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I awaken to find another...

I awoke this morning to the feeling of you with me, the gentle warmth of your body against my backside and my legs. I could almost feel your soft breath against my neck as you lay behind me, my body covered in the aroma of our lovemaking from the prior evening. Eyes barely opening, seeing the outline of you in my bed, smiling as you lay there peacefully.

My desire for you as I awake even stronger than last night, the love you gave me felt so wonderful. My body was your playground as you pleased me over and over, never ceasing until my mouth was dry, voice hoarse, and my lips were wet. My desire to please you being the only thing on my mind as I reach out with my lips to kiss you softly. My kiss awakening you from one dream only to find another in front of you - or maybe they are the same?

I smile as I see your eyes opening through the haze of morning, so beautiful almost as wonderful as your soul behind those windows. My hands barely touching your bare skin next to me, my mind still in a dream like state - being able to touch you, feel you next to me. My heart skips as I kiss your cheek, then slowly covering your sternum with butterflies. Feeling your breasts press against me as I kiss lower, my hands holding onto your hips as I go down. My breath warm and wanting of you; I know what I must do, as if nature herself drives me lower.

A soft growl escapes my throat as I nibble my way to your center, my hands pushing your hips above me to show what I have truly desired. My nostrils fill of your aroma as my need for you increases, I want to taste you and give you all of the pleasure that you have given me and more. I open my mouth for a second and reconsider as I purse my lips and kiss your clit so gently.

I can think of nothing else but to kiss you over and over, softly laying my lips on yours as I taste you. Your faint flavor so delicious I cannot stop myself from kissing you more and more. Lips covering your labia as I feel your legs spread over me, my kisses traveling up and down their length. My desires for you overwhelming all of my hesitation at this early hour, as I cover your lips with long, wet kisses - the teasing making dampness flow from you.

My need to taste you and my kisses are rewarded with each passing moment as I taste you. I want more as I pierce your lips with my tongue, tasting your flowing flavors.. wanting more and more of you with every lick. My gentle lapping opening you as well, as I feel your body pushing into my mouth. My mind reels knowing how much we both want this, how much both of us are enthralled with this feeling of love and desire.

I want this fleeting moment to last forever, as if it will never come again. The moment where we both know how much we desire each other, need each other. Nothing but you will do for the rest of my existence, and you desire nothing but me underneath you. My tongue sliding in between your lips, tasting how wonderful you are.

My senses awakening more, almost eye-opening as I slide my tongue deeper into you. You surrounding my tongue with your wetness, your flesh, your desire. As I slide into you I taste your wetness flowing into my mouth, all I can think of is the motion of my tongue and my fingertips holding onto you, not wanting to ever let you slip away. Tasting more of you as I feel you pushing down onto me, your hips matching my tongue’s rhythm.

All I hear is moans, not knowing whose they are echoing from, opening my mouth to drink you as I feel your muscles stop and tense for a brief moment. Knowing what comes next, I await the bliss to be shared between. Your eyes close as your body reaches the climax we both want... taking you in and making your nectar a part of me. I feel you gush, as if a small dam has broken and your last moan echoes through my room.

I open my eyes and look above me, and no one is there. Such a lucid dream to have in the morning, our lovemaking from the night before remaining a part of me until I woke up. I am saddened that you are gone, and I reach below to feel how excited I was to have you. Knowingly I release a soft moan as I feel the need for my hand to stay there for a while longer.


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