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Black Sheep

What am I doing here? she asked herself.

Had she traveled nearly two thousand miles for this? It would be a tranquil place if the valley wasn’t cluttered with intoxicated youths.

It all seemed wrong now.

Hours of thought had gone into this cross-country road trip. Now here she was, smashed against foreign bodies, but completely alone in the crowd. Her friends were becoming amorphous and blending in with the rowdy cluster, but she could still see them sharing the company of a guy they had met.

That was a threesome she had no intention of joining.

The final rays of sunlight found her freckled shoulders making her gauzy tube-top stick to the salty perspiration in the crook of her back.

She fiddled with the elastic on her maxi skirt as her mind wandered back to the miens of her family members as she told them about the music festival.

Nobody in her family understood her. It was such dramatic a teenage cliché, but true nonetheless. She had always been the black sheep, a reject with different values. Her mother called it ‘a waste of time’ as her backpack laid open on the hardwood floor with her pair of white Chuck Taylors peeking out. It was simply a week long, post-graduation indulgence that her parents weren’t going to obstruct.

She shook the negative thoughts from her mind and tried to focus on the electric melodies. The songs weren’t familiar, but she found herself humming along to them, wanting to savor every moment of the music.

It was well into the midnight hour as the electronic band concluded their performance and left the stage. She considered heading off to the hotel she would be staying at and getting some well needed rest, but another band took the stage and began to strum their acoustic guitars with languid movements.

Beautiful, silky folk music surrounded the valley. The crowd began to dwindle down making it into an intimate serenade. She began to walk closer to the stage, struggling to get a better view. There was a perfect gap between the shoulders of two rather tall guys, but the space was occupied again by the time she arrived.

She dug her clean sneakers into the grass and tried to get a better look at the stage, but immediately regretted it as she tripped on the bottom of her skirt and began to fall forward. Her fingers latched onto his loose, cotton t-shirt as she fought to conceal her clumsiness.

She could feel him beginning to turn to help as an apology in gibberish started to leak from her lips. “I’m so clumsy, sorry about that,” she sighed as she noticed one of the most charming features on any human being she had seen in her eighteen years of existence. There was something in his smile, reassurance perhaps. She couldn’t help but take a mental picture of it to file away.

He was sexy, dead sexy. In fact, he was the kind of sexy that sets cheeks on fire and turns tongues into knotted up pieces of pink taffy.

“No worries,” he replied with ease as he took her hand and tugged her to the spot with the perfect view. “You shouldn’t miss this performance.”

She felt comfortable in the company of this attractive guy with great musical taste. The music was soft, but loud at the same time, making it hard to have an extensive conversation. The lyrics were getting increasingly sensual and she could feel the weight of his gaze.

He intently watched as she pulled a tube of chap-stick out of her backpack pocket and rolled the shiny balm across her lips. He decided to lean in and taste the artificial coconut flavor that smelled utterly delicious.

It started out like an electric shock but quickly melted into a spontaneously delicious lip-lock. The mixture of music, twinkling stars and his sultry stare made her head spin in the best way possible.

She placed her hand into his and decided to let him lead her anywhere. It was out of character for her to be led off into an unknown sexual abyss by an alluring stranger, but it felt right. Adrenaline spiked blood rushed through every vein in her body as she felt the cold air traveling up her skirt to her glazed slit.

Both pairs of hands roamed the others body as they searched for an isolated location to continue on with their midnight shenanigans. A line of palm trees and bushes stood under the moon and it would have to suffice because she had already managed to unbutton his dark colored jeans.

Their tongues wrestled in a few more heavy kisses and then she pressed his back against a slender tree trunk to plant kisses lower on his body. Her knees dented the dewy grass and she opened up the top of his jeans to find the bulge she had been grabbing at throughout the walk.

She was no expert at the sacred art of blowjobs, but maybe this was her chance to become one. He patted the top of her hand and offered a subtle wink as she began to wrap her velvety lips around his sensitive cock. His body jerked hard against the tree as her little mouth accepted more of him.

She coated his shaft with saliva, letting the cool breeze blow on it. A rhythm of licking, pumping and throaty moans accompanied the music still playing in the distance. She felt wickedly filthy, but it was thrilling to do something so abrupt.

The strong muscles of his thighs began to quiver and his knees began to buckle, letting his jeans fall to the wet ground. A tidal wave of sweet cum pelted the back of her throat and she swallowed it like candy.

She was thankful for the impulsive blowjob as they rejoined hands and strolled back to the concert. She felt alive and free for the first time in ages.
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