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An excerpt from a private story, just to hold you all over.
“Want to?”She asked seductively.

“If I ever say no to that, slap me.” She pushed me back and climbed onto me. We kissed as she grinded me.


“You're not a virgin anymore, I am not going easy on you.” She kissed my neck and slid down my body.

She smiled slyly and undid my belt and jeans. I leaned up and allowed her to pull off my pants and my boxers.

“So you're a show-er. And you're pale as hell.” She giggled and grabbed my cock.

“Whoooaaa. Hey!”

She ignored me.

“Oh, half hard. Well that makes life easier.” She wrapped her lips around my semi-hard cock.

It was about six inches at that point, it would grow to about eight. I nearly came at that moment, but I resisted. She ran her hands up and down my legs as she blew me. She was good at it. She move slowly, then sped up suddenly, then went back to bobbing her head slowly again.

“I thought you'd only been with one guy, how are you this good?”

“I have a dildo, I practice.”

Now I couldn't get the image of her fucking herself out of my mind, and that turned me on. It turned me on too much. I came in her mouth out of no where. Even I had no warning.

“Mmm!” She took her mouth off and I suppose she just swallowed what was in her mouth.

“Sorry about that.”

“It's alright. But, wow. Okay. That's something I've never experienced before.”

“Oh.” She stood and scratched her head.

“How long will it take you to get hard again?” She seemed embarrassed to ask. Her cheeks hinted at redness under her ebony skin.

“It's not going away. Please take off your clothes.”

“Oh what?” She tore off her shirt. “Like this?”

She took off her pants next and shook her ass at me. She climbed onto my lap and unhooked her bra. It hooked in the front, so she teased me by pulling it just far apart for me to think she take it all the way off, but she rested her hands and rubbed her panty-clad pussy on my cock.

“You're such a fucking tease.” I said through my teeth.

I pushed her hands away and kissed all over her chest. I yanked my shirt off and tossed it aside, I couldn't wait, I pushed her panties aside and plunged into her. This was my best idea yet. As she bounce and jiggled before me, I could feel the cold metal of her favourite ring on my shoulder. I kissed her quite forcefully and she placed her hands on either side of my face.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you, too.”

“I couldn't ask for anything better than this. Really. You're the best thing I've ever had.”

“Likewise, baby.”

“I don't deserve you.” I stopped and held her for a moment.

“What makes you say that?”

“There is nothing that should make you love me. Well, except the baby.”

“I have every reason to love you. You are the woman of my dreams.” I continued and we climaxed around the same time. We both figured that since she was already pregnant, my cumming inside her wouldn't be a problem. She actually encouraged it. Finally she fell next to me, panting.

“That was fucking hot,” she smiled.

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