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Departing Pleasure

Contributing Authors: WSCLG 
Departing is such sweet sorrow, a pain if truth be told.
Sitting on the plane heading home, her mind drifted back over the events of the last three days. Fate had smiled upon them. They had managed to spend a few precious days together over the weekend. He met her at the airport and whisked her to his secluded lake house. She lost count of how many times they had made love. She remembered that they had christened every single room and every flat surface in the house. So consumed by their passion on the back deck, they slowly and tenderly made love underneath the twinkling stars. That was a new experience for her.

The entire weekend had been wonderful, but for some reason her thoughts kept returning to earlier that morning. There was no love making this morning. No, he had taken her, fucking her ass with a deep and hungry urgency that had surprised her. Her eyes drifted shut as she remembered…


The sting of the hot water cascaded over their bodies. His soapy hands were rough as they slid down her back and over the curve of her ass. He carefully bathed her entire body before sinking two fingers deep into her dripping pussy. Suddenly he removed them and quickly stuffed both knuckle deep into her tight ass. With a not so gentle nudge forward between her shoulder blades, he silently urged her to bend over, placing her hands on the tile wall of the shower.

“Spread your fucking legs, bitch.”

She instantly obeyed and felt his strong hands on her hips. His cock lined up perfectly and plunged deep into her pussy with one hard stroke. He slid in and out a few times, covering his shaft with her slick wetness. She moaned with each stroke and tried to push back against him. She felt his hot breath at her ear as he held her against the wall.

"This isn't for you, it's for me," he snarled.

He removed his manhood from her dripping slit, biting down onto her shoulder. A loud groan escaped her lips.

"Open it, whore," he said.

Realizing what he wanted, she reached back, grabbed the cheeks of her ass, and spread them wide, revealing her tight rosebud for him to plunder. Taking one hand from her hips, he aligned the helmet of his cock with the starry eye and urgently thrust the head of his cock in her ass. She cried out, trying to still herself against his fucking and allow him to ravage her asshole. She found herself pushing back against him. He was demanding and she was willing. His hands tugged at her hips as he slid in deeper.

The sound of her cries echoed as he pushed her tight ass open with his cock. She reveled in the slight pain, craved him hurting her so she could feel the fullness of his cock in her clutched anus. He took her for his pleasure, took the submission she freely offered. The feel of his cock in her ass was all she wanted, all she needed. This was something she hungered after, something she was not getting in her life, and she was enthusiastically giving her asshole to him.

"Your ass is so tight baby," he hissed.

In one long slow stroke, he was buried balls deep in her ass, stretching her rosebud wide. As he began thrusting, she had to place her hands back on the wall, steadying herself. His fingers dug into the flesh of her hips as he propelled himself into her hard and fast. His swollen phallus was completely immersed in her heat as he pounded frantically in and out of her tight anus. His balls banged against her wet, open cunt, causing her to drip nectar down her inner thighs and onto his ball sack. She heard his breath come in short pants as he took her ass violently. He grunted as he fucked her willing ass. His cum was surging in his balls, it was hot, uncontrolled and scalding within his scrotum.

She stood there, braced again the wall as his animalistic urges took control of his pleasure. His assault became erratic as he approached his release. His fingers dug deeply into her fleshy globes as the steam of the shower wrapped around them. He continued to pummel her ass hard and fast until he came, shoving his cock fully into the depths of her rectum, pulse after pulse shooting his hot, sticky cum deep in her ass. He roared as his cock jerked and erupted inside her tight channel. He collapsed against her back, wrapping his arms around her, squeezing her full breasts as he moaned in her ear.

"You truly are my beautiful, perfect, filthy, married whore. That was wonderful. Just what I needed before you leave," he rasped in her ear as his orgasm subsided.

"I have a surprise for you, a memento if you will. Don't you even think of moving."

He pressed a kiss against her neck, and then she heard the shower door open and close. She sensed him behind her and gasped as she felt something cold and smooth press against her gaping, oozing anus. With one smooth stroke, he buried a glass butt plug deep inside.

"You will wear this until you get home. You will not touch MY pussy or ass until then. You may cum once you have called and let me know you are safely home. Is that understood, cunt?"

“Yes Sir," she managed, wondering how she would keep her hands from her aching cunt.


The voice of the flight attendant broke her reverie, "We will be preparing for landing soon."

She shifted in her seat, hyperaware of the plug hidden under her skirt. She could not wait until the next time they were together, until she saw him again. She could only imagine the delicious torture he would have in store for her then.

For now, she just had to wait to get home and call him.

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