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At The Point Of Orgasm

Melissa wanted it. Deep penetration and one very big orgasm.

Sometimes, you just have a deep longing for something. For some people it’s finding their true love, for others it’s that red Ferrari they have always wanted. Everyone is different but we all crave something.  Right!

I crave something too. I know exactly what it is and I have taken a long, long time to find it.

My craving grew and grew over the years, partly due to the different types of boyfriends that I have encountered in my life. A few have been really good lovers, but it has to be said, that the majority have been lacking in one department in particular. You can’t always tell from their charm, or their good looks, what they have dangling between their legs.

I have never been the sort of girl that looked for love, not deep love in any case. I mean, we all want to feel loved but I guess I can separate the sex from that loving feeling. A lot of people can’t.

At the tender age of twenty three, I can safely say that I have been blessed with a fair number of sexual partners. All of them have been men, and all handsome. A couple were keepers but – the search goes on as they say.

My craving is simple. Orgasms brought on by deep penetration.

I love having them, what girl doesn’t? But more than that, I love losing control when I have them. I want to feel as if I am in a different world, where my brain doesn’t know what is happening but can sense that something pleasurable is. All I want to hear is my screams; that is if I can make a sound in the first place. All I want to smell is the aroma of sex; of a pussy being pounded to oblivion. I want to feel my own juices trickle down my legs and stain the fabric of whatever I am pinned to. I want to hear the sound of sex, the slushing noise of a hard cock slipping into a wet and waiting cunt and I want to feel oblivious to the sensations that flow over me. I want to feel filled and pushed as far as I can go and at the end –I want to my eyes to roll back into my head while my mouth opens wide to emit that perfect scream as I shake and shiver.

In a nutshell, I want to feel fucked.

That was what it was like with Brian. I wanted him from the moment I saw him and I made it obvious. He seemed to like white blondes, which made the chase far too easy. Brian had a big cock; the biggest I had ever seen and I had high hopes for our time together. I was not disappointed.

Believe me when I say, that I can deep throat most cocks, but Brian’s defeated me. I held my hands up to the guy, he was big and hard and I knew that I would thoroughly enjoy getting fucked by him.

Our session was steamy; not your regular kisses and fondles start to the early afternoon. Our kisses were passionate and deep. Our hands meandered with an urgency that was unfettered.  My blouse was ripped in the process of removing it; not by him, by me. I wanted it off quickly so that he could get his hands on my breasts and squeeze my nipples.

I remember sliding my hand down his trunks as he was wrestling with his trousers, shoes and socks. My hand came up on his cock and I followed it. And followed it. And followed it.

My eyes closed, I smiled and uttered those immortal words, ‘Oh, Fuck!

Oh fuck, it was too. By the time we were naked I dropped to my knees and tried taking him. That was when I realised I had met my match and that he was going to take some time to get used to. I eventually gave up.

I shook my head and he smiled at me; as if he knew what the outcome would be.

Standing up, I grabbed his cock and led him to the leather covered bench that stood in front of the patio windows; overlooking the lush gardens and lit by the bright sun. We kissed passionately and I told him what I liked; I couldn’t have him turn nice on me, not now.

I found myself in heaven when his cock entered me for the first time. After a few strokes I found myself prostrate on all fours mewling like a kitten. My legs splayed out to the side, my body flat on the sofa and my breasts pressed hard into the hot fabric. My hair flopped over my shoulders and I could feel every inch of his hard cock penetrate and take me.

I kept the pose and just let him take control; holding my hands out to the side for stability and pushing my bottom back towards him when I could.

All I could smell was pussy; perfect, I thought. I could feel him stretch me, pound deep inside me. When he moved his hand from the small of my back to my hips I could feel my orgasm build.

He fucked me hard and fast; his cock pushing at my limits, stretching me. I didn’t need to look into his eyes at all.

And that was when I lost it. That was when my mouth opened, a scream escaped and my orgasm struck home. It was wonderful, perfect, just what I wanted. Needed. Craved.

But he never stopped, despite being close to shooting his load inside me, he kept going. I found myself ride from the first to the second orgasm in just a few hard strokes.  My mind was delirious.

With my hands out wide I felt myself get pushed into the leather bench, my eyes rolled, my mouth opened.

This time, the scream was beyond belief.

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