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Cruise Control 1.1

Travel habits of lovers in the smoldering heat of summer...

Roaring through the rising heat waves of the scalding southern blacktop, the sleekness of the modified obsidian Mustang classic provided the comfortable ride and open air theatre for their long interstate travel. It was mid-summer scorching hot with oppressive humidity causing post-sex type sweat to gather on their backs and body crevasses. Both preferred the whistling wind instead of conditioned air flowing through the cabin, so they had lowered all windows, welcoming the hundred degree weather inside.

The lyrics of Behind The Wheel dominated her thoughts and provided him with subservient motivation, not that any was required. Her body offered the kind of addiction one craves, and then quickly devours when given the chance, always leaving him to beg for more. Her kinky-minded hypnotics ensured that.

The thought of him between her legs started before they departed, and she felt the glistening flow of her liquid beauty cling to her petals of pink, trickling between her legs, and becoming absorbed by her cotton panties. They knew this was how their travel day would begin, and end, coursing through measured miles, with many intense moments approaching then passing, like sign posts along their libidinous way.

After setting the odometer to cruise at sixty-nine, the naughty curl at the corner of her mouth triggered the expected twitch desired. He had been watching and waiting, like a drooling puppy being taught patience. His arousal observed as she adjusted back her leather bucket seat, but allowed her to still reach the controls. She then adjusted the steering wheel, creating space for him, but he still had to wait.

He grabbed the wheel as she released her grip, unbuttoned her jeans, lifted her curvy, succulent ass off of the burgandy leather. In one motion, she pulled down her denim and panties, exposing her milky skin and a hint of strawberry blonde. She released her right foot from its sandal, pulled that foot from her pants, then lifted her leg, extending it across the console, and positioned her naked foot between his back and the leather. Her message was clear. The rest was now up to him.

She retook control of the vehicle as he folded over, kissing her from ankle to knee, then along the smoothness of her inner thigh. Her intoxicating scent swirled in the vortex of the cockpit, arousing everything that made him the man-toy she demanded him to be. His sliding lips caressed her alabaster skin, sending chills to the overheated core of his southern belle. As his eager mouth tasted and lingered, he rose from his seat to kneel. He now felt the warm air whip his exposed ass and across the matching plum colored reminder they had inserted in each other.

After reaching her manicured shape of womanhood, then gently kissing and probing with his tongue, the driver approved him access from that angle. She then grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling him in tight, then bent the knee of her extended leg across the back of his neck, trapping her lover and his eagerness. She was conscious not to touch either floor pedal, knowing that could be disasterous if she did. She now grinned as they flew past cars with families, most all none yet the wiser. She then grimaced as she felt the serrated edges of his teeth.

At this careless, breakneck speed, they both knew the risks, but to them, the risks were greater if living empty lies filled with apathetic mediocrity. They refused that life’s sentence.

The leather between her legs had garnered a slippery sheen, causing her ass to slide forward, so she corrected this by placing her other foot, panties and pants bunched around her ankle, against the open window frame of her door. The faded denim noisily flapped outside like a dancing flag on a windy day. Motorists left behind began to take notice as their black blur streaked by.

Now straining to keep her glossy eyes focused, and their vehicle in its lane, his efforts began to produce results. Her curled smiled action matched that of her toes, having changed to unconscious anticipation, as she bit down, leaving white impressions where red fullness was before. With a flurry of well-educated oral moves, and the deepening probe of this tongue, she readied herself for the inevitable. Now white-knuckling the wheel, her bent leg constricted her entrapped rider. It was about to hit her hard.

At the last moment, as he skillfully edged her there, he maneuvered a finger inside, finding her engorged bump, causing her to uncharacteristic buck. With the unpretentiousness of a man in love, he proudly brought his voluptuous beauty to orgasm, causing her to grind into his face.

With the low humming buzz of his lips, and the lock on her swollen nub, he elicited screams that were felt, but not heard. The sound waves traveled like concentric circles from something breaking the stillness of sitting water, one after another, until there were no more except lingering intermittent trembling reminders.

After several miles, she released him, revealing a shiny face and a large smile. She returned his, with a contented glow, then slowed to a stop along the baked asphalt shoulder and cut the engine. The driver removed her other sandal, panties, and jeans, and tossed them, covering their toys in back. The passenger quickly exited his bare ass out the passenger side, as she climbed over her wet patch to the passenger’s seat.

As he reached the driver's side, his nudity was greeted to a chorus of honks from the previously passed travelers that were now fully aware of their games; streaming past, most probably in envy, along the long, lonely expanse of highway.

She greeted her entering lover with bared breasts adorning pointed nipples, a naked canvas of playful freckles, and that same lower lip bite of anticipation. It was time for their switch, and his turn behind the wheel. Cruise again was set to sixty-nine as she crawled over to treat her man.

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