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Breaking Free

A young woman leaves a dying relationship behind

"I'm worth more than this!"

Those were his last words before he hit "end call". Our relationship wasn't working. We both knew that, and after three years we were as good as finished. He later persuaded me to give us another go, but really, there was no chance. I needed to be single again. He was my first love and I felt trapped, done and dusted before I had the chance to even scratch the surface of life. I was getting out, and as much as I loved him he couldn't change that.

Racked with sleepless guilt, I hauled myself out of bed early the next morning and decided to go for a swim, my first in ages.

"Shit," I thought as I pulled on my suit. It was way too small.

I'm a curvy girl anyway, and once again I'd outgrown a swimming costume. I was a bit of a sight, but there was no one else there at this hour and I could enjoy my swim in peace. Or so I thought.

As I felt the cold tiles of the poolside against my feet I noticed a small, brownish shape treading the water in the distance. 

"For god's sake," I exhaled, a little embarrassed.

I played with the locker key wrapped around my wrist, fixed my eyes on the floor and kept walking. In fretful self-consciousness, I dropped my key and stooped to pick it up. As I raised my head from the floor my eyes met those of the man already in the pool. I looked down at my gaping cleavage and sharply stood up. 

"Perv," I muttered under my breath, though I was quite excited by the thought of the eyeful he got and the idea that I might have stirred something in him.

Sure, he was nothing special - a few years older than me, with a non-distinguished face and a hint of a pot belly beneath his hairy chest - but at twenty-one, I had never been with another man, never even seen an erection other than that of my soon-to-be-ex, and the thought made me tingle. 

"Jesus, that's cold," I exclaimed as I plunged in one foot, then another, into the fresh morning water. 

I felt my nipples start against my costume. God, it was way too small. I splashed my shoulders with water to acclimatise and set off at a gentle pace, hoping to get in a few lengths and clear my head.

I managed one or two before, not seeing where I was going, I bumped into him at the end of the pool. Embarrassed, I attempted to move on, but as I moved to my left he shimmied to his right; attempting to escape to the right he moved to his left. Then he moved forward, deliberately pinning me back.

I flashed a nervous smile and began, "What...?" but was interrupted as he took another step forward.

I moved back and felt a cold, hard wall against my shoulders. I looked down and found that my tits had newfound buoyancy in the water and looked even bigger and much perter than they actually were. As he took another step closer, I felt the sharp pressure of an erection against my right thigh. I blushed and again tried to move away, but with a firm hand on my shoulder, he held me against the poolside.

My pussy throbbed under the water. Then I did something I'd never have dreamed of doing even a week earlier. I raised my eyes to his and slipped my hand beneath his waistband, squeezing him between my thumb and forefingers and running my hand along his shaft. He was a little bigger than my boyfriend and incredibly hard. I smiled and began to work more vigorously, using my thumb to circle the tip of his head. My nipples were so hard against the fabric of my costume that they actually began to hurt and I found myself thrusting my midriff into the deep water.

I began to feel him writhe in the water and hear his breathy moans grow more unpredictable. He was about to come. Desperate to enjoy this new experience, to have a fresh cock inside me, to break the shackles of a relationship that had now run its course, I slowed my right hand and with my left slipped the bottom of my costume to one side, exposing my tingling pussy to the water. I hadn't had sex in ages, what with the mutual pain of a failing relationship, and this new situation made me so madly horny that just thinking about what I knew was going to happen, coupled with the gentle lapping of the water generated by our two flailing bodies, made me feel that I could have come there and then. Releasing him from his shorts, I guided his cock into my pussy. Inch by precious inch he entered me, my hungry pussy positively swallowing him up until he was consumed inside me. 

I lifted my legs around his body, felt his hairs prickle my skin and we rocked, locked together. The unknown pleasure of a new body offered the liberation I had needed for so long. He sucked hard on my right breast as I dug my nails into his lower back. I lost all feeling everywhere except in my pussy and my racing chest, and as he thrust furiously into me I knew it was about to happen. My mouth opened so wide that my jaw ached. Wave after wave of pleasure passed through my body as he came inside me. I felt every tremor, every jump, every squirt unload inside my sodden pussy.

He remained inside me, gradually growing limp, as we held on to each other, breathlessly. I had never wanted anyone like that before, never came like that before. My anonymous lover removed himself from me, pulled up his shorts, and left the pool. Freedom and endless possibilities washed over my mind. 




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