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Doctor Visit

A doctor's exam that went askew

When I was in my late 20s, I visited a urologist to have an STD exam (spoiler alert: it was negative). Part of the exam included a screen for genital warts (HPV) that required the doctor to apply acetic acid (essentially, vinegar) to the skin and head of my cock and to exam every square milimeter of the skin, shaft, and head close-up using a mono-magnifying lense. With a female nurse present (I had already changed from my clothes into only an exam gown, the untied in the front), the doctor opened the gown, applied the acetic acid, and then, after a minute, began to pull and stretch and move my cock around. And around and around. Pulling it, stretching it, moving it, looking at it.

Over the course of the exam, the acetic acid made my cock feel a bit numb, at least the skin felt that way. And because I was a bit uncomfortable being handled in that way by a man (at the time), and quite embarassed about the entire ordeal and scene, I looked straight up at the ceiling or had my eyes closed. So I was not fully aware that my cock was slowly becoming engorged, and that I was becoming a bit aroused.

I found myself feeling a bit flushed as the doctor made small talk and the nurse simply followed his directions, occassionally providing him with additional acetic acid that he would apply, but I nearly jumped off of the cold table when he said, "Don't worry about the erection. It's perfectly normal."

"What!?" I silently screamed, as my body went completely rigid.

"The acetic acid can cause that."

That was when I realized that not only was my cock hard and aroused, but that it was as engorged, thick and sensitized as it had ever been. EVER. It was as if I was being masturbated by a beautiful, skillful, nude woman; only I was not. It was a forty-something, reasonably good looking man, with a better-looking nurse standing behind him.

I was embarassed. I could feel my face completely flushed, but I could also feel my cock was super hard. Especially when I pushed my hips up ever so slightly. I suddenly went from feeling humiliated and ashamed to feeling aroused and surprisingly close to coming. I suddenly wanted to come. I pushed a little harder up as he pulled and stretched my cock from side to side, forward and backward, under the studious eye of his nurse.

"Almost finished," he said.

My eyes were open wide, searching the ceiling. I could feel his hands in their latex gloves, roughly and manually at work on my steel-hard cock. Finally, he pulled down on the skin around my cockhead, his eyes scrunched as he looked closely at my skin. My cockhead red, swollen, stretched fully out.

I was close.

I looked away from the doctor, away from the ceiling, and right at the nurse. For a moment, she turned her eyes from my cock (and I could swear she was breathing slowly, heavily), and looked right at me.

And I exploded. I began coming and coming, and could feel the come landing on me, up along my chest, on my stomach. I could see some fly up close to my face. I came in surges and surges for what seemed like an eternity. And I didn't bother to hide it or shrink from it; I pushed my hips up as hard as I could - I made the come-face, with my lips just slightly parted, eyes closed.

My eyes opened for a moment and the nurse was just gazing at me with a shocked look on her face, mouth agape - then reaching for tissues or paper towels to clean me with.

The doctor was still talking about me not worrying about it, that this kind of thing can happen, still with his hands on my cock as it began to deflate.

I didn't care. I just lay there, breathing heavily, staring at the ceiling, letting them clean the come off of my exhausted body, as my chest rose and fell, rose and fell.

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