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Blind Faith

Blind Faith

Love & trust& Faith

Beth was nervous about the surprise Matt had planned for their day together. She knew from the beginning they would be spending the night together and that was her favorite part of the night. She was dressed as he requested. She was wearing a blood red lace up corset with black accents and short black flared skirt and a black lace thong. The outfit showed off all her curves, she was cute as hell. Her bright blue eyes were her best feature she thought, but Matt thought her boobs were the best, hands down, that he had ever seen.    

There was a soft knock on the door. She answered the door and her heart skipped a beat as she opened the door to let Matt in. She looked up at him and smiled, he was a good foot taller than her and she couldn't get over how he made her melt. She was willing to do anything he asked when he smiled at her. He was drop dead sexy and his bright green eyes made girl's weak in the knees.

She blushed slightly as he looked her up and down then broke out in a wide smile. She knew he was impressed that she could pull off the look.  

He smiled and pulled a bandana out of his jeans pocket and smiled at her. He inquired, "Do you trust me, sweetie?"   She replied, "completely"  

He smiled and tied the bandana covering her eyes. "Can you see anything sweetie?" he asked.

She answered "No Sir," and she giggled.  

He grinned "Good girl, you catch on quickly for our adventure today!"  

She replied, "I just want to please you in every way."  

He picked her up and carried her outside to his waiting truck. He sat her down on her feet to open the passenger side door for her and lifted her up into it and went back to close and lock the front door.

He stopped at the back of the truck and checked to make sure everything was there that he needed for the night.   He got into the driver's seat and they started off on the drive to his special place that he hadn't taken anyone to in a long time. Beth felt like the drive was going to last forever until the road turned to a bumpy dirt road. The truck stopped and Matt came around and helped her out and kissed her softly. He led her down the path and smiled to himself.

He helped her sit down at the picnic table and went back to grab the bag and blankets needed.   He removed the blindfold and Beth was amazed by the beauty of the area. But also surprised to see two sets of handcuffs dangling down from the tree near the picnic table. She walked over to the cuffs and smiled at Matt. He grinned back and cuffed her right wrist then her left.  

He stepped back and just admired her for a second. "So beautiful standing all helpless there, but you will be even more beautiful without your clothes you naughty girl!" "Time to drop the good girl mask and show me what a naughty slut you really are."

She smiled to herself, since her back was to him, and replied "Yes Sir "  

He proceeded to undress her teasingly slow. Then once she was nude, he reached into the bag and grabbed a vibrator and walked back over and slid it with ease into her waiting, wet pussy. Beth let out a soft moan as he teased her. She whimpered as her first orgasm came hard and quick. Matt knew it was time to fuck her, his cock was becoming uncomfortably hard.  

Beth begged, "Please fuck me!"    

And that's all he needed to hear, he stripped out of his jeans and boxers and stepped behind her placing her knees on the bench of the picnic table, thankful that the cuffs were long enough. He decided he wasn't going to be gentle. He removed the vibrator and plunged his throbbing cock deep inside her in one swift movement. He grabbed her hips and fucked her so hard and fast that they both came quick and multiple times.  

He released her from the cuffs and had her turn around. They kissed long and passionately. Picking up their clothes, they headed back to the truck where Matt had put a mattress and bedding there for them to spend the night. He helped her up into the bed of the truck and they laid there tangled up together watching the stars until they fell asleep together.  

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