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Bath time fun

Tags: bath, candles
A greeting at the door leads to a bath and a night of fun
I open the door to find our place lit just with candles and you come to meet me at the door wearing a housecoat. You take my bag and toss it aside and lead me to the bathroom where a bath is run. Again, the bathroom is just lit with candles and I can see the steam rising from the water. It is evident that you ran the bath just for me. Rose petals are floating lazily in the water and from somewhere you have the sound of a bubbling stream playing.

You turn me to face you and slowly unbutton my shirt. You lightly run your fingers up my stomach to rest your hands on my chest. You give me a long kiss as you slip my shirt off my shoulders and wrap your arms around my neck. You part your lips from mine and bite my lower lip as you run your hands along my chest again.

You turn your attention to my pants now. Unbuttoning my jeans and lowering the zipper. Very careful not to touch my crotch more than necessary, you remove the lower part of my clothes. The socks are an easy item and I am standing in front of you in just my underwear. You smile as you look at the bulge that you have created. You ever so slowly, and without touching the bulging package at all, slide my underwear down and off. You kiss me again and guide me to the bath tub, telling me to get in.

I sink into the blissfully warm water and you tell me to close my eyes and relax. I lay back and release my breath, feeling my entire body relax slightly. Your hands are on my shoulders and it seems like you had pulled up a seat and set it at the head of the bath tub. You kiss my forehead and tell me to dampen my hair. Your hands move up from my shoulders and on to my head. Your fingers run through my hair, massaging my head and helping me to relax even more. Your fingers have always worked magic on me before, but this.. This is something extraordinary. This is serenity. It is heaven. It is indescribable. Time shifts and looses its meaning as you work your magic and then it is gone. Your hands had left my head and it feels like no time has passed at all. How do you do that?

You kiss my forehead again and kiss your way down to my lips. There is a long kiss as we let our mouths make love to each other. You hold my arms down against the tub, making sure that I can't touch you as we kiss. We kiss for another long moment before you pull away and rest your now naked chest on my face, teasing me. I didn't even know that you had gotten undressed!! You tell me that you were naked the entire time, just under the housecoat. That excites me and you can see me jump under the water. You smile and kiss me again as you go to pull the plug on my bath.

With the water drained you grab a towel and dry me off. You toss the towel aside when you are satisfied with your work and grab my erect crotch (the first time you touched it since I got home) and lead me to our bedroom. Candles line the dresser and bedside tables. Once in the bedroom you push me up against the wall and kiss me deeply and passionately, pressing your naked body hard into mine. Your hips start pressing into mine and I can feel my cock sliding against you. It feels wonderful!! You pull your lips away from mine and look me in the eyes, your hips continuing to rub against me. I can sense your want and know that it was because you sensed my own want. You look beautiful, standing naked in front of me, lit only by candle light.

You throw yourself into me again, kissing me hard before taking me to the bed and pushing me down. You climb on top of me, straddling me and slowly impaling your soaking wet pussy with my rock hard cock. There is no resistance as you slide down my shaft, taking me deep inside you. The smile on your face as you close your eyes tells me all is right. I love being inside you. It makes me feel that I belong and that I could stay there forever. We were made for each other, completely compatible.

After long moments of enjoying the sensation of filling you, you begin to slowly move your hips. So slowly in fact that I don't even notice it at first until you start to pick up speed. You start gyrating your hips, circling my cock. You bend to kiss me and, holding me, roll us over so that I am now on top. I kiss you again and start to pump in and out of you. You are so wet and push me to go harder and faster. Screw the romantic notions that we started the night with. You want to cum and you want me to cum too. You guide me to a hard and fast rhythm and arch your back. Your legs wrap around me and your nails scratch my back. There is even a bit of biting on my shoulder as you cum. The sounds of you cumming pushes me over the edge and I slide out of you, stroking furiously as I cum as well, shooting up your stomach and my hot sticky cum lands on your chest. Breathing heavily, I kiss you and help you clean up. Once everything is cleaned and the candles are out we lay in bed completely naked and wrap ourselves in a warm blanket. We fall asleep in each others arms with smiles on our faces anticipating the mornings sex session.
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