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Bedside Manner

Bedside Manner

Immobile in a hospital bed with a nurse trying hard to ignore his erection.
Edward was being driven mad by his erection. He wanted nothing more than to tear the plaster casts from his arms and touch himself, anything for a chance to come after so long immobile in this foreign hospital, surrounded by staff that spoke no English. He hardly noticed it was nearly five, nearly time for his favourite nurse to appear.

Over the weeks of slow recovery since the skiing accident, Edward had been cursed with more and more painful erections, made worse by the pulleys and weights on his bed, trapping him in place, unable to even touch it. 

The clock hit five and she walked in as usual, the most beautiful nurse he’d ever known. He could feel his cock throb as she leaned over him to fluff up his pillows, the top buttons of her blouse undone, the swell of her breasts just visible. A simple lean forwards and he could have buried his face in them.

Gently she tugged down the waistband of his pyjama trousers, placing her bowl of warm water on the bed beside her as always. She raised her eyebrows when she saw his erection and Edward mouthed an apology, his cheeks burning. She began washing his thighs, wiping her sponge across his hips before running it along the length of his cock, cleaning him thoroughly.

Edward felt so frustrated. He knew she’d dry him down and leave in a moment, he’d be alone again, desperate to come and counting down the hours until tomorrow’s bedbath. As she leant towards him to wipe his stomach, he thrust his hips upwards, ignoring the pain in his injured limbs.

The tip of his cock brushed the lips of the nurse and she looked up at him, her mouth opening slightly as she frowned. He didn't know she was trying to decide what to do. She’d ignored his erection for as long as she could, but now it was so close to her face she could smell his manly scent. Was he ashamed of it? Would he scream if she licked it? She’d wanted to since the first time she’d seen this handsome man wheeled into the private room. Surely her job was to make her patients feel better?

Dipping the sponge in the water, the nurse ran it along the length of his shaft, holding the base in her free hand, keeping her mouth near the tip of him, breathing onto him. Edward gasped as hot water trickled down his throbbing cock, unconsciously thrusting his hips upward again. The nurse squeezed his tool with her hand, running her fingers up to the head, drawing out a single drop of precum, licking her lips as she stared at his cock.

She began to slide her hand up and down his shaft, leaning ever closer, opening her mouth slightly and planting a kiss on the tip of him, making him gasp out loud as his cock twitched uncontrollably at the feel of her soft wet lips.

Feeling a heat building inside her, the nurse let her tongue slip out to taste the salty drop coating the head of his cock. Taking a deep breath she sank her mouth onto him, gliding over his shaft until he was all the way inside her mouth.

With her free hand, she cupped his balls as she lifted her head off him, glancing upwards to stare at his unbelieving face as she began to jerk her hand up and down, convincing herself she was just cleaning him, wiping away any dirt from his body, doing her job.

He groaned out loud as she gripped him tightly in her hand, watching her mouth sink back onto his erection, her tongue running over his veiny shaft, feeling him twitch again as he grew closer to a long awaited orgasm.

Hearing a sound in the corridor, the nurse moved away suddenly, grabbing the sponge and wiping the head of his cock with hot water, rubbing away her saliva, putting a finger to her lips until the noise of footsteps faded away. She hungrily sucked him into her mouth again and he began to pant for breath, hips thrusting towards her face as she flicked her tongue over his cock, her hands a blur on his shaft, wanting only to help her patient, to ease his frustration, to taste his spunk.

She dreamt of lifting her skirt, pulling her knickers aside and guiding him up into her soaking wet pussy, grinding her hips against his and making him come inside her. She knew she couldn’t do that though, despite her desire. She'd resisted so far, but it was getting more and more difficult. She pictured it in her mind as she sucked and licked his red hot tool, desperate to taste his cum, thinking of his length in her, rubbing her clit as she rode him to a mutual orgasm.

She pulled her head backwards before sinking all the way onto him again, her lips reaching the base of his cock as he twitched uncontrollably in her mouth. Seconds later his long awaited climax tore through him, a jet of cum spurted out and sprayed the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly and let him slide back out from her lips, thinking he was done. She blinked in surprise as his tool twitched again and a second load of cum flew through the air, landing on her lips. She licked it away before picking up the bowl and smiling down at her sweating patient, blowing him a kiss.

Leaning down she gave the head of his cock a final lick before pulling his pyjama bottoms back up and leaving the room quietly. Edward sighed, his eyes drawn to the clock, trying to work out how best to pass the time before she returned to give him his next bed bath.

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