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At Her Command

He's hot for teacher, and her punishments leave him pleading for more!
Her eighteen year old student lies prone over her desk, naked, each muscle flexed, each sinew taught. His snow white skin, glistens with perspiration. He pulls against the soft rope that binds his wrists to one leg of the furniture. Now he's trapped, at her command.

She stands beside the desk snapping her black latex gloves into place. “Time to get hard for me lover!” she smiles. Her words make him hard.

She crawls onto the desk over him. She presses her body to him; her curves. She presses her heavy round breasts to his chest. She licks her cherry red lips, holding them close to his, so he can imagine her kiss, and inhale her sweet breath.

His cock swells as she takes it roughly in her fist and holds it upright. She pulls his foreskin back and presses her heavy round breasts down so that he is caught in her cleavage for a moment; then she draws back. He groans as his cock lengthens in her fingers.

She flicks her dark hair back from her face and licks her lips slowly. She moves her hand up and down and he throws his head back. He groans.

He bites his lip.

“That’s right lover,” she hisses, “just lie back and take it. You can’t stop me now!”

Her hand rises and falls working like a piston, pumping his stiff rod into the grip of her hand, up and down, up and down, over and over, harder, harder and faster until he is grunting and pulling against his bonds. He's her student now. Learning his lesson fully.

With her free hand she cups his balls. They are heavy with cum, ready to unload, if she pleases. She squeezes hard and he struggles.

“Oh fuck stop!” he hisses through clenched teeth turning his head to one side. She pumps him hard, raising her fist up so that his swollen cock head in engulfed in the tightness of her latex palm, and then she pushes down again. Faster and faster she works, ignoring his whimpering and feeble pleas. She grips him.

“Oh fuck stop!” he grinds his teeth together and snarls. “It’s not right! I’m going to come all over the place!”

“Yes you are,” she smiles as she beats his cock in her tight fist, feeling the shaft grow rigid and pulse hard. "You're going to cum. Just for me."

“Ahh!” he cries, and his body flexes. His balls tighten against his body and he raises his tight buttocks from the desk arching his back.

“Come for teacher!” she drawls, leaning down and flicking the head of his cock with the heat an wetness of her tongue. She leans back as he shudders and starts to spurt. He mutters, “Oh God, oh God, oh God!” as she milks the cum from him with a flick of her wrist.

The thick white goo arcs in the air, falling onto his belly and thighs, and across her shining black latex gloves. She should make him lick it up. But that's too much for now. 

When his cock is limp in her fist she releases him and smacks him firmly across the face with her wet fingers. She snaps the latex gloves from her hands and casts them to the floor beside the desk and turns with a sway of her hips and a wicked glint in her eye.

“Don’t ever be late for my class again!” she warns.

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