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Downfall: 3

Deeper and deeper

There was a one-line text:

"Pick me up at mine at 7:30. Wear my dirty ones."

That was clear enough. No clean panties for me. The cheap pink panties she had made me exchange my more expensive French knickers for, were encrusted with white, the residue of the number of times she had made my cunt wet. Usually, after my shower, I would dress carefully, not least in the lingerie department. My heavy breasts needed a good bra, and I aways wore matching lingerie. But this morning my red silk bra was accompanied by a pair of cheap cotton panties, which were not even clean. I sighed. The things one did for one's lust.

Fortunately, no one could see them under my business suit, though they looked odd with my expensive stockings.

I drove to Marie's house, miles out of my way. I knocked on the door. She answered.

"Ah, the chauffeuse. I could get used to this. To school, Cath, and don't spare the gas." With that, she smacked my bum, and we got in the car.

"Pull your skirt up, you tart."

I did.

"Good girl, I see you wore the cruddy panties/"

"Yes, Miss Marie." I wanted to please her.

As we drove to school she would, now and then, run her hand across my thighs, and then touch my cunt. By the time we got through the traffic, my cunt was dripping.

I was usually the first to arrive at School, but was also, usually, alone. But Marie was with me now.

We got into her office, which was the antechamber to my bigger one. She thrust me against the wall, her hand straight up my skirt, her lips on mine, the other hand on my tits. She thrust the panties into my wet cunt, undid my blouse, and groped me. She suddenly stopped.

"Lick, slut," she commanded.

I licked the fingers, tasting myself, aware, already, that I was drenched.

"Now log on," she commanded.

I did.

Every morning I would log on to the site to sex chant with Lyn, or Mistress Lyn, as I liked to call her (and she liked to be called), and she would make me masturbate in my office. That was how Marie had caught me the previous day.

"Hi, sexy," I wrote

"Sexy yourself, how's that PA of yours?" Lyn asked.

"Miss Marie is here, Mistress."

"Oh, Miss Marie is it now? Put her on."

I did.

As on the previous day, they typed away, about me, Marie giggling, looking at me from time to time.

"Hitch that skirt up you slut, and undo that blouse. Oh, and get your tits out."

I did as I was told.

It felt so erotic. Sitting in my PA's office, skirt up, blouse open, and tits out.

"Rub those nipples you fucking slag." Miss Marie deliberatly used words she knew turned me on.

I twisted my nipples, rubbing them between my thumb and index finger. I felt my cunt get wetter. Marie was typing.

"Now stick your fingers up that slut hole."

That, I thought, was no way to speak to your boss, but I did it all the same. It felt so good after all that denial. I knew I could come quickly. But that thought had clearly occurred to her.

"Now stop, bitch!" I stopped; frustrated and moaning.

She beckoned me to the computer.

I read the texts. They were all about ways of humiliating me. My eyes fixed on the words, "Shave the bitch's hairy cunt." She saw me blushing.

"And we are going to do all that to you. Or, of course, I can go to the Head and tell her what her posh deputy gets up to when she's in the office early."

"There's no need, Miss Marie, I will do as you and Mistress Lynn want."

"Good, well on your knees, boss, and eat my cunt."

She sat in her chair, opened her legs and pointed.

I needed no second invitation.

My bare tits squashed against her as I lowered my head to service her. 

I knew what she liked, and immediately pulled her soaked panties aside and applied my tongue to her clit. Flicking it from side to side with my tongue, I then used my lips to suck it. She had a large clit, and so sucking it was not hard. When I flicked it with my tongue, she moaned. I pushed my face into her wetness. She pushed back, engulfing my face in her sticky wetness. I wished she'd wiped herself after her last visit to the bathroom, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

She grabbed my hair, which made me wetter, winding it round her hand, so I stayed with my mouth against her. And then, suddenly, she came, my face wet with her juices. She looked down at me.

"You really are the best cunt licker ever." She smiled.

"Okay, clean up, have some wipes. Sort yourself out, your first meeting is in half an hour."

And with that, we were back to deputy head and PA.

I brought her her morning coffee, and spent the time she took drinking it, in her office with my legs parted, showing her my wet panties.

At lunch time, she felt my tits, but apart from that, the day went much as any other.

At close of play, she told me to drive her home. As usual, I had to hitch up my skirt and she played with me.

We reached her house.

"Come in, slut, we have some shaving to do."

My cunt flooded. I had always had a bush, since puberty. Now I was about to be shaved, by my PA. I couldn't help it.

"Yes, Miss, of course."

Once in, she beckoned me upstairs.

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