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Blind Date

Blind Date

A few years ago…

I was in a hotel bar waiting for my blind date to arrive. A friend set us up. His sister’s hot girlfriend wanted to have sex with a good-looking guy that was hung. I’m not a bragger – actually, I’m more on the quiet side. My friends brag for me and supply me with more pussy (mostly hot, some not) than I’ll ever need.

Seated kitty-corner from me at the bar were two ‘thirty-something’ married couples, chatting, joking, and just having fun. The two women were hot, real hot, one black, one white. Their husbands were white.

Shortly after the bartender served me my second margarita, I headed for the washroom, duty was calling. At a urinal, as soon as I was done I shook my cock a few times. I was about to zip-up when I heard, “Wait!”

Startled, I looked to my left. There stood the black woman, white blouse unbuttoned, cupping her more than ample braless breasts. I approached her – I had too. Once together, she grabbed my cock and pulled me into the handicapped stall where we had room to play. Once the door was closed she kissed me, and then she quietly said, “I’m Thea.”

In a flash, Thea had my slacks on the floor, I went commando. On her knees, Thea quickly had my unobstructed cock hard as it slid across her lips, over her tongue, and down her throat, again and again.

This scrumptious black woman with the looks and scent of an angel had me hot, real hot - too fucking hot. She had me ready to cum way too fast. Instinctively, I pulled my cock out and away from my goddess’s hot lips - it was either that or blow my load. Thea then stood up. After a hot kiss, she turned around.

While Thea tightly gripped the top of the stall door, I pulled her fitted red mini skirt up, and her sexy red panties down. Thea then stepped out of them, kicking them aside.

Thea’s ass was enchanting. Smitten with lust, I nestled my cock between her cheeks just to give her a taste of what was to come, once inside of her, that is.

And Thea’s breasts! Never in my life had I felt a black woman’s soft fleshy breasts like Thea’s - I couldn’t let go.

“Please,” Thea said.

Thea didn’t have to say another word; I knew what she wanted. I backed away from my dubious lover, and then inch-by-inch I penetrated my ten-plus-inch cock into Thea’s tight but spongy pussy.

Women love my long, ten-plus-inch strokes. Thea was no different. Once she began to moan, her cries of pleasure became louder and louder with every long and hard stroke.

Suddenly, I feared that Thea’s husband would come looking for her, or have to use the washroom. If he did, he would surely see his cheating wife’s wedding ring as both of her hands clung to the top of the stall door, while her needy pussy was being rammed from behind. And even if her husband didn’t see her hands, he would surely have to hear his wife’s cries of pleasure as my cock and balls slapped her luscious ass with every hard thrust.

”Fuck me,” Thea said, “Fuck me!”

No longer giving two-shits about my hot lover’s husband, I pumped and pumped Thea’s hot pussy harder and harder. Suddenly, from outside of our stall door, someone said, “You cheating bitch.”

“Fuck you, Derek… Your bitch’s cunt is fucking a real rod,” Thea shouted!

Needless to say I didn’t stop; I couldn’t stop! I rammed Thea’s incredibly hot pussy harder, and harder, and harder.

“Dude… Don’t you dare cum in my bitch’s pussy,” Derek loudly said.

“Fuck you, Derek,” I replied, prompting me to reach around Thea’s sleek midriff, and then I pulled her away from the door as I unlatched it. As the door crept open, I pulled Thea with me onto the toilet seat. Not once had my cock left her pussy.

When the door swung open, Derek came in, pumping his much smaller than mine cock. With a look of both disgust and excitement, Derek’s eyes were all over his cheating wife’s dripping wet cunt as it rapidly traveled up and down my shaft. But it was when Thea raised herself up high to let Derek see the huge fat cock that his wife was fucking - Derek suddenly blew his load all over his black beauty’s big breasts.

That did it for me, and Thea. With a loud scream of pleasure by Thea, and as her body began to shake uncontrollably, I filled Thea’s intensely hot pussy with a three-day load, the one that I had saved for my blind date.

It took a minute, but once Thea had all the jizz that I had to give, she covered her pussy with her hand, and then she said to Derek, “Clean Sugar’s pussy, Baby, and his rod.”

Derek did just as he was told - he moved under Thea’s pussy. When he did, Thea released her hand and deposited my load directly into Derek’s open mouth. In the time to follow, Derek sucked every drop of cum out of his wife that he could… And then he looked at me.

Since I’m straight, I was reluctant to let Derek clean my cock. But then Thea insisted, saying, “Touch my titties and pussy, Baby – it’ll be okay.”

Still hesitant, I let him. With Thea’s incredible tits in one hand and her pussy in my other, Derek wrapped his lips around my cock, cleaning, and sucking. Derek cleaned my cock so fucking good that I blew another load, this time directly down his throat.

Upon our return to the bar, I discovered that Thea was my blind date. I went home and spent the night with both couples. By morning, I was exhausted.

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