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Bending Over

I took advantage of my small skirt and bent over low
From the moment he walked into the store I knew I wanted him.

I knew I wanted his cock to pound away at my pussy until he buried his cum deep inside of me.

He entered with his girlfriend by his side, holding her hand and smiling at her. They split off just inside the entrance, presumably to get the shopping done faster.


He walked over to the section I was standing in, looking at the meat on display, and I subtly brushed past him, making sure to push my large breasts against him. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him looking me up and down, giving me the once over.

I took advantage of my small skirt and bent over low, pretending to look at the meat, giving him a full view of my panty-less pussy. I knew he could see the pussy juice dripping down my leg. I spotted the growing tent in his pants.

I motioned for him to follow me as I slowly made my way to the janitor’s closet; icky, I know, but convenient and good for a quick fuck.

He closed the door behind him and turned around to face me, a sneaky, arrogant smile growing on his face. He violently pulled my top over my head, his hands instantly groping and pulling at my braless tits. He sucked on them before yanking down my skirt, leaving me completely nude.

I smiled as I pulled off his top, dragging my fingernails down his abs, making him groan. I pulled his shorts down, his boxers with them, revealing a monster cock.

His girlfriend would surely be more than satisfied; no wonder she was happy.

I licked the head gently, providing some lubrication, though I doubted he needed any. My pussy was dripping wet and hungry for his cock.

He pulled me up and pushed me against the door, kissing me all over. 

In one, swift, quick movement, he buried himself in me.

My legs shook as my pussy painfully stretched, trying hastily to adjust itself to his monstrous length. Giving me no time to adjust whatsoever, he started to pound away at my poor little pussy.

I ground back, taking him deeper, ignoring the pain. I wanted to orgasm on his cock and I wanted his cum inside me.

He pulled at my tits, flicking my nipples and leaning down to bite them, emitting gasps from me. His hand covered my mouth to stop me from making any noise, while his other hand reached down and started to ferociously rub my clit.

Then, it happened.

My eyes rolled back as I orgasmed, my legs shook around his waist. My vision went dark as euphoria blanketed my body in a thick haze, reaching down into the depths of my mind, nourishing every pore.

I felt him erupt inside me, spurring on my orgasm further, blasting seven thick gushes of his beautiful cum inside of me.

As I gained my strength back, I stood up and started to dress myself, I opened the door and closed it behind me, walking towards the exit of the store.

At the exit, I turned back to see his girlfriend looking for him, frantically searching for him. She spotted the half-open janitor door.


Guess I hadn’t shut it after all.

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