Very Naughty Girl - On the Bus to Work

Melissa has an unexpected encounter on the bus to work

At seven in the morning, I found myself waiting at the bus stop for what would be another boring Friday. My only consolation was that it was the last day of my shift work for yet another week.

I listened to the music on my iPod as I looked at the few people in the bus queue; trying my best to make them out to be attractive or sexy and putting them in situations that I found horny, anything to relieve the boredom of waiting in the cold. There were few people waiting for this bus, at this time in the morning.

The number twenty-three bus rounded the corner and I snapped out of dreamland. I got on the bus, flashed my card at the driver and sat in one of the slightly elevated seats in the centre of the bus. Just below me was a young looking man, even though his hoodie partly obscured most of his face. He took up the better part of a double seat, not that I would have wanted to sit next to him anyway, as he could have been a nutter. I always seem to sit next to nutters these days.

As the bus pulled away I settled into my forty minute journey; jostled by the movement of the bus I rested my shoulder against the window. I happened to look down on matey below me and I could see quite clearly over his shoulder.

I felt my mouth drop open, ever so slightly, and I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Thankfully, they hadn’t.

I cricked my neck a bit and leant forward ever so slightly to look over his shoulder again. I was right the first time. I couldn’t believe anyone would do that, but he was. I rewarded myself with a smile as I decided what to do next. I pondered a while on my approach but I didn’t want to frighten him.

I wanted to tease him. Make him feel embarrassed.

At first, I let out a firm but obvious sigh, but not too loud, as I didn’t want other passengers on the bus to know what was going on. There was no reaction; obviously I was too subtle in my approach.

As I looked over his shoulder my pussy started to get wet. It always did this to me, sometimes for the smallest of reasons. No doubt there would be a slight wet patch on the seat.

I leant forward a little and tapped him on the shoulder. “Would you mind going back to the video with the black guy in it, his cock was so fucking huge!”

The guy looked up at me, his face still partly covered by his hoodie. It was his turn to open his mouth wide.

“Please,” I said, “that video was so fucking hot.”

He just looked at me in disbelief. He looked at his phone, his finger hovered over the back button and he pressed it.

He glanced up at me, “Where did ya get to?”

“Not sure,” I said, “I think she was about to take it up her arse!”

He nodded, like he knew exactly where that was. He dragged the position bar to about three-quarters of the way along and smiled proudly as the guy in the video was about to impale the pale skinned blonde with his black cock, up her arse.

He lifted his phone a bit higher, “Good enough for you?”

I nodded, “Oh! Fuck, yes…”

I watched the video for a while, all the time I felt droplets ooze out of my wet pussy and onto the seat. I was amazed at how she was taking his cock, especially when the camera position moved to face the woman. I watched in anticipation as her orgasm developed, her eyes slid upwards and her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ shape before she rocked her body forwards slightly.

“She’s fucking cumming,” I told him. He flicked the phone in his direction so that he too could see the look on her face.

He glanced at me and whispered, “Is that how you like it?”

I opened my legs, raising my bum slightly off the seat as I did so. My short skirt rose upwards and to the sides of my legs. With my left leg almost into the aisle, he had an uninterrupted view of my wet pussy.

“What do you think?” I told him.

He looked at my pussy. You could tell he wasn’t accustomed to girls like me, but then it was his fault for watching porn on the way to work. I was a mere spectator. I just sat there in total disbelief watching him and the porn stars in the video. It wasn’t my fault I got turned on – right!

“I’m so fucking wet. You could easily get a finger or two in there…” I commented.

Next thing I know, he was handing me his phone. I mean, who the fuck gives a stranger their phone with porn showing on it. I watched as the black man pulled the blonde’s hips towards him and I felt myself get wetter as his cock thrust up inside her. He fucked her hard, very hard, and she took every inch. The scene suddenly skipped to where she was on her back on the bed with his cock parting her anus in the most delicate way. It slowly slid inside. I was mesmerised by the eroticism of it. Not that I considered being fucked up the arse as erotic you understand.

Mr. Hoodie, eventually slipped his hand between the bars of the seat and I felt a finger slide into me. He never even touched my thigh, just a finger, straight into my wet and waiting pussy.

“You had better make me cum, sonny boy,” I told him, “otherwise I’m reporting you for indecent behaviour on public transport. I have your phone and…I’m a copper!”

His face was a picture.

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