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A Very Naughty Girl – Takes a Facial

A Very Naughty Girl – Takes a Facial

A very naughty girl is desperate and in need of spunk, lot’s of spunk.
It was Friday night and I was feeling just a little too horny to allow my feelings to pass without doing anything about them. I found myself breathing heavily, pawing at my tits through the thin fabric of my new blouse and squeezing my pussy lips between my thighs. I needed to get some cock.

I soon found myself showered and partially made up and on my way to my favourite swinger’s club. I hadn’t dressed to please because I knew I would soon be naked and getting all the cock I so desperately needed.

I arrived at twelve midnight, stripped naked in the dressing area, well I did keep my hold-up stockings on, and headed to the open bedroom just off the main reception room and bar area. I looked from left to right as I entered the room and made deliberate eye contact with a few guys on my way through. One of them I knew and I sidled up to him at the bar, slid my hand under his towel that he had wrapped around his waist and promptly started to fist his cock. We exchanged a few words and then I whispered my naughty suggestion in his ear.

We walked towards the main open bedroom area and I knelt down on my knees. I pulled at his towel and as it fell to the floor I engulfed his cock between my red lips. My hand came up and I pumped his cock furiously as I sucked on the end of his knob.

I could see two more blokes taking an interest in me out of the corner of my eye.

As I sucked and swallowed, my hand pumped his cock at the base. I then started to fondle his balls and soon I could feel the tension and my mind started to swim with expectation. I knew his spunk was about to flood into me and I made long slow strokes with my lips. As soon as he exploded the first jet of liquid silk into my mouth I pulled back from his cock and let him pump the rest onto my face and hair. I felt jet after jet hit me in the face, lips and finally his last drops dribbled onto my tits.

As I looked at him, smiling, I rubbed the spunk into my flesh. My finger gathered some of his spunk up and I spooned it into my mouth and swallowed. This seemed to be enough encouragement for the two other men watching from the side. I smiled at them.

Soon I had two new cocks wanting attention. I quickly swallowed the smallest one and pumped the largest with my fist. It wasn’t long before Mr. Small started to spunk into my mouth and I once again let his cock fall from my mouth as he did so. His spunk splashed onto my tits before he realised what had happened and he quickly grabbed it and aimed the rest of his seed onto my face. The second guy took his cock from me and I waited as he wanked his tool until he too shot his spunk over me. He was a true gusher and covered me several times. His spunk was flowing between my breast and I only just managed to scoop it up with them and massage it into me before it hit the floor.

It was then that I caught the attention of a couple to my right. She had walked straight up to me and as the guy was squeezing out the last drop over my face she bent down and kissed me. She quickly lay down on the floor in front of me and I felt her hands come up around my arse. Her black husband was standing in front of me with a good ten inches of hard cock. I smiled at him as I lifted my leg up and moved forward over her face. I sat my pussy down onto her waiting lips and I felt my insides do cartwheels as her lips and tongue contacted my pussy. She lapped at me as I reached forward to grab at her husband’s cock and lead it into my mouth.

I sucked on it hard, I pushed my mouth over it and as far down as I could. I absolutely loved big hard cocks. I grabbed at his balls and fondled them. My eyes rolled in my head as I felt her tongue slowly bring me to orgasm. I felt my body go weak at the knees as I crumpled on top of her. She lapped relentlessly and then she contacted my clit and sucked on it. I had put both my hands on his hips. I couldn’t do anything constructive, not while she was sucking me to orgasm. I panted, moaned and sighed. He did the honest thing and started to pump his hardon himself. With his cock inches away from my face, and me, digging my nails into his arse as I came, he spunked all over my face. My body juddered as my orgasm coursed through me.

After a few minutes locked in post-orgasmic bliss, I smiled at her and she lifted herself up, once again she kissed me, and said how heavenly the experience was. She knew I needed to cum as well.

Having seemed to exhaust all the spare men in the whole club, I stood up and headed for the shower. I looked at it and decided I couldn’t be bothered and just smothered the spunk all over my upper body and tits. I put on my white blouse. It stuck to me and I could see the mixed spunk soak into the virgin material. I had just bought the blouse and it needed to be christened. I left the club at two in the morning, got in my car and drove home almost wishing to be stopped by the police. 

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